What is NLP & Covert Hypnosis, and How is it Even Possible to Use Digitized Hypnosis Against People, Purely by Using the Internet? What Damage can be Done Exactly, and How?

1. Corruption of the System, i.e., the Mind

2. Hacker Installed Destructive Programs

3. How are these Destructive Behavioral Programs Installed into the Human Unconscious Mind?

4. What is NLP and How Does it Work?

5. NLP to Change Unconscious Behaviors

6. What is Covert Hypnosis?

7. Digitized NLP Technique – Pacing & Leading

8. Digitized NLP Technique – Analog Marking

9. What Damage Can Be Caused to a Person’s Mind? Can the Mind be Corrupted just Like a Computer System?

10. NLP Technique – Presuppositions

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP, abbreviated) is a system developed by Richard Bandler & John Grinder that enables changes to be made to people’s minds — that is, the unconscious aspect of the mind — to make changes in their behavior and thinking. This system accurately presupposes that the human mind is divided between two main components, which are the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Note that I say accurately because my experience with having a destructive behavioral program scripted into my mind using NLP techniques shows the theory behind this system is 100% correct.

The conscious mind is that which we experience consciously. Meaning that is where we experience and entertain our thoughts and ideas, and also how we interpret any emotions that our body experiences. It is how we navigate and interpret the world around us. Our conscious mind interprets information from the outside world into tangible forms that we can understand. For example, if you encounter a person who you greatly respect and like very much, then you will likely feel positive emotions of admiration towards them. But if you met someone who you strongly disliked, then you would probably feel a sense of revulsion and a desire to get away from them asap. These are two examples of how you are consciously experiencing the world around you. And these emotions guiding your outward behavior is your conscious mind at work.

The unconscious mind is that which exists behind the scenes, beyond our conscious awareness. This area of the mind contains everything going on beneath the surface; for instance, by sending emotions into your body, and concerning what or whom. Moreover, it is where unconscious autopilot behaviors are learned over time for your body to carry out on your behalf without your conscious awareness. This is done by teaching it over time what to carry out. Such as in the previous example of how you learn over time to drive a car using primarily unconscious actions. And this is where you teach your unconscious mind which actions to perform on autopilot.

In this unconscious area of the mind, it is also possible to create associations that never existed before. Such as through an NLP hypnotic technique known as covert conditioning, an artificial association can be created, for example, between seeing a dog, and then seeing it be knifed to death. So that any time you encounter a dog during your daily life, you will automatically see images in your mind — combined with painful emotions also attached with the images — of that dog being knifed to death. How do I know this is possible? Because this psychological crime was committed against me as part of the violence conditioning process. It intended to engineer me into an individual geared more towards violence.

This destructive association can also be made between seeing people and them being knifed to death, which was also done to me. And until I had these acts of psychological sabotage removed from my mind, it became corrupted with these faults.

Corruption of the System, i.e., the Mind*

To draw an illustration of how human beings can be corrupted using covert hypnosis and NLP, I will be using a computer system analogy. As the means to hack into both the human mind and a computer system, so that destructive changes can be made, are remarkably similar in nature.

In the previous example of psychological sabotage, this corruption of the human mind is directly comparable to the underlying coding of a computer operating system being corrupted with malicious coding. And the unconscious area of the human mind can, therefore, be compared to how a computer operating system is structured, in that there is a hidden, beneath the surface component and also a component that is expressed visibly, or consciously.

In a computer operating system, this visible component, which is what the user can see and interact with, contains the underlying hidden coding of the system. This is then expressed as the visible aspect that appears on the monitor screen, which is the interactive user interface. Here is where we see icons on the screen, folders and any documents stored inside of them, and any software such as an email inbox client (like MS Outlook) that is installed onto the underlying coding of that computer system. The main point is that anything installed onto the underlying hidden component of the system then expresses itself visually on the computer monitor. So there are two components — the invisible and the visible — working together to create an experience.

This is also how the human mind works, in that the unconscious mind aspect — the hidden, beneath the surface part — then produces what we experience in our conscious awareness. In both instances of human and computer, elements can be written onto the beneath the surface part to affect the conscious part. Such as from what happened to me when artificial associations were written onto the ‘underlying coding’ equivalent of my ‘system’ — which is the unconscious area of my mind — by which then produced those violent images into the visual awareness of my mind.

