Glossary of Terms

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Amnesia/Deep Trance State**

Using a combination of digitized pacing and leading, digitized analog marking, NLP, and covert hypnotic techniques, it is possible to send a person’s unconscious mind into a temporary amnesiac state. This is experienced both consciously and unconsciously. By overloading the unconscious mind with conflicting messages, then causes it to go into a stunned and confused state. Using this technique many times then produces a deep trance state that causes amnesia. This amnesiac state is then locked against an anchored trigger phrase, which can then cause an instant temporary state of amnesia at a future time; PHITV are then planted after amnesia is caused by using that trigger phrase. This instantly caused deep trance state using the trigger phrase, delivered via an email or chat system instant message, creates a digitized instant deep trance state induction.

Anchored Trigger Phrase*

An anchored trigger phrase contains specific key words that are locked against a specific emotional state or state of consciousness. For example, by using digitized covert conditioning techniques, a state of rage, which is the extreme MNES, is manufactured and locked against a trigger phrase using digitized analog marking. Then at a future time, that same phrase can be used via email or chat system instant message to cause that previously conditioned state of rage. This same digitized analog marking technique is also used to lock a trigger phrase against a remotely induced state of amnesia, so at a later time, an instant state of temporary amnesia can be caused upon reading that marked key word trigger phrase. And all exclusively via email, meaning long-distance, cross-border hypnosis is the outcome.

Autopilot Behavior Scripting*

Autopilot behavior is that which human beings carry out without their conscious awareness. For example, when driving, you mostly carry out this action on autopilot. You do not consciously think of every step you take when driving, you just do it; this is because you have driven so many times before. Your unconscious autopilot system has learned the activity. This same autopilot system can be hacked into and scripted into committing violent acts using PIPs. For example, to reach for a knife automatically, then stab a particular person. Or to pick up a rifle and shoot someone at a specific time.

Chat System Instant Message**

Chat system instant messages include various digital platforms that enable instant message communication between two people. Such platforms include Facebook Messenger, Skype instant chat, WhatsApp messaging, iPhone instant messaging, and Twitter messaging, etc. These platforms are used to deliver anchored trigger phrases to an individual undergoing psychological manipulation in a Crime of Manipulation. The instant nature of these messages makes them the perfect medium for using trigger phrases against someone, as they can covertly deliver instructions without detection.

Covert Conditioning*

By using a combination of digitized pacing and leading and digitized analog marking, harmful changes to the individual’s mind (who is being set up in a Crime of Manipulation) are made. These include psychologically conditioning his or her behavior towards acting out violently against others. And also causing the individual to see violent and bloody images every time they become angry or hateful towards anyone. For example, by seeing images of themselves butchering someone with a knife, anytime those two emotions are experienced — with nothing that can be done to stop seeing such brutality. This corruption of the mind is an example of psychological sabotage.

Covert Hypnosis*

By employing covert hypnotic techniques, destructive changes using NLP are successfully delivered and made to a person’s mind. Consider NLP as the coding knowledge of how to make devastating changes to a person’s mind, and covert hypnosis as the means to deliver those changes without detection. As the internet is used exclusively to set people up in Crimes of Manipulation, an email exchange between the manipulator and the one being manipulated is the primary means to deliver NLP manipulation using digitized covert hypnotic techniques. In this manner, covert hypnosis takes the form of a regular conversation via an email, albeit through which contains various embedded mind manipulation techniques. These include digitized pacing and leadingdigitized analog marking, and covert conditioning.

Crimes of Manipulation*

When an individual is being set up in one of these occultic crimes, a variety of hidden techniques are employed. These elements involve: (a) psychological manipulation using NLP and covert hypnosis, (b) behavioral conditioning towards violence, (c) inciting specific violent acts via covert digitized means, (d) scripting autopilot behaviors into destructive outcomes, (e) cooking up an extreme emotional state and releasing it via a digitized trigger phrase, which precedes committing a violent act, (f) causing a psychotic break to occur using targeted occultism and ritual magic. Then by combining all of these parameters together, results in terrorizing and manipulating the individual into committing a violent outcome, including killing or injuring other people or themselves.

Delete & Forget Instruction**

A delete and forget instruction accompanies any covertly planted incitements to violence (PHITV) that are delivered via an email or a chat system instant message, while a person is under temporary amnesia. These instructions inciting a violent act (PHITV) are then planted into the individual’s mind without their knowledge or awareness. It is a way via covert, digitized means, to plant violent instructions into people, for them to later carry out.

Digitized Analog Marking*

Analog marking is an NLP technique that allows key manipulation words — intending to make changes to a person’s unconscious mind — to be highlighted and planted into the mind. This is achieved by lowering voice tone or accentuating the required words. Pacing & leading is always required first of all before analog marking can be used to make such changes. And in an internet-only situation where there is no face-to-face contact, digitized pacing and leading is first employed before a digitized technique of analog marking is used. This involves “marking words in this manner,” “using quotation marks.” Once a person has been paced into a relaxed and suggestible state, meaning that they trust the manipulator, then “analog marked words” can be successfully planted into that individual’s mind. All manner of destructive changes can be made to a person’s mind via this technique.

Digitized Pacing & Leading*

Pacing & Leading is an NLP technique intended to mirror and match a person’s behavior, so that manipulation/changes to their unconscious mind can occur. In a real-life face-to-face situation, this takes place by matching someone’s breathing rate, eye blinks, voice tone, etc. But in a digitized context using the internet and email only, this mirroring and matching, which is the pacing, occurs by emulating writing style, interests, political leanings, likes, dislikes, etc. Then after establishing rapport, digitized analog marking is then used to plant harmful ideas into the individual’s mind, which is the leading aspect.

Evocation Magic**

A malicious unseen spiritual entity is evoked using occult practices and is then sent to the manipulated individual in order to bring about a destructive outcome. This involves the use of PHITV, PIPs, and the activation of an extreme MNES using the internet. This entity has poltergeist type abilities and has the power to terrorize the one undergoing manipulation until one of those planted (for PHITV) or scripted (for PIPs) violent acts occurs. It also manipulates electronic devices and other people — through both YouTube videos and real-life — to support the attack and amplify the chances of the individual committing one of those acts of violence.

The Extreme MNES (Extreme Manufactured Negative Emotional State)*

Using a digitized version of NLP and covert hypnosis, various techniques are used for cooking up an extreme emotional state such as agitated rage in the individual who is being set up in a Crime of Manipulation. And once completed, digital means are used to cause this emotion on command. Achievement of this is by using digitized analog markingcovert conditioning, and digitally anchoring a trigger phrase to the intense feeling. This artificially created emotion can then be released at the precise moment before a scripted act of violence or planted incitement to commit a violent act occurs.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)**

NLP involves the knowledge of how to make changes to a person’s mind, which then manifests as changes in their thinking and behavior. In Crimes of Manipulation, these changes are always destructive and injurious. For example, covert conditioning is used to psychologically condition the manipulated individual towards acting out violently against others. It is used to create an extreme MNES of rage, which can then be triggered on command via an anchored trigger phrase via an email or chat system instant message. Writing and installing PIPs into the mind, which script the individual into a violent outcome, also involves using NLP. And finally, it is used to cause an amnesiac deep trance state, which is the precursor to planting PHITV. NLP is employed exclusively via digitized means using the internet and email to set people up in these crimes — giving them a global, cross-border, cross-continent reach.

Post-hypnotic Incitements to Violence (PHITV) **

Amnesia is caused in the individual first of all via an anchored trigger phrase in an email or chat system instant message. Then a series of incitements to commit a violent act are planted into their mind alongside a suggested intense emotional state, such as go berserk and shoot someone with a shotgun, alongside a delete and forget instruction. The amnesiac individual will then read the message, and the incitements to violence will be planted without their awareness. He or she will then delete the message and forget they ever read it. This then plants the idea into the individual’s mind without ever knowing it occurred. When back to baseline consciousness, a second anchored trigger phrase will be sent via email or chat system message to trigger the extreme MNES of agitated rage. And here, the previously planted incitement to violence that was received while under amnesia will then be triggered alongside the activated emotional state — causing that incited violent act to occur.

Power of Illusion Casting*

Using targeted occultism/ritualized energy manipulation, the individual who is being set up in a Crime of Manipulation is force-fed the equivalent of a high-dosage psychedelic drug, such as ‘magic mushrooms’ or LSD. However, this is achieved purely via invisible, occult means rather than physical substances. And all done over a large geographical distance. During this small window of time, the affected individual loses all ability to think or act rationally. The entity evoked through evocation magic then seeks to activate a planted violent act via a PHITV or PIP and to trigger the extreme MNES. This makes one of those violent outcomes during this ‘otherworldly’ period of time exponentially more likely to occur. This forced state that is equivalent to a hallucinogenic drug trip causes temporary psychosis, albeit artificially induced via occult means rather than organic.

