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What is the Purpose of This Site?

On 9/11/2014, an expert of psychological manipulation set me up in a sophisticated criminal operation, which culminated in a week-long attack. I will explain what this involved shortly. This one week attack, which intended to end my life and the lives of others, acted as my own personal 9/11 event, which disrupted and changed the course of my entire life. The individual who set me up was a young woman I had met online through social media, whom I ended up establishing a relationship with. Little did I know that she was someone who held the same skills and knowledge as the psychological illusionist Derren Brown. And through these hidden mind manipulation techniques, she applied these tools to covertly gain access to my mind, psychologically condition me towards violence, and then by using an occult dark arts hypnotic technique, was able to hack into and script my unconscious autopilot actions into committing a violent act.

This autopilot behavior scripting felt as if a foreign entity had taken over my body and mind, whereby it was then fighting to commit the act of violence — which was a scripted knife strike to another person’s face — through my body. I did, however, manage to overpower my body’s compulsion to commit this violent action, so thankfully, it had failed.

In addition to the above — using similar occult dark arts hypnotic techniques, explained in detail in my book Dark Arts Criminals: Killing-by-Proxy through the Internet, Occultism, & Digitized NLP Hypnosis — she also conditioned an intensely powerful emotional state of agitated rage within me and built this into the same autopilot behavior scripting program. This raging emotional state could then be triggered on command by using a trigger phrase, and all done purely by digitized means using the internet. And what this meant is, at the right trigger point, this feeling of agitated rage flooded my body and mind just before the scripted knife strike, which was built into behavioral scripting program, became activated.

Further, there is one additional, extremely powerful hidden aspect the manipulator used on me, which Derren Brown does not use. And that is the power to cause a psychotic break from reality to occur by using an occult black magic technique involving targeted occultism and ritual magic. When she used this against me — on the final night of the attack period (also explained in my book) — it felt as if I had woken up directly in the middle of a nightmare, and real-life felt to become a very bad dream rather than reality.

During this time, I was forced into a total psychotic break, which lasted around ten minutes in total. It was within this critical time-window of being plunged into this forced and temporary state of psychosis that she then attempted to get me to kill myself while I was in that unreal feeling, dreamlike state. This attempt to manipulate my actions into ending my life was achieved using an unseen spiritual entity known as a jinn. Or, more commonly, as these entities are also known, evil spirits.

Now, all of these factors, when combined, create an incredibly potent cocktail of ingredients to manipulate people into committing violent or destructive acts. This can be violence against either the self in the form of suicide, or against other people such as shooting or knifing them. These violent acts are pre-scripted into the mind of the person being manipulated using psychological and occultic means. The methods of which are explained throughout this site.

As it currently stands, these occult crimes are currently unpunished by criminal law — meaning these occultic criminals are setting individuals up and manipulating them into killing innocent people using these hidden techniques, without any criminal punishment to themselves. And the fact that the true engineers of these proxy acts of violence remain hidden and unpunished is the most enraging thing in the world to me. Consider these psychological crimes that cause real-world violence as one of the only unpunished crimes in the world.

I believe that where these currently hidden mind manipulation techniques are destroying innocent people’s lives, that criminal law needs to be updated to hold these experts who know how to manipulate human behavior into destructive outcomes, criminally accountable. Until these occultic criminals are held accountable and punished for their hidden orchestration of these crimes, means they will continue to engineer innocent people into violent and deadly outcomes. And more and more lives will keep being destroyed. All the while, the ones who set people up in these crimes will continue to get away with it.

This must come to an end..

The aim of this site and my work is to bring about this outcome, which will be achieved by clearly laying out the methods used to engineer innocent people into violence and what can be done to stop this.