It is like writing coding onto the hidden component of a computer operating system to produce an icon showing an image of a person being knifed to death, whereby the system then shows that exact image on the screen. And that is precisely what happened to me when this corruptive coding was written into the ‘underlying coding’ of my unconscious mind. Except I saw this image crystal clearly in my mind rather than on a computer screen. That, however, is the only difference between them. This is an example of corruption of the system.

Hacker Installed Destructive Programs*

Now, in a computer system, in addition to writing corruptive elements into the system, it is also possible to write software programs onto the system as well. For example, say a hacker gained access to the system and installed a program that would auto-execute (meaning to run automatically) the next time the computer was switched on. And once the program executed, it would then gather all financial details stored on that computer system and then automatically send them via the internet to the creator of that hacker program. This is an example of a program that aims to cause harm to the user of that computer system. In this case, it is to cause loss to the user (of the computer), rather than the computer itself.

Another alternative program that a hacker can install directly onto the hidden component of the computer system is one in which, when executed, would totally destroy the system itself. For example, once auto-executed, it would not only corrupt the underlying operating system with malicious coding, but it would also send a power surge to fry the system’s motherboard itself. Meaning that it then becomes totally destroyed. (This is a sophisticated, high-level hacker program by the way, but I use it to draw this illustration in this example to make my point.) This hacker’s program is an example of causing destruction to the actual system itself.

In the first instance, this is an example of a malicious program causing loss to the user of the system; this is identical to what occurs when an autopilot destructive behavioral program — known as a process instructions program (PIP) when used in human beings, which is explained in detail here — is installed into a person’s mind. And by which, when the program activates, would script a series of behaviors intending to cause loss to the individual the program was installed into. For example, a program could script a man into committing a series of actions that would humiliate him in front of a large group of his friends, hence causing him loss in some way. This could be something like a significant social event approaching, and when the right activating conditions are met, he would then experience a state of fiery, all-consuming rage. And in this state, he would then violently assault a friend in that group with a broken bottle, for instance. This program successfully causes loss to the individual.

A computer screen warning of a system being hacked

In this case, the system the program was installed into was his ‘underlying coding’ of the hidden aspect of his unconscious mind. The loss in his case was to his reputation — instead of to his bank accounts like with the financial theft hacker’s program example, which also caused loss to the user — and this is because everyone who knows him, now sees him as a dangerous and volatile individual, so they will no longer associate with him.

The second type of program, which was the sophisticated hacker’s program to destroy the system itself, is identical to what occurs when one of these destructive behavioral programs is installed into a person to make them kill themselves, and sometimes in a violent and bloody way. This type of program would script the individual’s autopilot behaviors in a very specific manner into, for example, picking up a gun they had stored at home and shooting themselves in the head with it.

Or, like I mentioned previously, with what occurred to two rock musicians in 2017, taking a rope, tying it to a door, and hanging themselves with it. Or if you want to get really sophisticated with this second type of program, scripting a series of autopilot behaviors to go on a killing rampage with a rifle — explained here for a real-life version of one of these programs. These second types of programs, therefore, aim to destroy the person — identical to a computer system being destroyed with a destructive hacker program — killing them.

Note, however, that in the real-life version where the individual had a rifle killing program installed into his unconscious mind, he was allowed to live rather than being scripted into ending his life. The reason for this is likely because he is then left to live in the agonizing torment of the brutal violence that he was manipulated into committing through these occult ‘black magic’ techniques. And I will state here again: it is not ‘magic’ at all, it is merely abuse of hidden knowledge by occultic criminals — using multiple explainable and various components, as shown here in the pyramid illustration and explained throughout this site and my book — to hack into and script reality for another person to act out.

These autopilot behavioral scripting programs, therefore, come in two flavors. One of which is to cause harm or loss to the individual that the program was installed into, meaning losing their reputation, for example. Or by losing an entire group of friends because a scripted violent physical confrontation that was written into the program was carried out. And the second flavor of these programs is to cause death and destruction to the individual that the program was installed into, which is the direct equivalent to the sophisticated hacker’s destruction of the system program.