Process Instructions Programs (PIPs)*

Using a combination of NLP and covert hypnotic techniques, a person’s unconscious autopilot behavior can be hacked into and scripted into committing specific violent acts. These are programmed to occur at a particular time upon a specific triggering point. Every one of these programs involves building an extreme MNES into them. And at the exact moment before the scripted violence occurs, this intense emotion, which is usually an amplified agitated rage, then floods the body & mind of the manipulated individual. This makes it highly likely for him or her to act out the scripted autopilot violent outcome.

Ritual Magic**

Ritual magic involves using a variety of occult techniques, namely visualization, emotional intensity, setting a particular destructive outcome in mind, energy manipulation, and manipulation of unseen forces via evocation magic, in a ritualized setting. The aim of which is to bring about a violent outcome in the real world. The destructive result of this is what the Crime of Manipulation was intended for. Ritual magic is combined with covert hypnosis, NLP, PHITV, PIPs, an extreme MNES, the power of illusion casting, and evocation magic, to amplify the likelihood of causing the intended violent event to occur.

Unconscious Mind**

The unconscious mind is the hidden area of our mind that is responsible for our underlying behaviors, thoughts, motivations, and emotions. This area can be hacked into using NLP and covert hypnosis so that, (a) destructive changes to outward behavior can be made, (b) thinking patterns and motivations can be corrupted, (c) a series of violent behaviors can be scripted into it using a PIP, (d) strong inclinations towards violence can be conditioned, and (e) intense emotional states can be artificially cooked up and triggered on command via an email using an anchored trigger phrase.

What to Do if You’re Being Attacked by Black Magic

What to Do if You’re Being Attacked by Black Magic

Disclaimer for this page and the advice herein – The below advice is based on either, (a) how I overcame my attack, (b) what I would do if I were to face another occult attack via technologically delivered means. Following the below does not guarantee you will be successful in overcoming black magic, as these are very powerful forces, but it does amplify your chances. The author disclaims all liability for any advice herein, and all is done so at the reader’s own risk. If you do not agree to this, then please leave this page and seek an experienced occult specialist, which I am not. I am merely a regular man who overcame an attack to claim my life that employed black magic against me.

Primary ways to counter the effects of being attacked by occult forces:

1. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

This first point is explained perfectly by a quote from The Art of War:

Sun Tzu said: Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted.”

From my post-attack studies into occultism and esoteric sacred texts, I found that people who are weak in body and mind are easy prey for malevolent occult forces, including any individuals who seek to attack us through such means. This is due to the energetic field we all have as individuals becoming weakened, which then gives parasitical and malicious entities a way to siphon our energy and make us weaker. Therefore, this was the first area of my life I began to fortify against. I started strength training/weight lifting to strengthen my body, boxing, and running for exercise/cardio, and a daily meditation/spiritual practice to strengthen my mind. I also did much therapeutic/psychological work to deal with past unresolved issues I had, which cleared those out too. This is in addition to reading hundreds of new books to enhance myself intellectually and strengthen my mind further. Eating a healthy, rounded diet full of nutrition has been critical too.

All of these combined have compounded one another, and each area now strengthens the others. My energy has renewed, I have become stronger and more grounded than ever before, and my vitality has restored. It is much more difficult for these occultic criminals to attack someone in such a strengthened state. Prior to the attack, I did not exercise or strength train at all, and I also had some addiction issues combined with the aforementioned unresolved past issues to contend with. My nutrition was sub-par, too, as I did not really care what I ate. Post surviving the attack, and since I discovered this information about how a strong body and mind is antithetical to being attacked, I vowed never to let myself become weakened again.

So the first major point if you suspect you are being attacked by occultism is to ensure you are keeping yourself as strong and healthy as possible. Face and deal with any past issues you have not dealt with. Start an exercise and strength training regime you enjoy, which applies to women too, albeit not lifting as heavy as men. And integrate a meditation practice to gain mastery over your mind and emotions, as well as a nutritious diet to nourish and strengthen yourself. A stronger enemy is much harder to attack, and these people do not like strong individuals. They prefer to attack those who are weakened and going through hard times, which is a quintessential component of their cowardly and predatory nature.

2. Do not become freaked out or frightened by any ‘reality manipulation’ around you.

As I explained in Symptoms of Being Attacked by Black Magic, if you start hearing random people you encounter in your daily life or anyone online — through YouTube videos, for instance — making remarks about your private life or online activities, then know it is done purely to alarm you. Therefore, do the opposite of this and remain calm, knowing the strategy is to scare you. It is hard to be alarmed or afraid of something when you know what to expect and why it occurs. An entity seeking to trouble you wants you to be on the backfoot and afraid. So being bold and unmoved, despite its attempts, is doing the opposite of what it desires: your fear and complicity.

If you are going about your daily affairs or to work and you see random people looking like they were possessed by something otherworldly, and they looked at you like they knew you, then keep your mind at peace and do not be alarmed. The entity operating through them is merely seeking to elicit emotional responses from you. The technique used to deal with narcissists and sociopaths works equally well against these entities, which is the ‘grey rock’ technique. Be unphased and control your emotions, refusing to give it the fear or anger it is seeking. The principle behind this is to become as stoic as a grey rock. And as these entities and types of people who try to elicit emotional reactions in others do it for this reason, they eventually get bored and move on elsewhere. The good news is that once the attack is over, you will likely never reencounter this. As the only time I have ever dealt with this, was that year before the attack launch. Like there was literally an unseen entity following me everywhere and harassing me in this manner.

A woman seeking my advice, who also had problems with similar occult harassment, found that her children were being used to cause her alarm, such as by drawing specific symbols that only had meaning to her. This included people in her family making comments that intended to scare her. So if you have children then expect them to be used in this way too. However, the point is again the same here: refuse to be panicked at these attempts to cause you alarm.

Don't panic text concept, torn brown paper

3. If you are in the late stages of being attacked, meaning you are being set up into committing a violent act via occult means, then the first major point is to remain calm.

If now at this stage, then you will likely be feeling terrorized, experiencing immense anxiety, confusion, and in great fear for your life (or worse). You will be wondering how the world around you could take on a hell-like appearance, or if indeed, you have woken up in hell. I have good news and bad news regarding this. The good news is that despite how horrific everything may seem, you are the one in full control of yourself at all times. Nothing can harm you. And as black magic intends to manipulate people into violence against either themselves or others, know that this is the outcome to prevent.

To achieve this, identify any actions that could occur to cause death or injury to yourself or others and fight with all your strength to prevent those actions from occurring. For example, if you had a knife set in the kitchen, then say out loud to yourself, “I will not hurt myself or anyone else with a knife no matter what happens.” Or if you had powerful medications within your home, then state to yourself, again out loud, “I will not take an overdose to hurt myself no matter what happens.” Or if you lived in a high-rise apartment and had a window facing the street outside, then also say out loud, “I will not jump out of that window no matter what happens to me.” If you had a gas oven in the kitchen, then state to yourself, “I will not turn on that oven until this attack is over, no matter what happens to me.”

And you then consciously focused all your energy on preventing those dangerous actions from occurring, will then actively fight the black magic. The way black magic works is that it manifests through in the most convenient route to cause harm or death to the body, or to others if they were near you. So by consciously identifying these individual routes and shutting them down in the above manner, closes these routes off, preventing the causation of any harm.

Now for the bad news. The bad news is that you are going to be contending with some immensely powerful and convincing illusions to trick you into believing you will be hurt or killed. Know that this is all LIES and an illusion. You are sovereign and powerful and are the one who is in control of your actions at all times. Yes, these illusions will be insanely convincing, and the terrorization you will experience will be beyond anything you knew possible, but they are still illusions nonetheless. Focus your energy on what you do have control over, which is NOT carrying out any act that could cause you or others injury or death.

4. Know that any negative energy sent your way through ritual magic cannot force you into committing a violent act against your will.

If an occultic criminal were to attack you using ritual magic and sending negative energy your way by evoking an entity, which intended to cause you harm, then know that it cannot hurt you directly. It can only harass, intimidate, and scare you. It will make your life horrendous for the period of time it is sent your way, but the power over your own actions, your body, and your mind belongs in your hands. Refuse to be manipulated into doing anything dangerous by one of these entities. Place yourself on lockdown and wait for it to go back from where it came. Wait out the period with patience.

Someone switching off a laptop & internet

5. Shut down your internet, do not check any emails, avoid YouTube (or other video-sharing platforms), avoid all social media, and switch off all electronic devices, including your phone.

If you are reading this while someone is attacking you via occultism and you are still connected to the internet, then click here to download the PDF version of this page. Then disconnect from the internet entirely and read this offline, as it is too dangerous to remain connected. Digital manipulation may occur to trigger any previously planted PHITV or encourage you to activate a PIP. Further, the anchored trigger phrase to activate the extreme MNES via an email or chat system message could be sent to you. You must prevent this at all costs, so disconnect yourself completely. Also, attempts to trigger a trance state, so that new PHITV can be planted into you via email could occur, too, so prevent this by not looking at your emails until the attack is over.