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How the Internet is Used to Cause Real-World Death & Destruction

The most concerning component regarding these hidden crimes is that they are now being engineered exclusively via digital means, using the internet and email. This means that any person in the world with an internet connection and an email address is potentially a target to set up in these occultic crimes. Therefore, another crucial aim of my work is to make these hidden techniques visible and transparent, so it becomes impossible to manipulate people using these combined psychological, technological, and occultic dark arts mind manipulation techniques.

In my book, Dark Arts Criminals: Killing-by-Proxy through the Internet, Occultism, & Digitized NLP Hypnosis, I have documented the entire attack, which occurred on 9/11/14, and explained exactly what happened to me. If you want to read about the attack in detail, then pick up a copy. But if you just wish to get an idea of what happened, then you can download the introduction section to the book free-of-charge here.

Here on this site, however, I have explained how these psychological dark arts combined with occultism are being used to engineer innocent people into committing violent and destructive acts. And all purely via the internet. This is so that when you use this site, you can equip yourself with the knowledge required to avoid ever becoming a target in these technologically engineered, psychological, and occultic crimes.

I have also written everything on this site from scratch rather than merely using the same information from my book. The reason for this is because if you are someone interested in reading both my book and everything available on this site, then you will gain additional value from investing the time in reading both. This is because I have used many new examples throughout the site for comparison and explanation purposes. Meaning, in theory, if you do read both my book and this site, you will have a firm understanding of this field of technologically engineered, psychological, and occultic crime. I suggest this option for those working in a police or crime prevention role, and also criminologists.  And also, those working in a government role, namely those who have the power to influence and update criminal law so the engineers of these occultic crimes can be criminally punished.

Financial Cost for Non-Punishment of these Occultic Crimes

There is also a significant financial cost for allowing these hidden crimes to continue going on unpunished. The Federal Register states that it costs around $35k per year to lock up a single prisoner in the US. And in these engineered violent crimes, when a person has been engineered into committing a murder or a series of killings even, this means that that individual will spend the rest of their life in prison after facing trial. So if such a person was 30-years-old (on average) at the time of the manipulated killings and they spent the next 50 years in jail, then that equals a $1.75million cost. Now, if you multiply that cost by, say, an estimated 3,000 individuals, which is a very low estimate, who are being manipulated into violence over the next 50 years — using the modus operandi to engineer these violent events via the internet — then that equals a staggering $5.25billion. (3,000 people x $1.75million lifetime prison cost, per violent prisoner.)

We can see then that ending these occult engineered violent events is in both the police and government’s best financial interests. That will leave $5.25billion to reinvest in new infrastructure, new jobs, and creating greater wealth within the economy. That equates to $105million per year saved over the next 50 years. This is the financial reward for acting to end these psychological and occultic crimes, and any politician worth his or her salt would jump at the opportunity to stop these crimes and save such a tremendous amount of money.

For those interested in reading only my book or only this site, you will be equally equipped with the knowledge you need to avoid ever becoming targeted in one of these sophisticated criminal operations. That is, by reading either one or the other. The book, however, goes much deeper into explaining the principles behind how and why the engineering of these crimes works to engineer regular people into committing violent acts. And, of course, all purely using the internet.

To keep this site direct and to the point — and to save you, the reader, time — I have explained the mechanisms and conclusions only, as these are sufficient to bring these psychological and occultic crimes to an end. The full principlesmechanismsconclusions, and entire attack are available in the book, as it is a relatively long read at 326 pages long. And for at least the next three months, you can read it for free if you are subscribed to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

If you are new to this site, then I recommend reading each page in the order that they appear on the pull-down menus, or following the links in forward order at the bottom of each page. This is so you will understand what these technologically engineered occultic crimes are, and most importantly, how you can protect yourself and loved ones from ever being set up in one.

I will also mention that if you are going to read only one piece on this site before leaving, which you can view as the TLDR for the entire site as it boils everything down succinctly, then read the Crimes of Manipulation piece here.

For any malevolent individuals who intend to use the information on this site to cause harm, I strongly suggest against it. There are reasons for this that have not been divulged here.

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