Scripting a person into using a gun to commit suicide with, or for them to jump out of a high-rise apartment window instantly killing them, is also possible in these destructive programs. This is in addition to many other brutal events. The real-life example of the special needs teenager who had one of these programs installed into him, falls between these two types of programs, as death and destruction was also caused, albeit to other people and not to him.

How are these Destructive Behavioral Programs Installed into the Human Unconscious Mind?*

Two psychological tools are used to write and install these unconscious behavioral scripting programs, and these are NLP and covert hypnosis.

NLP is used to select the specific key words that are required to script the autopilot behavior system. So you could say that NLP is equivalent to the programming language of the human mind, which is then used to write new behaviors for someone to carry out unconsciously. For example, for an individual to automatically reach for a knife and attempt to strike an innocent person with it.

And covert hypnosis is used to hack into the human mind itself so that destructive behavioral programs can be installed without a person’s knowledge, awareness, or consent.

NLP is the actual coding language, and covert hypnosis is the delivery mechanism to hack into and install the malicious coding into the human mind.

What is NLP and How Does it Work?*

To explain how this works, Richard Bandler and John Grinder’s system of NLP is based upon the understanding that the human mind is divided into two components, namely, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind; the functions of which I mentioned earlier. And through these two gentleman’s work, they found that when people went to therapists because of behavioral problems that could not be resolved, that the underlying issue was due to their problem behavior always being directed unconsciously, and not consciously.

So what this meant was, say a woman had an issue with overeating, for example, which was causing her many health problems. And she then said to herself, “I am going to stop overeating, so I can resolve my health issues,” which she wholeheartedly meant. In this situation, she has consciously committed herself to stop overeating; however, a serious problem was found. As she then discovered that no matter how hard she tried to stop overeating each day, the overwhelming urge she felt to do so heavily overpowered her conscious desire to stop the troublesome activity.

Now, the reason this occurred is because her unconscious behavior was much more powerful than her conscious desire to stop the behavior. And this example does not only apply to this woman because, in every single instance, our unconscious behaviors — meaning for every single human being — will always win out 100% of the time over our conscious desire to stop a behavior. The reason this occurs is because a need is being fulfilled by the unconscious behavior, and the body is always going to take care of its unconscious needs regardless of how we consciously feel about it. The reason this occurs is to keep the body in equilibrium, as the body’s needs come first regardless of what we want to do.

In this woman’s example, this unconscious need that is being met with the overeating issue could be the need for comfort, by which overeating helps to fulfill that need. So even though she is truly committed to stopping overeating, she finds it impossible because the body’s need for comfort trumps her desire to stop doing it. So in this situation, how is it possible to get this woman to change her behavior? This is where NLP comes in.

NLP to Change Unconscious Behaviors*

NLP is an established system to create changes in unconscious behaviors, which, even though Wikipedia claims is a pseudo-science, I know it 100% works. How do I know this? Because it was successfully used on me in a weaponized form to hack into and change my unconscious behaviors in a destructive way against my will and consent. So how can it be pseudo-science if it worked to almost destroy my life? Anyway, the system of NLP enables changes to be made to people’s unconscious behaviors. So back to the example of the woman above, which, in her case, NLP would be used to establish communication with her unconscious mind — by means of a hypnotic-trance induction, called pacing & leading in NLP — so changes can then be made.

The unconscious mind can be directly communicated with so that new behaviors can be suggested to it. In her case, the NLP practitioner could hypnotize her, meaning to pace her into a relaxed trance state, and then feed suggestions into her mind for her unconscious to later act upon.

For example, the hypnotist could slip into her mind the suggestion to go and take a nap with a cozy blanket every time she has a need for comfort arise. So when the woman returned to baseline conscious awareness and was back at home, and she had a need for comfort arise, instead of reaching for her fridge to overeat on snacks, she instead took a new action. This was to unconsciously begin reaching for a cozy blanket she had in storage and taking a short nap.

So in this example, NLP was used to change this woman’s unconsciously controlled behavior, which, thankfully, in this example, was into a healthier behavior. And this is what NLP is essentially used for: to change people’s unconsciously controlled behaviors.

Unfortunately, however, these same changes made to unconsciously controlled behaviors can also be used for malevolent purposes, so that adverse changes can be made instead, which is where dark arts criminals come in.