The entity involved in harassing and terrorizing you will also seek to manipulate you into acting out one of the previously planted violent acts. Don’t. Instead, shut down all digital avenues where you can be shown words or images intended to terrorize you into violence and block these off at their root. An inverse point here is that every time you successfully shut down an avenue of potential harm, you will experience greater stress, fear, anxiety, and alarm as a punishment from the entity. So when this occurs, take it is a good sign that what you are doing is working successfully. Keep those devices switched off and do your best to endure the sheer boredom of doing nothing at all, combined with occasional bouts of torment, until the attack ends.

6. Do not delete any emails or any online content such as social media accounts, despite feeling any overwhelming desires to do so.

You may feel a powerful compulsion to delete emails from a particular person, namely the occultic criminal who is orchestrating all the madness. But resist this urge with everything you can. The reason for this is due to the activation of a hypnotic program, which then triggers an intense emotional element to compel you to complete the action of deleting your emails. Fight it and do not carry it out. Doing so will not end the attack, but instead will amplify everything. Shut down your internet and emails and carry out no further actions, despite how compelling it may feel to carry them out.

7. Do not fall for any strategic lull points that occur during the attack period.

Do not be tricked into believing the attack is over when it may just be a strategic lull point. The usage of these lull points is to get you to lower your guard and believe that everything is back to normal. And if you do get deceived into believing this? The attack will amplify when you least expect it, and either you or someone else will get hurt or worse. In my case, I had to wait an entire week before the attack was truly over, so I could return to my daily life. Therefore, play it safe and assume the attack is still ongoing even when you suspect it may be over.

8. Endure the periods of occult long-distance torture as best as possible.

You will likely have periods of feeling poking and prodding into your body with hot knives, and being nearly strangled to death, and being filled with what feels like cold lead pumping through your body, and feeling like your heart is going to jump out of your chest. This is in addition to continual fear and terrorization throughout the attack period. Know that none of these things can hurt or kill you, but they will cause much pain and alarm when they occur. Fight to remain calm and endure the pain it brings. It will pass eventually.

9. Do not endanger any of your friends or loved ones.

While under occult attack, you are at very high risk of either harming yourself or another person. A primary goal of black magic is to trick the manipulated individual into being around friends or loved ones. This is so you might attack these people through a combination of previous dark arts hypnotic manipulation, violence conditioning, the activation of an extreme MNES, or activating an installed PIP. It is perilous to get your friends and family directly involved while under attack through black magic.

Therefore, take the indirect route if you have to get another person involved — that is, if you find you cannot cope alone. In such a case, total honesty with the police is likely the best option. Explain to them the truth that you are under attack by occultism, and you are currently a great danger to yourself and others. Ask if you can be kept under restraint until you are safe again. And once you have informed the police, ask them to notify any of your friends or loved ones.

However, the police may decide to keep you under mental health restraint with possibly an antipsychotic drug, to prevent you from being a danger. If this occurs, there is a risk they may detain you for a relatively long time. But this is a better option than being killed by occultism or being manipulated into injuring or killing anyone else. If you decide to resist the black magic yourself, then prepare for the final stage:

Selective focus on the word illusion dictionary definition

10. When the final illusion arrives, fight it by grounding yourself in reality and knowing what to expect.

If everything gets brought to its highest level while you are being attacked through black magic, then you will be plunged into the equivalent of a potent psychedelic drug trip. Your consciousness will start to expand like someone is turning an invisible dial and messing with the mechanics of reality. Everything around you will amplify in brightness, vividness, and colour, while a loud buzzing sound will almost deafen you. This will amplify until a rip in the fabric of reality occurs. You will likely be knocked over by the impact. And when you get up, the world around will look cartoon-like with many thousands of invisible entities all watching you.

Your body will feel like it weighs three times its normal size. You will feel a heavy, prickly sensation hammering down over your body, all the while feeling terrorized and dazed, and you will stumble around in panic and horror.

Now, if/when this event occurs, affirm to yourself as many times as needed, “This is the black magic. Nothing can hurt me. I will not do anything that can hurt me or anyone else. This is all illusion. It is not real. I will be okay. Nothing can hurt me.” Then what will occur is one of the unseen entities in that realm will start messing with your mind. It will communicate with you mentally in the realm of your thoughts and sound immensely convincing in what it says. But again, it is all illusion and lies. It will make you experience emotions of terrorization and sheer dread that you never knew possible. And this is to manipulate you into harming or killing yourself or someone else in some way. Disregard absolutely everything it says no matter how convincing. Lay face down on the floor with your arms folded, so they are crossed underneath your head. This will prevent you from moving them.

Next, ensure you fight with all the strength within to stay in this position and do not move like your life depends on it — because it does. As what will occur next is it will feel like you are being possessed by some external force, like a puppet master off stage is directing your movements. This is also a very powerful illusion that you can break by locking yourself down in the floor position. You are more powerful than this force, providing you stay down and do not move. Breathe deeply while doing this and wait.

Continue in this position until you feel the world around you gradually return to normal. You will feel the heaviness over your body start to reduce. The buzzing will progressively recede, and the unseen entities will feel to fade away. Wait a little while longer to confirm the illusion is now over. Once back to ordinary awareness, you will likely feel safer for breaking the black magic. You held your nerve, outsmarted it, and made it through. If you make it this far, then the ordeal is almost certainly now over.

In summary, it is a terrifying ordeal to be targeted and attacked by black magic, and you will encounter insane levels of terrorization and anxiety. Your ability to withstand intense emotions will be tested. This is in addition to your unconscious behaviors being programmed and manipulated towards destructive outcomes. And the occultic criminal will make many attempts to ramp up emotional turmoil and trigger you into committing one of those deadly outcomes. By following the above points, will optimize your chances of out-strategizing the black magic and preventing any destructive act from crystallizing into reality.

Remember that you are the one in control of your actions at all times. And no matter how convincing an illusion may feel to manipulate you into injuring or killing yourself or others, it is just that: a powerful illusion. Place yourself on lockdown and wait for the danger to pass, as you can and will overcome it.

Symptoms of Being Attacked by Black Magic

Symptoms of Being Attacked by Black Magic/Dark Arts Occultism

Before I was set up and attacked, there were many telltale signs of occult manipulation going on. This lasted for that entire year preceding the attack. The most pronounced of which were the following:

1. Random people — both online and offline — making remarks about what I was doing in the privacy of my own home.

For example, several days before the attack, I wanted to research what to do if someone was attacking me through occult means. And instead of using my regular web-browser to do this, I got worried thinking that someone was tracking my online activities. So instead, I opened up an incognito web browser on my mobile to find the information I was seeking. Then several hours later, I switched on YouTube and clicked on a video in my feed. And when I pressed play, the man on the video said, “It is just like going incognito; there is no other word to describe it. There is no running from these people. They know everything about us.” As soon as I heard this, I was extremely shocked and no longer felt safe. Hearing those words from this man confirmed my worse suspicions that I was being watched by someone, which worried me about searching for new information.

Another example is that someone I knew made a strange remark to me about a banker who flipped out from the extreme stress he was under and killed a lot of people. (I used to work as a banker by the way, so this comment indirectly alluded to me.) This occurred a couple of days before the attack. A sense of dread struck after I was told this, although I did not understand why. Little did I know it was because I was to be set up in those next few days to commit that exact scenario. Except, of course, I managed to avoid this intended destructive outcome. Nevertheless, we can see that the foreknowledge of future manipulation feeds down from the realm of the unseen in a way that other people speak it out to the one undergoing manipulation.

2. A variety of people looked possessed by an entity at times — looking at me like something otherworldly had taken over them.

What happened to me here was identical to what occurred in the movie Fallen, starring Denzel Washington. In this movie, a fallen angel — so an evil spirit in other words — followed the character Denzel played, everywhere he went. The entity would enter random people, briefly take over their bodies and minds, and then harass and taunt Denzel for a while. And in the film, the reason the spirit had the power to do this was because no man could resist its influence. So anytime the entity wanted to harass him, no person in the world could resist allowing the entity to take over them briefly.

And it was this same similar phenomenon I faced in the year leading up to the attack. Everywhere I went, I encountered this identical possessed type look from random people. They would go from normal-looking facial expressions to looking like something foreign had taken over them, which was followed by a knowing grin. At times, there appeared to be something beneath their eyes following my gaze. Whatever it was under the surface, looked like it knew me, even though I had never seen any of these people before. Now, when this occurred a handful of times, I found it peculiar but put it down to some people being strange. But when it started happening for the seventh, eighth, ninth times and kept repeating, I realized that something else was going on.

