What is Autopilot Behavior Scripting, and How is This Even Possible?

After reading what is the purpose of this site, you will likely be thinking to yourself: what do you mean by autopilot behavior scripting? And what do you mean that someone can hack into your body and mind to script your unconscious behaviors into committing violent acts?

Autopilot responses are that which our bodies unconsciously seek to carry out. A good example of autopilot behavior is when you are driving your car, for instance. If you have been driving for a long time or even just for a year, then the actions you carry out while driving are mostly unconscious. You do not consciously think to yourself, “I will turn the steering wheel several degrees to make this turn here.” No. You just steer your vehicle at the exact right amount to execute the turn flawlessly. Or if you drive a manual transmission car, then you know that your hand will almost robotically reach for the gear stick to shift gears; that is an unconscious and automatic action, which is an autopilot response you trained your body to do over time.

And you learned how to do these actions from continuous driving over a long period of time. Now, when you first started driving, you had to consciously think about every action you took, meaning you were consciously engaged at all times. Yet over time, your conscious actions became more and more unconscious so that you could carry them out almost automatically. This left your conscious mind free to pursue other activities, such as having a conversation with someone on your hands-free, or focusing your attention on listening to an audiobook, or a podcast, etc. And when this conscious process became more unconscious, it freed up your conscious awareness. Your unconscious autopilot behaviors then took over to complete the action of driving on your behalf. Your unconscious responses know how and when to reach for the steering wheel to make those turns you need to make, or when to shift gears with your hand reaching for the gear stick; these actions become automatic, albeit with your consent to carry them out as it is a desired activity.

It is this same unconscious autopilot behavior system that can be hacked into using occult dark arts psychological tools, whereby specific actions to carry out can be written into this system. This is so that you would then seek to carry them out unconsciously. Now, when these hacked (into your mind) and scripted autopilot responses kick in, it feels as if a foreign entity — or feeling like your body becomes robotic, which then starts moving without your ability to control it — seizes control of your body and takes over. This occurs without your consent to complete the action.

In my case, the young woman — the dark arts/occultic criminal — who used these occult tools on me caused me to lose control of my right arm, and it attempted — without my control to stop it — to reach for a knife that was nearby to stab someone with it. When this occurred, I was absolutely terrified as I did not know that someone could hack into my body to script my arm into reaching for a knife. With great conscious effort, I was able to manually seize control of my right arm to force stop the robotic action from occurring.

In addition to this, however, the occultic criminal was also able to flood my body and mind with the emotion of agitated rage. And this, of course, is to make completion of the autopilot knife strike highly likely to be followed through with. Both this rage component and this autopilot behavior scripting are combined and built into a neatly packaged program, in what I have termed process instructions programs, which are explained in detail here.

These autopilot behavior scripting programs are doing this exact thing to unsuspecting people and scripting their unconsciously controlled behaviors into committing destructive acts. Note that I say programs, as that is precisely what they are.

Now, these autopilot scripting programs also have the power to script people into committing atrociously violent acts, using very fine and specific details. Such as which weapon to use when the program activates (like using a rifle, machete, pistol, shotgun, etc.), how to aim it, and who to aim it at, how many people to kill and where, etc. The point is that very specific violent actions can be scripted into a person’s mind for him or her to carry out unconsciously. And the aforementioned feeling of being taken over and possessed by a foreign entity or becoming robotic is how it would look and feel to the person being set up and manipulated.

Consider it like using human beings as computer game characters that can be hacked into and controlled so that they will commit atrocious acts via the installation of these destructive behavioral programs.

This, however, is merely one element in setting people up in these occultic crimes as there are many more very powerful tools involved. One of which is what I mentioned earlier: using targeted occultism to plunge the manipulated individual into what feels to them like a dream-like, non-reality state, meaning that they will almost certainly carry out the scripted violence built into the program. All of these additional powerful manipulation components are explained throughout this site.

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