It is also possible to use NLP to psychologically condition someone to be unconsciously inclined towards violence. How do I know this? Because that is exactly what happened to me, and all done purely using the internet and email. For this to be completed for such a long time without me being aware of what was going on, however, is where the skill of covert hypnosis comes into play.

Selective focus on the word hypnotism dictionary definition

What is Covert Hypnosis?*

Covert hypnosis is a way to successfully slip changes — and always destructive changes when it comes to engineering people into committing violence in these occultic crimes — into the mind without a person’s knowledge, awareness, or consent. It is a way to gain access and make changes to the unconscious mind, so those changes will later manifest as destructive behaviors. Or also as distressing thoughts/ideas and painful and intense emotions. And, of course, scripting autopilot behaviors into violent outcomes.

You can view covert hypnosis as the delivery mechanism used to gain access and successfully make changes to a person’s mind.

The way covert hypnosis is used to make the above-mentioned destructive changes to a person involves a combination of two NLP tools. And these are a pacing and leading trance induction, and analog marking. Note also, however, that because these occultic crimes are being engineered exclusively via the internet and email, that a digitized form of these two tools is required, which I will explain next.

Digitized NLP Technique – Pacing & Leading*

So, what is pacing and leading? This term essentially means the ability to place a person into a relaxed and suggestible state, so that suggestions and changes can be covertly made to their unconscious mind. Pacing and leading is always used as a pre-requisite before any destructive changes can be made to someone’s mind, as this technique simultaneously causes relaxation and allows communication with their unconscious mind to occur.

And in a digitized form, the way this works is the manipulator will mirror and match your writing style, interests, political views, philosophy of life, etc. This then creates a sense of rapport between the two of you, which, once established, allows destructive ideas and changes to be made to your mind. Making you relaxed is the pacing aspect, and planting destructive ideas into your mind is the leading.

Once you have been adequately paced in the above manner, a way to mark out specific words intending to manipulate your mind is then needed. For this to occur, the NLP technique of analog marking now comes into play. And this involves highlighting and distinguishing specific words that have the power to manipulate your unconscious thoughts and behaviors. By marking these words, they can then be successfully planted into your unconscious mind. The way this marking is achieved in a digitized context will be explained shortly.

These key programming words will later cause you destructive changes to your unconsciously controlled behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. For example, when this technique was used on me, words surrounding violence and brutality were covertly slipped into my mind. This was repeated numerous times. And the same technique was also used to condition an extreme emotional state of agitated rage in me — which I have termed the extreme MNES (pronounced EM-NESS) and is covered here.

In person, such as having a face-to-face conversation with the manipulator, he or she would analog mark certain words by, for example, lowering their voice tone. And what this then achieves — after pacing you into a relaxed and suggestible state — is these specific key manipulation words become highlighted to your unconscious, meaning they have now been planted in there. To give an example of how this works, and this below example involves a combination of both NLP and covert hypnosis in action, imagine someone you knew, stopped you and told you this story:

“I was speaking to my colleague “Stanley” last week in the “kitchen” of my office. And he said he would take a “stab” at finishing the report earlier than our proposed deadline. Then I saw another “person” I thought I recognized, so I finished my conversation with Stanley to go and speak to them.”

Now, if someone firstly used pacing and leading to pace you into a relaxed and suggestible state and then told you that above story, while say, for example, lowering their voice tone on the distinguished words: Stanleykitchenstab, and person, then these words would directly plant into your unconscious mind. The way this planted idea would manifest in reality is the next time you were in a kitchen with someone, an image would form in your mind of stabbing them with a knife.

And the reason Stanley is taken to mean a knife to the unconscious is because of the context it was used in, which is kitchen and stab. So a Stanley knife is being insinuated here. The unconscious is intelligent in its own right, you see, and can understand what is being communicated to it by taking an entire message in context. How do I know this? Because a similar idea was planted into me using this combination of psychological dark arts.

Digitized NLP Technique – Analog Marking*

Except in my situation, this was all done exclusively via the internet and email and not in person. So in such a case, how is it possible for someone to plant such words to manipulate your unconscious thoughts using only email? It is via the same technique of marking the words with quotation marks “in this manner.” This is the digitized form of analog marking, and it achieves the identical effect of planting key manipulation words into your mind. And as always before planting such words, pacing and leading is used first of all to create a relaxed, ‘guards down’ state.