This continued right up until the attack, and then the issue disappeared as fast as it initially began. In hindsight, I now see that whatever spiritual entity was involved in the attack was using such random people to keep me off balance. It must have followed me around everywhere to let me know it was watching. Initially, it did freak me out, but then I began to expect it. And because it became so common during that year before the attack, I simply said what I thought was going on, which is that an entity was manipulating people, or manipulating reality around me, in other words. This was so it could alarm me in some way.

Due to these random occurrences becoming so common, I gave it the term ‘reality manipulation.’ So anytime it occurred, I was able to casually dismiss it by saying, “It is just reality manipulation again.” This enabled me to carry on with my affairs with no further issues. Note that this term also encompasses random comments from random people regarding only things I knew about. And also, making veiled threats towards me, one of which I received several months before the attack. This involved someone who commented to me online, which stated, “If you think things are bad now, you haven’t seen nothing yet.” Followed by a demonic emoji.

It was like an unseen spiritual being was pulling the strings of people around me to trouble me.

Hand opening bedroom door in pitch black

3. Significant attacks on sleep and the ability to rest/night terrors.

My ability to sleep restfully was heavily disrupted in the months leading up to the attack of 9/11/14. I experienced a strange onset of headaches that occurred only at night time, even though my doctor could find no cause and said it was likely stress related. And this alone made it difficult to fall asleep.

I experienced two strange events, too. One of which was when I woke up in the middle of the night and found a faceless entity standing by my bed. I woke up terrorized and unable to move due to the immense fear, and the presence of pure evil surrounded me. This terrified me so much that I covered my head to protect myself, and the entity then disappeared. This event, however, occurred 1.5 years before the attack. In hindsight, it felt like this foreshadowed the evil I was going to contend with at a future time.

Sometime after the above occurred, and just before falling asleep one night, I heard a demonic type voice whisper into my ear, “I am coming for you…” And the final you trailed off to make it an extended pronunciation. After hearing this, I jumped straight out bed and stopped myself falling asleep because I was terrified and did not know what to make of it.

My dreams were bizarre, too, with recurring themes of torture and being killed. The image of the Baphomet kept appearing multiple times also. I recall one dream in particular when I received a letter with my name and address on the envelope, with the same Baphomet glyph stamped on the top right of it.

And there was one specific dream that horrified me, which occurred days before the attack launch, where a black cobra was chasing me, and it then struck and bit me. I later discovered that a black cobra is a universal dream symbol for those dealing with targeted evil in their lives.

Needless to say, with all the above combined, I lived in a constant state of stress and lethargy from the lack of restful sleep during this time. This meant I was in a heavily weakened state before the attack launch in November 2014.

4. Isolated strange instances.

The first bizarre event in that same year involved the police being sent to my property for no reason. They said someone called them claiming to have heard gunshots coming from my home. One policeman was in a rage, and one was calm — the classic good cop, bad cop scenario. They arrived banging heavily on my front door, which also set off a loud alarm that I didn’t even know I had. After coming in to investigate and finding nothing wrong, they spoke to me and saw that I was a reasonable person. Seeing this, they then realized someone had called them out to my property for no reason, so they left with no further issues. This was one of many strange occurrences.

Another incident was when I was in my apartment; I walked over to my balcony area and saw these three people, two middle-aged men, and a woman, look like they were in a trance state and staring towards my living room’s direction. It looked like something had taken over them. Very similar to what occurred multiple times with random people, except this time, it was three at the same time and aimed at my own home, which was creepy. Once seeing this, I challenged them and told them to get lost, so they immediately did.

On a couple of occasions, I felt a strong constriction in the space around me — feeling like something was watching me. This occurred when I was in my living room or kitchen, and it was like some unseen entity or even a person using an occult ability was in my space and watching me. The area around me felt tight, and I felt very uneasy. A sense of anxiety would accompany this too, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get whatever this thing was away from me. It felt like an invisible intruder was with me in my space with nothing I could do to get rid of it.

What also tied into the above was the manipulation of certain webpages, namely ones that contained random text for captcha phrases. I received threatening words appear on screen in the text boxes now and again, such as, “murdered,” “shot & bloody,” “going insane,” and “pentagram.” What followed this was the same tightness and constricted feeling in the environment around me. At one point, it became so intense, I had to stop working at my desk, so I could lie down to cope with it.

To summarize and by taking all the above into account, it is clear these unseen malicious entities have the power to manipulate reality, including technology, and also any people around us. The reason they do this is to anger, annoy, irritate, elicit emotional responses, and cause alarm. This is in addition to the massive assaults on sleep and the ability to rest. Both of which seem to be part of an overall attack strategy, whereby the one being attacked through dark arts occultism is weakened in all the above ways before the ‘final strike’ attack is made. Consider the above as equivalent to using artillery and airstrikes against an area before a ground invasion occurs. A weakened target of black magic will be much easier to manipulate into a deadly outcome in a Crime of Manipulation after all other levels of manipulation are applied.

By being aware of what to expect, and why these instances occur, enables a counter-strategy to be set in place against it and not be caught off guard.

How to Know if a Loved One was Set Up & Killed in a Crime of Manipulation?

How do You Know if One of Your Loved Ones may have been Killed in these Occultic Crimes?

I have so far encountered three isolated instances of these occultic crimes where the people who were manipulated into ending their lives or severely injuring themselves were two young men and one woman, all of which were in their early twenties. They were unrelated to one another, and neither did any of them know each other. One of these men was manipulated via dark arts occultism into using a weapon he had stored at home and shooting himself with it. He died instantly. The other incident with the other young man involved him being either killed or injured — I am not sure which — after he was manipulated through the same occult techniques to jump out of his apartment window. The final incident involving the young woman involved her ending her life in that same manner, via jumping from her apartment window. In all three cases, this left the parents of these young adults entirely distraught, extremely confused as to what occurred and why, and then leaving them to live the rest of their lives with these tragic losses.

After what occurred to me when I was attacked in one of these crimes, and after I reverse engineered how people are being manipulated into committing suicide or killing others, all purely using the internet, I put two and two together. I cannot prove these three isolated cases were caused using dark arts occultism combined with internet-delivered digitized NLP hypnotic techniques, which then scripted these three people’s actions into destructive outcomes. But I do know that the occultic criminals who attacked me were also involved with these three people too. And as the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.

If you are a parent reading this who has lost one of your adult children through tragic circumstances that you cannot find an answer or explanation for, then, first of all, I am very sorry for your loss. I am not saying their death may have been an occult engineered crime, as it is impossible for me to say. But if you have a strong intuition that something does not make sense and losing your child in the manner you did has created much confusion, due to the suddenness of what occurred, then the involvement of internet-delivered dark arts occultism is a possibility. I would like you to know that if this is the case and occult manipulation was involved in your adult child’s death, then please know that your son or daughter was a victim of a very sophisticated hidden crime, and your child is not to blame for what occurred. The orchestrators are very intelligent criminals who abuse dark arts occult techniques to manufacture these destructive outcomes.

Again, I am sorry for your loss, and I cannot imagine the immense pain that you have had to contend with. My work aims to begin holding accountable the occultic criminals who are doing this to innocent people using the internet, so they can be stopped in engineering further innocent people into violent outcomes. This is to ensure that no further families are torn apart, and no more parents will lose their children in this way.

Government Action to End Occult Engineered Bloodshed

How Governments Can Act Now to End these Occultic Crimes and the Massive Financial Incentives for Doing So

As mentioned in What is the Purpose of this Site?, the average cost of an individual who was set up and manipulated into violence, and who is then charged and prosecuted for that manipulated violent event, is significant over the long term. Recall that it costs around $35k per year to lock up a single prisoner in the United States of America. This equates to $1.75million total cost for a 30-year prison sentence for one individual murdering someone, and murder is a common outcome in these occult engineered crimes. And the price is far higher ($80k to $700k per year) if that individual is sentenced to death row. So by multiplying these costs involving many thousands of individuals as potential targets to set up in these crimes over many decades, equates to many billions of dollars over the long term. Further, this does not even cover the cost of striking at and removing the true criminals, which is those who engineer violence from the unseen realm into reality.

By implementing a dual strategy to prevent the engineering of future violent crime and to hold the true orchestrators of these occultic crimes criminally accountable, will remove this violent threat from society. The financial incentives for doing so can then be reinvested into tracking down and removing these occultic manipulators from the public, creating a safer and more stable society for all. With a more solid foundation in truth, justice, and accountability.

One way to achieve this is for governments to create a technologically engineered psychological crimes investigations team, who can then operate within each countries jurisdictions. These specialists can then be dedicated to locating and reverse engineering these occultic criminals attempts to engineer people into violence. The good news is that all technological infrastructure is already in place, meaning minimal cost is needed to take action. The only aspect required here is enhancing knowledge and awareness of how these occult crimes are engineered via technological means, which is all freely available on this site and explained in further detail in my book.