I should also add that the planting of this suggestion to knife someone would only work if you were unaware of what was being done. So because I have told you these were the planted words, your conscious mind would now reject the suggestion; meaning, therefore, this suggestion would not plant. It would only work if, (a) you had no awareness of how words can be “analog marked” to plant ideas into your unconscious mind, and (b) you were paced into a relaxed and suggestible trance state.

As I mentioned earlier, to pace someone via digital means using email only involves mirroring and matching them to make it seem like the one undergoing manipulation is exceptionally similar to the NLP covert hypnotist. Once this mirroring and matching is successfully achieved, then all guards will be lowered, meaning that the person’s mind can now receive harmful ideas and destructive changes.

Back to the story that contained the harmful suggestion to stab someone in a kitchen with a knife, the marked words to manipulate the unconscious can be viewed as the NLP programming words aspect. And the actual story that these crucial programming words were wrapped into — to covertly plant the idea into the unconscious mind — is the covert hypnosis aspect, i.e., the delivery mechanism to install the programming words into the mind.

So we have NLP as the programming language of the unconscious mind and covert hypnosis as the installation tool to get that destructive programming onto the ‘system’ of the unconscious mind. Exactly like how C is a computer programming language that is used to write coding to a computer system’s hidden aspect to write changes onto it, the same is true for the human mind, albeit with different programming languages.

Computer programming code detecting a computer virus

Also, consider how a computer hacker would make harmful changes to a computer’s underlying system. They would have to find a weakness in the system so they could get that harmful coding written onto the machine. For example, say a computer was fortified with defenses by means of a powerful firewall and anti-virus detection system. In this case, how would the hacker gain access to that system? The most effective route would be for him or her to build a software program that contains a hidden gateway point, and then try to trick the owner of that computer into downloading and installing that program onto their machine. If the computer owner can be deceived into downloading the malicious program, then the hacker would now have an access point and delivery mechanism to make destructive changes to that system. And this is identical to how covert hypnosis and NLP is used to make detrimental changes to the mind.

Covert hypnosis, in this instance, is the same as tricking the owner of the system into trusting the creator of that malicious program, which contains a hidden gateway to make malicious changes to the system. And if a person was to trust an NLP covert hypnotist — one that held malicious intent, that is, as not all NLP practitioners use their knowledge to harm — then this is identical to giving the hacker access to the hidden coding of their system (their mind, in other words). Then once the manipulator has that access point, they can then deliver the harmful changes into their mind using covert hypnosis.

What Damage Can Be Caused to a Person’s Mind? Can the Mind be Corrupted just Like a Computer System?*

The answer to the second question is yes, and in a remarkably similar way. The extent of such corruption of the mind can be severe. I will use the real-life example of what happened to me, and the mind corruption that I had to contend with:

  • Violent & destructive behaviors conditioning: achieved by conditioning my unconscious behaviors into becoming violent and volatile.*

The first instance of what the occultic criminal used on me was to psychologically condition my unconsciously inclined behaviors into desiring to act out violently. She achieved this by repetitively feeding themes and ideas into my unconscious mind — after pacing me into a relaxed and suggestible trance state using digitized pacing & leading — by, for example, planting suggestions to cut the throat of people, to blow up a property, or to shoot people to death.

The way she did this was by using what is known in NLP as embedded commands. And what these involve is after she paced me into a relaxed and suggestible state with the standard pacing and leading technique, she then hid covert commands within a broader sentence. These hidden instructions were intended for my unconscious to act out at a future time. Three examples of real-life embedded commands used on me included:

I want to cut the throat of people who harm children.

If I were in charge of the justice system, I would have certain people be shot to death to save the taxpayer money.

I was at a party last week, and the house blew up when the new DJ arrived.

Now, if you look at those three sentences carefully, you will notice a very slight difference in font size for the words: cut the throat of peoplepeople be shot to death, and house blew up. The reason this slight change was used is because it has the power to mark out these words directly to the unconscious mind only, evading the conscious mind’s detection. Recall that delivery of such embedded commands occurs only after a digitized pacing & leading trance induction. The effect this causes is to plant these ideas into the unconscious mind.

These marked phrases are the embedded commands, which are hypnotic commands intended purely for the unconscious to understand and later act upon. You can see in those three sentences that these covert commands towards acting out violently were hidden within the broader message of unrelated sentences. Namely, regarding that people who harm children should also be harmed, and of being in charge of the criminal justice system, and finally, attending a party. Those were merely the messages to ‘wrap’ the embedded commands into, so they could be delivered into the unconscious without detection. Note also, that these three sentences are another example of covert hypnosis. This is because the real intended messages for the unconscious mind to act on were covertly hidden within broader messages, and hypnotically delivered using the previously mentioned techniques.

Model of a man wearing black blindfold with the word presuppositions on it

NLP Technique – Presuppositions*

NLP in the above examples can be viewed as the selection of which programming words are required to make destructive changes to the ‘hidden coding system’ of the human mind, i.e., the unconscious. This is identical to hacking into a computer system and writing malicious code onto its system. The first two examples of those embedded commands are self-explanatory, as these are simple violent instructions. But the third and final example demonstrates NLP as being the programming language of the mind.

The reason for this is that the message: the house blew up uses an additional NLP technique known as presuppositions. Because if you read the grammar tense in that covert violent instruction, it presupposes the action to have already occurred: the house blew up. Not, the house will blow up. If she had stated that the house will blow up, then this implies there is an option of choosing not to blow up the house. For example, if someone planted this instruction into you, then when the impulse to blow up a property arises, you may decide not to blow up the house at that moment. As after all, the planted idea stated that the house will blow up, but the declaration of this when is unknown, meaning that you will be highly unlikely to act out the violent impulse.

So by using a grammar tense that presupposes the violent act has already occurred, achieves two primary objectives. Firstly, the unconscious receives a powerful instruction that it will commit a violent act because this language tricks the unconscious into believing the destructive activity has already occurred. This would manifest as sending a powerful impulse into your conscious mind to destroy your property, and you would feel an overwhelming desire to commit the act, most likely via standard kitchen items contained in most homes.

The second objective, although not applicable to this particular example, but does apply to how destructive autopilot behavioral scripting programs are created, is that presupposing behaviors to have already occurred is able to script the autopilot system into carrying out specific actions. We will look deeper into how presuppositions are used in writing these programs here. But for now, keep in mind that is how presuppositions are used in the preliminary stages of engineering people into violence in these occultic crimes.

These above examples are comparable to writing malicious coding onto the system of the human mind, which later manifest as impulses to commit destructive behaviors.

Are there are any examples of corrupting the human mind that are more similar in nature to how a computer system can be? (For example, a virus can corrupt a computer to make all icons on the system unable to be opened, meaning that the actual system itself has become corrupted.) The answer is yes, which brings us to the second act of mind sabotage that was committed against me:

  • Rerouting of emotions to automatically bring violent & destructive images to mind, whenever I experienced certain emotions.*

This was the second instance of corruption of my mind — equivalent to the underlying system of a computer system becoming corrupted with malicious coding — and involved some very distressing phenomena. Psychological dark arts were used to essentially hack into and reroute my emotions of anger, hate, and shame to automatically bring vicious and violent images to my mind whenever I experienced those three emotions. I explained this earlier regarding the images of dogs and people being brutally knifed to death, which always formed in my mind. But what I didn’t mention was how these images were artificially attached — using the NLP technique of covert conditioning and association — to my emotions of anger, hate, and shame.

It was anytime that I experienced those three emotions when going about my daily life, that the bloody and violent images began to form in my mind with nothing I could do to stop seeing them. The way this psychological crime was committed against me was through the usual NLP tools of “analog marking” specific key words. These words then had the power to corrupt my mind with this violent imagery. And covert hypnosis was the delivery mechanism to install those corruptive words into the system of my unconscious mind, without detection.

This process was carried out for around six months until it was successfully completed. And it involved an initial corruption process of acclimating my unconscious mind towards violent behaviors, which had never existed previously. For example, the occultic criminal firstly used “analog marking” to plant ideas stating to punch or kick people in response to feeling angered over anything. She then repetitively fed this same (relatively milder) violent behavior into my unconscious mind for about a month. Then following this, she would plant the idea to cut people with a knife instead. This then continued for another month.