To start this process of identifying these criminals, it is best to start with the most effective route. In this case, it is to identify any potential new individuals who were suspected of being set up and killed in Crimes of Manipulation. Police investigations teams can achieve this. And once identified, the process can commence of reverse-engineering the digital paper trail to track down and locate the occultic criminal who engineered the violent event. Once pinpointed, algorithms can be run against the suspected manipulator’s entire email transcript history. This will pinpoint any key words used to write and script any violence scripting PIPs, or any PHITV used to incite a violent act.

By doing this, multiple cases of setting people up in Crimes of Manipulation can be harvested and reverse engineered. Then every person who was set up and engineered into violence can be identified, and the truth of what happened to them will be made known. The occultic criminal can then be criminally charged for conspiracy to engineer violence via digitized means, whereby he or she will then receive as many charges relating to how many people they manipulated into violence.


Further, it will be possible to locate the ‘digital blueprints’ of any violent event that occurred in reality. For example, if someone committed a multiple shooting in their home and shot and killed several family members with a handgun they had in storage, then scrutinization of their email transcript history may yield the blueprints of this event. In this case, a violence scripting PIP that matched this violent event — which would be with 100% accuracy, down to the minutest detail — was the cause, which installed this program into the person’s mind via an email. If such a PIP is identified alongside any other level of manipulation — which is psychological conditioning towards violence, creating an extreme MNES of rage, planting PHITV inciting violence — then conspiracy to engineer a mass killing via digitized means is the offense.

A detailed procedure guide in how to identify and capture these occult engineers of violence via digitized means is currently in production. When this is completed, it will be made freely available on this site, so local police criminal investigations departments will have full knowledge and awareness in how to track down the true instigators of technologically engineered, occult manufactured violence.

The ability to act against these occultic criminals already exists within our current technological infrastructure, so it is now a matter of will and determination to make it happen. And as mentioned, beginning this process to strike at and take out these occultic criminals one at a time will yield substantial financial incentives in the long term. In the short term, it will require some work and analysis to establish an effective system to stop these expert manipulators from engineering these crimes. And also, to make the needed changes in criminal law to punish these sophisticated criminal operations. After achieving this, it will be possible to protect many innocent people’s lives and to prevent future artificially engineered mass-killing and suicides. Families will not be torn apart by their son or daughter being engineered into killing themselves or others, and it will prevent needless suffering and bloodshed.

In addition to these many benefits, the massive amount of saved money can be reinvested into each local community and economic projects. All the while, the real instigators of the manufactured violence will be the ones locked up and punished for engineering them. In such a scenario, everyone wins — many innocent people, local communities, governments — except the occultic criminals themselves, who have to sustain these losses. It is why there is an unlimited upside towards acting now and starting the process of wiping these technologically engineered, psychological, and occultic crimes, off the face off the earth, ridding the world of these proxy-acts of violence. This will bring us to the next level of the 21st century with a more evolved and advanced ability to prevent the creation of needless violence.

Criminal Accountability for Occult Engineers of Violence

Holding Occult Engineers of these Crimes Criminally Accountable

Current criminal law does not classify manipulating people into violent outcomes as a criminal offense, which is why these occultic criminals continue engineering people into violence in these unpunished crimes. This must now come to an end, and our criminal justice system needs to capture and punish those who set people up and psychologically manipulate others into violence — making these sophisticated criminal operations a criminal offense. The fact that these occultic criminals can legally follow a standard process to cause destruction to anyone they wish to without punishment is completely absurd.

To recap this process here, it is, (a) psychologically conditioning someone towards violence, (b) scripting their autopilot behaviors into violent acts via abuses of occult knowledge, (c) triggering them into a murderous state of rage via the same hidden knowledge, (d) driving them into a psychotic break from reality/temporary insanity via targeted occultism to trigger a violent act. The entire process of which was explained here.

In fact, our current criminal justice system is most definitely archaic in the sense that it does not capture and punish occult engineered crime. And now that I have laid out in clear stages how these crimes are manufactured from the realm of the unseen into the seen physical world shows that we have to capture and punish these occult engineers of mayhem. Our criminal justice system needs updating to close this grey area loophole that permits these hidden crimes to continue.

It should no longer be permissible to re-victimize those individuals who were set up in these occultic crimes by giving them a severe punishment. As the fact is, without any of this sophisticated manipulation involved, they would never have committed the violent act in the first place. If you are reading this, then you could just as easily be set up into committing something horrific like those unfortunate people did. Except, of course, you now know the modus operandi of how it is done, so it is impossible to now set you up. These prior people never had this knowledge, making them easy pickings.

The people who were targeted, set-up, and manipulated into violence must also be viewed as victims of a sophisticated and sinister evil.

This archaic punishment of the one victimized and not the real engineer of the crime belongs in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is time we collectively evolve to capture and punish these elaborate dark arts crime operations for the 21st century — and what better time than the start of 2020.

By capturing the true engineers of these crimes, we will build a more solid foundation of justice and accountability for future generations and push humanity forward. A new renaissance of education and understanding is now needed, so the true nature of how human beings can be manipulated into horrifically violent acts becomes part of our standard educational curriculum. This way, all new people coming into the world will learn at a young age how to safeguard themselves from these crimes. Then within a generation or two, such occult engineered crimes will be wiped off the face of the earth: making Crimes of Manipulation an issue of the past.

People in the future will likely look back and say that those primitive people from the early 21st century didn’t even punish the true engineers of occult engineered violence. But rather, they punished the ones who were set up and victimized instead. They will say it took those people a long time to learn to hold the real instigators to account, but they eventually got there, which is better than never.

So how do we begin this process of capturing and punishing the engineers of these violent acts? The answer to this simple, and it is by establishing a clear framework to capture the various levels involved in setting an individual up and manipulating them into a violent outcome. Firstly, the ability to hack into and script a person’s autopilot behaviors via written and installed PIPs using specific language into a destructive outcome must be laid out with clear parameters, which I have explained here and here. And by using this same framework, it is possible to pinpoint and reverse engineer any PIP that was written in digital form via email and installed into someone’s mind. That is the first stage.

The next is making it a criminal offense to script the autopilot behavior of a person and combine this with an extreme MNES of rage. As what these two components do is script a violent act and fuel it with the required explosive emotional intensity to make that violent act almost certain to occur. But rather than organically urging someone into committing violence, such as stoking up someone’s rage via lies and propaganda and telling them to attack someone violently to release that rage, it is done artificially and covertly behind the scenes using two components. These are scripting the autopilot behaviors into violence and artificially stoking up rage; both of which are then built into a neatly packaged program, which is the PIP. Such a destructive combination of weaponized manipulation and behavioral scripting must become a criminal act. Failure to achieve this will result in a permanent state of technologically engineered violent events via occult means.

Man in suit holding Criminal Law book

Another solution is to use a grading system to calculate an offense level, whereby for every level of manipulation involved increases the severity of punishment for the occultic criminal. For example, if provable by digital transcripts stored on hard servers, which shows that the manipulator attempted to manufacture an extreme MNES of murderous rage in another person, then this is strike 1. Manufacturing a state of rage in someone and then triggering it on command via a digitized trigger phrase should not be an offense in and of itself, as no crime has yet been committed. This component is equivalent to stoking someone up into a fiery rage except via covert means rather than overt, such as telling lies that incite hate and rage. But keeping this aspect as strike one, and combining this with additional levels to cause violence, should be punished.

For instance, if the manipulator also attempted to plant a PHITV — provable via stored, digital transcripts backed up on hard servers — for the targeted person to commit a violent act in addition to creating an extreme MNES of rage, then this is strike two. Performing these two actions alone when provable via digitized transcripts can then constitute the crime of conspiracy to engineer violence, which can then be prosecuted and punished accordingly. To capture these new ways of inciting violence, a new class of crime is required, which is psychological crimes that lead to real-world violence. And, of course, these incitements are created using covert, hypnotic means rather than overt incitements to violence.

Now, if the occultic criminal also used psychological conditioning to incline the individual towards violence by analog marking specific key words, then this is strike three in addition to strikes one and two above. This then constitutes a greater crime of conspiracy to engineer violence via covert means.

If further digitized transcripts can prove any violence scripting PIPs that script the individual’s autopilot behaviors into a violent outcome and also, (a) incorporates an extreme MNES of rage into the program, (b) psychologically conditions the individual towards violence by using key conditioning words, and (c) plants PHITV into their mind, then this strike four. Having all four strikes then constitute the optimal punishment for conspiracy to engineer violence via covert and digitized means. The previous example of scripting a PIP with a violent outcome combined with an extreme MNES of rage would still be a criminal offense, albeit lesser than using all four levels of manipulation to engineer violence.

As the final level of using targeted occultism, which causes the manipulated individual to experience a psychotic break from reality, cannot be proven via criminal law due to this being a subjective experience rather than objective, this final act cannot be criminally punished. This component must, therefore, remain a moral crime, as forcefully sending someone into a temporary psychotic state against their will for a brief window of time, is an immoral act rather than a criminal one. But when this final component is used as the ‘kicker’ to manipulate the individual into a pre-set and pre-scripted destructive outcome, then the courts should take this into account when sentencing the occultic criminal for his or her crimes.

So, what category of crime needs to be updated in our current criminal laws to capture these psychological and occultic crimes? Engineering people into violence using the specific modus operandi to engineer a Crime of Manipulation falls under the category of an inchoate offense. Wikipedia defines these offenses as the following:

“An inchoate offensepreliminary crimeinchoate crime, or incomplete crime is a crime of preparing for or seeking to commit another crime. The most common example of an inchoate offense is “attempt.” “Inchoate offense” has been defined as the following: “Conduct deemed criminal without actual harm being done, provided that the harm that would have occurred is one the law tries to prevent.”

As Crimes of Manipulation always involve preparation to commit another crime — albeit done via proxy rather than directly — these occult engineered crimes can be classified as a preliminary crime/inchoate offense. The issue in these occultic crimes — when setting the person up, that is — is that the harm caused is via psychological means rather than physical. And from my studies into criminal law, psychological crimes are as yet unrecognized, which, of course, will need to change. Further, an additional amendment will need to be made because when people are successfully engineered into violence using these covert methods, then an actual crime has been committed-by-proxy — i.e., through the body of the one who was set up and manipulated. We can see there are additional levels of complexity here as these are sophisticated criminal operations.

In these cases, it is successfully causing violence or killings-by-proxy. So Crimes of Manipulation can be classified as inchoate crimes, whereby the harm caused was via psychological means, which resulted in real-world deaths and killings. And the occultic criminal can then be held accountable as the mastermind who engineered the violence. This is by the standard process through which another human being is used as the actor/vessel to carry out the violence. Namely, the one they used each level of the pyramid illustration against, which is used to engineer a Crime of Manipulation, to manipulate the individual into committing a violent act.

There are currently four classes of inchoate offenses in criminal law: Attempt, Conspiracy, Incitement, Solicitation. Therefore, a new category for Psychological Crimes or Psychological is required to capture, prevent, and criminally punish these occultic crimes.

The primary and highest level of offense in this new category of crime is conspiracy to engineer violence via digitized means, which successfully caused a violent event. In this case, the occultic criminal did successfully manipulate the individual into killing other people, so bringing optimal criminal charges against the one who set up the event is required here. If, however, the individual who was set up failed to be manipulated into committing a violent act, which is very unlikely, then the occultic criminal would face a lesser charge of conspiracy to engineer violence via digitized means, which failed to cause a violent event. These highest two categories of crime incorporate all four levels of manipulation involved, whereby the fifth level of targeted occultism is excluded due to it being subjective and not objectively provable These four levels are psychological conditioning the individual towards violence, creating an extreme MNES of murderous rage, planting PHITV inciting a violent act, and installing a violence scripting PIP into their mind.

Lady Themis - The Scales of Justice - Judge's Hammer

The lesser offenses to be criminally punished involve using a combination of those four aforementioned levels. For example, using a combination of creating an extreme MNES of rage in someone and then inciting them into violence via a planted PHITV can also carry two degrees of charges. One is conspiracy to engineer violence via artificial emotional manipulation and inciting violence via covert means, which successfully caused a violent event. Two is conspiracy to engineer violence via artificial emotional manipulation and inciting violence via covert means, which failed to cause a violent event.

It is highly improbable that an occultic criminal would expend the time and energy required to only psychologically condition someone towards violence without using any other level of manipulation, such as inciting them into a violent act via covert means. So using this conditioning towards violence level should be classified as an amplifier to engineer a violent event.

Recall that everything regarding Crimes of Manipulation is artificial. An extreme emotion is artificially cooked up, inclinations towards acting out destructively are artificially created, urges to commit specific violent acts are artificially planted, a series of specific violent actions are artificially scripted into the mind to carry out, and driving the individual into a psychotic break from reality is artificially caused, via hidden and weaponized occult means. Targeting these areas to prevent each level from being perpetrated will stop any future engineering of violence.

The one key factor regarding these occultic criminals is that by their very nature, they operate on the boundaries of what the law permits. And as demonstrated, these are some highly intelligent upper-end criminals. So it is clearly down to us as individuals to close these boundaries so tightly that these occultic manipulators are closed off in their room to maneuver, leaving them no further leeway to operate legally in committing these proxy-crimes. Their job in this world is to show us where these boundaries exist, and our job is to close these areas off after identifying them. This ensures future generations will not suffer through these same crimes, and the real criminals will be held accountable. But I would wager that once these occultic criminals face genuine risk in setting innocent people up in these crimes, that they will cease committing them. For the reason that they do not want to be jailed and punished, which is why they operate on the fringes of current criminal law in the first place.

Crimes of Manipulation involve the perpetration of psychological crimes against people, which then causes real-world violent effects. Therefore, striking at this same psychological level is how to stop these violent acts from being brought into manifestation. Consider it a way to strike at an unseen level that has the power to prevent violence from being brought into existence, and protecting people’s lives that would have otherwise been harmed.

Now, if an occultic criminal still chooses to engineer people into violence in these psychological crimes once they become a criminal offense? Then they can be held criminally accountable just like any other criminal. Our goal here is to make the risk level of setting people up in these crimes via digitized means so high that these occultic criminals will deem it way too risky to engineer people into violence, using the internet and email. The onus of accountability is on us to make these changes, however. And until then, these sophisticated criminal operations will continue going on unpunished, as it is basically a ‘free crime’ that sociopaths and psychopaths can commit to satisfy their thirst for mayhem. It goes without saying that this ability for them to fulfil this bloodlust needs to be blocked, which will force them to start respecting human life and people’s rights to live. And thankfully, this is in our power and control to make these changes.

How Police Can Identify Individuals that were Manipulated into Killing People

How Police and Criminal Investigators Can Identify People that were Manipulated into Killing Themselves or Others, in these Occultic Crimes

Several ways are possible for police and criminal investigators to identify potential Crimes of Manipulation, and these come down to the following factors; all of which must be taken in context with one another. The more of these factors that apply, the higher the likelihood that psychological and occultic manipulation was involved in engineering the violent event:

1. If there was no clear motivation for the violent crime that the individual committed, or no note left as to why they committed it.

If the individual was killed during the violent event, such as through a violent suicide like shooting themselves in the head with a gun, or jumping to their death from a high-rise apartment window, or taking an overdose of powerful pills, then did they leave a note of their intention to die? If their loved ones and friends had no clue of their suicidal intentions and the death came out of the blue, then this is a potential red flag for the involvement of psychological manipulation. This is the first indicator of potential foul play, and the ways to rule this out will be stated shortly.

In the case of an individual committing a violent crime involving killing other people, such as a mass shooting, then was there a clear motivation for the killings other than ‘temporary insanity’? Recall that in all Crimes of Manipulation, a temporary state of insanity/psychotic break from reality is caused — which precedes any act of violence — via targeted occultism, like with what happened to me when I was attacked. If a state of temporary insanity is declared to be the cause of a violent event, then this is another red flag that potential occultic manipulation underpinned and engineered the violence.

To give some examples of mass shootings that could potentially be Crimes of Manipulation, consider the Appomattox shootings and the Hialeah shootings. In these cases, the men mentioned either witchcraft or demons. Both of which are further potential red flags indicating that these killings were occult engineered via a PIP, activated extreme MNES, combined with targeted occultism and ritual magic to drive the individuals’ psychotic before they carried out the killings. This is why it is important to look at mass killings on a case by case basis to ascertain key details looking for indications that occult manipulation was involved.

2. No prior planning of the violent event. It occurred out of nowhere.

In an FBI study entitled “Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States Between 2000 and 2013,” it was found that 77% of the study subjects spent a week or longer planning their attack. (The full report can be downloaded here.) This leaves one-quarter of all mass shootings that occurred on the spur of the moment; these shootings can then be suspected to have had occult underpinnings engineering the individuals into committing them. Further, in 21% of all active shooter cases that were studied (page 21 of the report), there was no primary grievance motivating the killings. So this one-fifth ratio of all mass shootings ties into being potential Crimes of Manipulation.

In the other four-fifths of mass-shootings, Crimes of Manipulation can be clearly ruled out as these attacks were pre-meditated.

Cases such as the NYE Murders and Appomattox shootings had no planning and occurred out of the blue, whereby those individuals murdered their family members. Temporary insanity was blamed in both cases, which is a key indicator for the involvement of targeted occultism and ritual magic in causing that temporary psychosis when a PIP was activated scripting the murders. This is, therefore, the second indicator to take into account.