Once that month of unconscious psychological conditioning was over, she then conditioned the theme of beating people nearly to death if they ever did anything to enrage me, which also continued for another month. So, so far, we have gone from a milder violent behavior such as punching and kicking people to now beating people nearly to death. You can see that each new round of conditioning is a little more severe than the previous one. And the final levels of violence conditioning involve what I explained above: blowing up a property, shooting people to death, and cutting the throat of people.

Note also that I have included this violence conditioning under this subsection here because this was the initial layer that she required to have in place first of all. This was before she then attached those themes of violence to my three emotions of anger, hate, and shame. And the way she did this was two-fold: she repetitively planted the same theme into my unconscious mind of dogs being killed and knifed to death, and people being knifed to death. Then after a full month of this — which occurred in the final month of the psychological conditioning process — she used an NLP technique known as association to associate selected and specific words linking my emotions of anger, hate, and shame to this violent imagery.

What she then did was to psychologically condition — via analog marking the association words alongside violent ideas and themes — these selected words to emotional themes of rage, hatred, and shame. These association words included the words “Greens,” and “my skin,” whereby she then marked these words alongside marking the emotional states of “shameful,” “enraged,” and “hatred.”

Then over a long enough time-period, these selected association words became synonymous with experiencing those emotional states. Finally, she then linked the analog marked words of knifing dogs to death and knifing people to death alongside those specific association words.

She then continued this process until an artificial connection was formed in my mind between the association words, and dogs and people being stabbed to death, and those particular emotions.

Once this connection was solidified between these three parameters, then violent images began forming in my mind of seeing people and dogs being stabbed to death every time I experienced anger, hate, or shame. When this occurred, this process became automatic. And my mind became corrupted with this imagery, with nothing I could do to stop seeing this violence.

Imagine someone hacking into your mind to corrupt it in this manner by planting and attaching specific horrific imagery whenever you were angry, stressed, or feeling ashamed. It is a very traumatic experience to have your mind raped and sabotaged in this way, and this corruption can be viewed as a psychological crime against the mind — a mind crime. Without a doubt, hacking into people’s minds and committing such severe harm against them in this manner alone, should carry a heavy criminal punishment. And that is not even taking into account all other more severe levels of manipulation involved. In fact, this mind sabotage compared to the other levels is actually miniscule, which in itself is testament to the severe nature of these — as yet still unpunished — hidden crimes.

Note also, how with the above conditioning process, everything is hidden into what looks like a regular conversation, so it can easily evade detection. Yet, in reality, it contains NLP programming words to make destructive changes to the unconscious mind, and covert hypnosis — meaning the mind programming words hidden within the ‘wrapping’ of a regular conversation — is used to install those changes into the mind via stealth means. And as this process is done purely using the internet, instead of a regular face-to-face conversation, an email conversation achieves this outcome, albeit the effect is still identical between both.

We can also see that in the above situation how this is comparable to a computer system itself becoming corrupted in its system. Like destructive coding is written to change which images appear in the mind (or on the screen for a computer) in response to certain stimuli. Specific coding words are used to make these changes using NLP, and they are delivered for installation into the system (the hidden coding of the unconscious mind) using covert hypnosis.

This now covers The Basics of Occultic Crime. In the next section, Crimes of Manipulation, we will break down the more sophisticated elements of how these technologically engineered psychological and occultic crimes are manufactured.

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  1. You are preaching to the choir. My sincere condolences to you for all that was so callously stolen from you.. Mine is a story of having my entire family stolen from me for the better part of sixty years. An abusive big sister, ten years my senior, became a behavior psychologist while I was tender aged. She used my family as an ongoing NLP experiment. that effectively disguised her narcissistic urges. Counterfeit results never satisfy, so they keep it up for decades at the expense of others. I had knowledge of her true nature was not taken in. As adults, I refused all contact. Meanwhile, everyone I loved was programmed to debase, devalue, blame, distrust, and view me with contempt. Their relationships collapsed years ago, yet they remain under hypnotic control to this day. My challenge is to deliver the truth without triggering embedded commands to disregard what will set them free. I am committed to not resorting to the occult to get the job done. Any Ideas?

    • I am very sorry to hear what you have been dealing with.

      Yes, separation from those you love is a primary aim of how this evil operates, and it is active and intelligent in how it goes about achieving this. How do I know this? As that is exactly what happened to me and it has taken a lot of time to repair.

      Sorry what do you mean by not resorting to the occult to get the job done?

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