3. No history of abusive behavior.

According to the above-mentioned FBI study into mass-shootings, 89% of all shooters had a history of either acting abusively, exhibiting stalking and harassing type behavior, engaged in bullying, or were involved with intimate partner violence. (This figure comprises 62% abusive, harassing, bullying behavior, 16% intimate partner violence, and 11% stalking behavior — page 12 of the FBI report.) So if an individual had no prior history of any of these abusive behaviors before they committed a violent act, then it is a rather large indicator that they could have been engineered into carrying out the violence. However, it is, of course, also possible that individuals who do exhibit these behaviors could be set up and engineered into violence too. But as a marker and taken into account with the other two points above, someone who does not exhibit such behaviors and then committed a brutally violent, one-off violent act raises red flags.

Cases where a young man is still living at home, who then ends up shooting his parents or siblings dead, is another red flag that occultic manipulation was involved, as familicide is a reason for setting people up in these crimes. Taking this factor into account in cases where this also occurred is another indicator.

Definition of word scrutiny in dictionary

Meeting the above criteria means the next stage is now needed, which is to scrutinize the individual’s social media and email accounts for the previous 12 months that preceded the violent act’s outbreak. Raw data can be obtained from hard servers that can then be fed into a database, whereby a search query can be run to locate a combination of “analog marked key word phrases” and violence conditioning words. For example, by searching marked key words such as “people,” “killed them,” “shot him,” “knifed them,” “bloodshed,” “gassed them to death,” and other similar violence conditioning phrases. If the system locates any of these marked key words, then further manual scrutinization of those emails will reveal details of any written PIPs that will match the violent event the individual committed. Consider locating such information as the ‘digital blueprints’ that engineered the bloodshed, whereby it would match with 100% accuracy what occurred in real life, albeit several months before it happened.

Moreover, the scrutinization of any emails or social media instant messages that were sent several days before the violent event occurred will locate any PHITV planted during that time period too. These can include a suggested emotional state matching the pre-installed extreme MNES combined with a violent action to commit, such as “he might go berserk and shoot people with a rifle (he has a rifle stored at home).”

After locating such crucial information, the real engineer of the destruction can then be tracked down and held accountable to prevent them from manufacturing future violent crimes.

Note that the above points also apply to those individuals who committed an act of violence against themselves, such as a sudden suicide, or attacking another single person, or even violently attacking their property (such as blowing it up with standard household items like a gas oven, etc.) Each case should be analyzed in context. Meaning that with every indicator involved, amplifies the likelihood that psychological and occultic manipulation was the real cause of the violence that broke out. Following this trail will then lead to the real mastermind of the violent crime that occurred, who can then be held accountable for setting up the event.

Why are Covertly Engineered Incitements to Violence Legal?

Regular Incitements to Violence are a Criminal Offense, so Why are Hypnotically Engineered Incitements to Violence Legal to Commit against People? Where is the Logic Here?

It is important to understand that NLP/hypnosis/covert hypnosis is merely one small aspect for engineering regular people into violence. The more severe levels involved, which need to be taken in relation to one another, are the following:

1. Using covert psychological conditioning procedures to reformulate someone’s nature into having violent & destructive tendencies. (This is the psychological alchemy component I mentioned in my book; the harmful/negative alchemy, that is.)

2. Using the same covert psychological conditioning procedures to forcefully show the individual violent & brutal imagery every time they become angry or feel hate or shame. Such as seeing images of themselves shooting or knifing people to death, blowing up a property, etc., forming in their mind’s eye.

3. Conditioning a state of rage and intense agitation, then anchoring these to a digitized trigger phrase, so it is possible to trigger these two combined explosive emotions, later, on command.

4. Using a combination of NLP and covert hypnosis to write and install destructive autopilot behavioral scripting programs that hack into that person’s mind, flood their body & mind with agitated rage, then script them into committing a final violent outcome.

5. Using a digitized instant deep trance state induction to send the person into a temporary state of amnesia, so post-hypnotic incitements to violence can be planted into their mind. And then remotely trigger the extreme MNES of explosive agitated rage to cause one of those incited planted violent acts to occur.

6. Using ritual magic/targeted occultism to forcefully cause the manipulated individual to experience the equivalent of a powerful hallucinogenic trip, making everything become dreamlike. Whereby one of the above scripted (for PIPs) or planted violent acts will likely occur. Why is this almost certain? Because when a person feels like they are dreaming and that reality is no longer real, they are liable to do something violent and irreversible.

So with all of these points in mind, we can see that hypnosis is only one small component of engineering people into violence. I have been studying court cases where hypnosis has been involved in setting up a crime, and one of the main arguments put forth by the courts is that hypnosis cannot force/coerce a person into committing a criminal or violent act against their own will. Well, when hypnosis is used alone without any other manipulation involved, then this claim could well be true.

However, as you can see from the above 6 points, this is completely not the case in these engineered violent crimes. The two facts alone of creating an emotional state of explosive rage and then covertly planting an incitement to violently attack someone or blow up a property, for instance, are more than potent enough alone to be classified as a criminal offense. And that is without the other four major points involved. Regular incitements to violence always involve stoking up intense emotions in people, such as rage and hatred, and then directly inciting them into attacking another group of people as an outlet for those fierce emotions. This is illegal almost everywhere in the world.

In the alternative way (as explained above) to incite people into violence, this same intense emotional state is cooked up beforehand but instead by using covert psychological conditioning techniques, whereby it is then locked against a trigger phrase so that it can be later released on command. And then an incitement to attack another person, or a group of people, or even attacking a property (i.e., blowing it up) is given to them. Except in this alternative way to incite violence, the intense emotion is caused manually via the trigger phrase, and the planted incitement, which is also attached to the manually cooked up extreme emotion (i.e., an incitement to go berserk and shoot someone with a crossbow), is given second. But as you can see, both examples inciting violence do precisely the same thing: cause a heightened emotional state in a person, and then incite them into violently attacking someone or something. One is via direct means, and the other is via covert means.

Forget text on hand design concept

The only difference with the alternative form of inciting violence is that these are planted when the person is in a temporary amnesiac state, and a delete and forget instruction is included at the bottom of the email containing it. This means the individual will be unaware that the incitement was planted into their mind. But when they return to baseline consciousness, the anchored trigger phrase would then be sent to them via email, which then releases the previously cooked-up state of explosive rage. And once this occurs, the planted incitement to violence will then be triggered as well. If they act it out, which they almost certainly will due to the multiple layers of various psychological conditioning and artificially caused extreme emotion involved, then they will be none the wiser that the incitement was planted. Still, both versions of incitement equally incite violence, albeit using different techniques to do so.

So what I would like to know is why the first regular form of inciting violence is illegal almost everywhere. While the second form of inciting violence — albeit via covert/hidden means rather than overt — is legal to commit against people? Do you not see a problem with this? Personally, I believe that regardless of the method used — whether covert or overt — to incite a person into committing a violent act, means the inciter should be punished equally through criminal law with no exception. This is despite the method used to incite the bloodshed. It is illogical that one form of engineering violence is permissible, while the other type is not.

Further, I have not even mentioned the psychological conditioning towards acting out violently or hacking into the person’s mind and installing a destructive behavioral program to carry out specific, scripted violent instructions on autopilot. Neither have I included forcefully plunging them into a psychotic break from reality via ritual magic/targeted occultism. And these also amplify such an incited, planted violent act to occur.

Now, I understand entirely that current criminal law cannot prove if ritual magic/targeted occultism was used to manipulate a person’s consciousness to force them into what feels like a dream state — making it feel like they had been forced fed a hefty dosage of LSD or ‘magic mushrooms.’ This means this is one component that cannot be proven or punished. For the reason that using this targeted occultism/ritual magic against an individual would be experienced by them as a subjective experience. So this is one part of the crime that cannot be punished. But using provable digitized email transcripts to prove the conditioning and installation of an extreme emotional state of explosive rage, which is then anchored to a digitized phrase, as well as the covert psychological conditioning procedure to reformulate someone’s nature, so they are heavily geared towards violence, is provable. The final planted incitements to commit a violent act contained in the emails with the PHITV, which the person would receive only hours before any violent act occurs, is also completely provable.

What about the autopilot behavioral scripting programs? Can these be proven and punished too? Yes, it is relatively easy to identify these coded programs hidden in emails due to using one key metric to install them. And that is the programming key words of “joyous,” “wonderful,” “relaxing,” “beautiful,” etc., being used throughout the program’s installation. So once an occultic criminal has been identified, and by feeding their email transcripts into a database, execution of a search query will locate the above words. By doing this, will then pinpoint the single email containing the PIP. Once this has been found, a manual read of that message will reveal the full program, which can then be decoded line by line to find out what violent outcome the program scripted.

Now, when proven that the anchored trigger phrase for the extreme MNES was built into the program, in addition to scripting a violent outcome, then this too should be classified as an incitement to violence (except in a much more sophisticated manner). This is because the program scripts specific instructions to attack someone violently or to commit a specific violent act, as well as combining this with an explosive emotional state.

In conclusion, hypnosis alone may not be enough to coerce/force an individual into committing a violent act. But when using every six of the points detailed above in tandem with one another — whereby each point strengthens and reinforces the others — then almost any person can be manipulated into committing a violent act, and sometimes a very bloody one at that. Criminal law needs to be updated to account for these combined levels, so the engineers of these psychological and occultic crimes are held accountable. This will then prevent them from setting up more innocent people.

How Beautiful Women are Used to Trap Men

Beautiful Women are Used as Bait to Set Men Up in these Occultic Crimes

This precaution is particularly for young men (and also late teens), i.e., in the 16 to 35 age range. Actually, increase the upper end of that range to 50 years old, on the one condition that such men also use social media to connect with new people around the world. Now, if you are a man currently single or newly divorced even, and you end up in contact through social media with an attractive young woman who expresses a lot of interest in you, and it is easy to arrange a date to meet up with her, then you will see why this strategy is used to ensnare potential targets to set up in Crimes of Manipulation.

The most worrying thing is that these expert mind manipulator, occultic criminals can be any one of these beautiful young women. So despite her beauty occluding your judgment, she is, in fact, one of the most dangerous predators you will likely ever encounter in your life. It is said the devil appears in the form of an angel; this has never been more accurate when it comes to these outwardly beautiful yet extremely dangerous women.

The types of men targeted in these crimes range widely. Some could be high-level professional individuals with their lives together and doing very well for themselves. While others could be just out of college and still living at home. Some may be depressed and suffer from psychological issues or other disorders. Some may be divorced in their late 20’s to mid-40’s and also doing well in life, so the range is wide.

However, what is the one common denominator they all share? Every single one of these men had no knowledge of how they could be paced into a relaxed and suggestible trance state via digitized pacing and leading, by which “analog marking key manipulation words” are then used to mess with their minds and begin setting them up in a Crime of Manipulation. This, therefore, is one of the main points to always watch out for when dealing with new women who you meet through social media. By all means, make full use of these platforms to connect with and date new girls but always ensure never to allow beauty to deceive you. Beware of the techniques that can be used to hack into and screw your mind and guard yourself accordingly.

Young women are also targeted in these occultic crimes too, but from the one case I am aware of, it was one woman attacking another woman. I am not certain if there are male occultic criminals targeting women exclusively by getting into a relationship with them first, then manipulating them into committing a violent act — although this cannot be ruled out. But the one thing I am sure of is that these occultic women criminals do set up and attack other women too. With this in mind, protection for women against these people is the same: being aware of digitized hypnotic techniques, so as not to be manipulated by them.

From my studies into the fields of sociopathy and psychopathy, I discovered that the higher value a target someone is, meaning the more they have going for them in life, the more desirable that individual is to set up and destroy. It is like a sport for these people. Due to these occultic criminals having no conscience, they find their meaning in life by playing power games through which they seek to destroy decent people’s lives. And if an honest person can be manipulated into committing a brutally violent act? Then this is like heaven to them. This does not mean they only go for high-value targets, however, as they also strike at those who are weak and vulnerable — take the special needs kid, for instance — and those suffering from depression or other issues. But they will move onto a higher value target if the opportunity presents itself to them. Destruction, domination, and power games are simply a way of life for these people.

The main point, however, is that anyone could be a target to set up if they were unaware of digitized hypnotic techniques.

Making Yourself Non-Manipulatable: The 7 Keys

Making Yourself Non-Manipulatable: The 7 Keys – How to Become Crime of Manipulation ‘Bullet Proof’

7 key points are needed to safeguard your mind from being hacked into and tampered with by these expert occultic manipulators. By completing all the below, you will have the equivalent of a hackproof firewall and antivirus system installed and protecting your mind from weaponized psychological manipulation — rendering the intended mayhem creation of these dark arts criminals, null and void.

In this case, these psychological protection systems will guard your mind against corruption, including, (a) preventing your emotions being rerouted to cause brutally violent imagery without your conscious control to stop seeing them, (b) protecting your emotions from being hacked into and tampered with into a state of explosive rage, (c) preventing the installation of autopilot scripting programs that script your unconsciously controlled behaviors into a violent outcome. The 7 points are:

1. Safeguarding personal information.

Be cautious of the personal information you share and make visible publicly, especially on social media networks. Do not reveal details about any family you live with or even your living situation, as a primary target for people who are set up usually involves those they live with, including family, housemates, friends, etc. If someone is inquisitive about your living situation then err on the side of caution and say you would rather not share such information. Make it as hard as possible for any random person online to slot you into a particular category, such as a man living with two housemates, or a woman living alone in an apartment complex, or a young woman living at home with parents, etc. Keep this information secret. Also, be careful of any photos you share online that could give such information away. Make your public Facebook profile private and be suspicious of any new person you do not know who is seeking to befriend you. This is because they may be seeking access to your personal details — considering to set you up in a Crime of Manipulation.

2. Preventing your mind from being paced into a trance state.

If you establish instant chat or email contact with a new person you meet on social media, then watch for them being overly friendly or overly similar to you and your interests. If someone claims to have almost identical interests, political views, spiritual beliefs, and hobbies as you, then be very cautious. This is because they may be trying to mirror and match your personality and interests, so they can get you into a relaxed, trusting, and suggestible state. And if they can establish this rapport with you, then the next stage will occur.

3. Treat any “analog marked word” you see anyone use, with extreme suspicion.

If you find any person using “quotation marks” around “seemingly random” words within an email to you, or even via instant chat messaging, then immediately call them out on this practice and state outright to them: why are you analog marking certain key words in your messages to me? This will stop any attempts to manipulate your unconscious mind, dead in its tracks. This is the primary manipulation tool they use to psychologically manipulate people’s minds via digitized means. Blocking this, therefore, blocks any attempts to manipulate your unconscious mind.

4. Know how language can be used to manipulate your unconsciously controlled behaviors.

This includes the digitized NLP techniques of covert conditioninganchoringpresuppositions, as well as the usual pacing & leading, and analog marking. Understanding how to identify these covert behavioral manipulation techniques, and how and why they work, guards you against them.

5. Know how to recognize deceptive language that is used to deliver veiled statements of intentions for future planned violence.

By understanding how these occultic criminals hide their true statements of intended future violence, and also the consequences for following through with any manipulated violent acts, within broader messages, enables you to identify and reject them. Doing so will cause the manipulator to abandon their attempts to set you up.

Skull & crossbones on computer system coding

6. Know how destructive autopilot behavioral scripting programs — PIPs — can be written, coded, and installed into your mind via covert hypnosis ‘hypnotic stories.’

Understanding how these destructive violence scripting programs are crafted and installed into the mind in the form of a ‘hypnotic story’ ensures no-one can ever install one into you.

7. Know how every level from the Crimes of Manipulation pyramid illustration works in concert with one another to manipulate almost any individual into committing a violent act.

Be fully aware of how regular people can be manipulated into violence in these sophisticated criminal operations. This is achieved using a combination of digitized NLP techniques and covert hypnosis — all explained throughout this site — which employ the five levels to engineer a Crime of Manipulation. Understanding these various levels means the ability to guard ourselves at every one of these same levels.

Guarding against all the above points will also prevent these manipulators’ ability to plunge you into an other-worldly, dream-like state. This is because the critical personal information they need to do so will not be in their possession. So following the above will protect you against this also.

The one aspect these occultic criminals still hold the power to do without our ability to stop them is the evocation of unseen entities. They can still conjure these intelligent beings to harass and cause trouble for people if they choose. However, as the universe does not operate on a ‘free lunch’ principle, doing so comes at a price for these occultic manipulators. What this means is, there is little payoff for them to use an entity to cause nuisance to people when no other dark arts manipulation has been undertaken. And in a worst-case scenario, if they did still send one of these malicious beings to you, all you need to do is wait it out until it goes back to wherever it came. Yes, it will likely manipulate reality, events, and people around you to cause nuisance and alarm, but it cannot hurt you. In this situation, it becomes a psychological battle of wills. And standing by the truth that nobody — neither entity nor human being — can manipulate you to do anything you do not consent to, will give you the edge you need to overcome it.

With all the above now stated, it is also possible to manipulate people using purely voice technology rather than words on a digital device. For example, if someone was using Skype voice calls to perform this mind manipulation, then instead of “analog marking key manipulation words with quotation marks,” they would instead lower their voice tone on the analog marked words instead. The effect this causes is to highlight those key words to the unconscious mind. That is, of course, after pacing the person into a relaxed and suggestible state via pacing and leading through establishing rapport using mirroring and matching of interests, etc. The same process can be used to condition the extreme MNES, carry out the required covert conditioning, write and install a PIP into their mind (via a spoken ‘hypnotic story’ instead of being read via an email), etc. Other voice systems with headsets such as Xbox Live can also be used instead of Skype, so bearing this voice method to set people up in Crimes of Manipulation is important to note too. This is so precautions to prevent such spoken manipulation can also be taken here.