Who are Dark Arts Criminals? What is Psychological & Occultic Crime? How are these Psychological Dark Arts Used to Cause Real-World Violence?

Dark arts criminals are individuals who hold hidden (or occult) knowledge of how the human mind operates, which means they understand how to covertly manipulate human behavior towards destructive ends. They acquire this knowledge from what is known as ‘occult secret societies.’ And even though many members of these esoteric orders do not cause harm to those of us who are not privy to this hidden knowledge, certain people, however, do abuse it. This knowledge of the occult dark arts is used by these individuals to cause violence and mayhem to innocent people’s lives.

They use the secret knowledge they have acquired through these orders to target regular people and set them up in these occult crimes. This is so they can use weaponized psychological manipulation on the person being set up. And it is by hacking into the hidden mechanics of the human mind, that a violent or bloody event can be caused to occur as a consequence.

Before the creation of the internet, these occultic crimes were primarily set up in person, on a one-on-one, face-to-face basis — directly from the one using occult manipulation against the one being manipulated. But as I will explain from what happened to me, these same occultic crimes are now being manufactured exclusively using the internet and email communication only. Thus, this means this hidden threat is now a global issue, which is due to the worldwide reach of the internet. I will explain the internet’s involvement and the digitized element of engineering these crimes shortly.

The outcomes of these crimes always involve violence and blood, which, as mentioned previously, is by using knowledge of secret mechanics of the human mind. This involves hacking into the hidden aspect of a person’s mind and scripting their unconscious behavior into shooting or killing others using hypnotic techniques that are delivered digitally via the internet. This is combined with an occult practice known as ritual magic.

I should also make clear this is more than just using hypnosis against people to manipulate them into violence, as hypnosis is merely one small level of setting up these crimes. It is the other, more severe levels that enable almost any regular person to be engineered into committing a violent act, which I will explain next.

There are multiple reasons why such violent outcomes are possible. One of which is that intense emotional states, such as murderous and agitated rage, are cooked up beforehand in the manipulated person first of all. And then at the exact moment — such as before the act of violence is about to occur — this explosive emotion will flood the body and mind of the one undergoing manipulation.

The second reason is that by utilizing the same occult knowledge, it is possible to send the manipulated individual into a total psychotic break from reality. Consider this aspect like force-feeding him or her a hefty dosage of powerful hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or magic mushrooms. Except rather than using physical substances, is instead caused by long-distance and targeted occult means. Meaning that it is identical to giving someone an invisible dosage of one of these powerful drugs, and via forced, albeit invisible, means at that.

When this occurs, the one plunged into this psychological realm of hell will no longer feel like they are living in real life, but that everything has become a very bad dream. Consider it like waking up in the center of a real-life living nightmare, as that is exactly what it felt like to me. This, therefore, makes it highly likely that the manipulated individual will act out one of the scripted acts of violence programmed into their mind. This is because, at the time of the violent event, he or she will believe they are dreaming and not living in real life.

The third reason is what I mentioned earlier: that it is possible to script a specific series of violent behaviors into the unconscious autopilot behavior system of the targeted person, which will later be carried out. And this then programs their mind and unconscious behaviors into carrying out a violent and bloody act, such as shooting or stabbing innocent people, and depending on the program, turning the weapon back on themselves to commit suicide with it.

Other scripted acts of suicide are also possible with these programs, such as tying a rope to a door, so the individual then hangs themselves with it, which is what occurred to the rock musicians Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington a couple of years ago. I am not saying that dark arts occultism was involved in their deaths, but I am saying it is more than possible it could have been. And this is because these scripted autopilot behavioral programs, plus the extreme emotional state built into it, plus forcing the individual into a severe psychotic break from reality using targeted occult techniques, can easily cause people to end their lives. How do I know this? Because that is exactly what happened to me, except my life was saved at the final moment.

A prime example of how one of these violent and bloody occultic crimes looks in real life is explained here.

So with these three above factors combined, which are, (a) to flood the target’s body and mind with an explosive and murderous rage, (b) forcefully plunging them into the equivalent of a high-dose psychedelic drug trip, making it feel like everything becomes dream-like and no longer like real life, (c) hacking into and scripting their autopilot behaviors to perform an exact series of bloody and violent actions, then you can see why it is so easy for any regular person to be set up in one of these occultic crimes.

Further, a spiritual entity is also involved and sent to terrorize the target, which then amplifies the above three points. For example, when the rage is triggered, the unseen entity will amplify that emotional state to extreme levels. When the plunging into the bad dream state occurs, the entity will terrorize the individual to ramp up the psychological torment until they have a total psychotic break from reality. And when the final scripted violent acts are about to occur — from an activated PIP or PHITV — the same entity will seek to influence those violent acts to be carried out.

It looks and feels like the entity aims to possess the body and mind of the manipulated individual to carry out the programmed violence. However, that is not what occurs. Rather, a pre-set scripted series of unconscious behaviors, or a planted violent idea, becomes activated. And when it does, it looks like the one being manipulated gets taken over by some foreign force. Except, in reality, it is merely an activated hypnotic program combined with an extreme emotional state, such as rage.

Selective focus on the word magic dictionary definition

What I have just explained above is known in occultism as ‘black magic.’ But when broken down into understandable components, like I have described above, it is not really ‘magic’ at all. It is merely targeted and weaponized psychological manipulation combined with the scripting of unconscious actions via dark arts hypnotic techniques. It is merely an abuse of hidden knowledge in order to hack into and script the reality of others into carrying out destructive and violent outcomes.

The aim of my work aims to educate and equip people on the modus operandi used to destroy innocent people’s lives in these ways. This is so that, (a) people can protect themselves and loved ones from ever being harmed in these occultic crimes, (b) the occultic criminals engineering these violent events can start being held criminally accountable for abusing this hidden knowledge, which they use to engineer innocent people into destructive outcomes.

It is enraging to me that this class of crime is not currently recognized or punished by our legal systems, as it gives a free pass to psychopathic/sociopathic individuals to keep killing innocent people at will. This must end.

Psychological & Occultic Crime

Psychological and occultic crime can be viewed as a combination of the above parameters that hold the power to manipulate people into killing themselves or others. When a person has been successfully manipulated into killing themselves or other innocent people using these occult techniques, then this creates a Crime of Manipulation.

I came up with this term when writing my book. The origin of it is based upon the term Crimes of Passion, which was explained by Michael Stone MD in his book The Anatomy of Evil. Crimes of Passion are those crimes that are committed in states of emotional and passionate extremes, such as a husband catching his wife cheating on him with a lover, and in a fit of jealous rage, the husband shoots them both dead. That is an example of a Crime of Passion.

In Crimes of Manipulation, all ingredients to engineer a violent event — including the emotional extremes that are part of Crimes of Passion — are all incorporated into one sophisticated package to engineer the act of violence to occur. Namely, these elements, and to recap what I mentioned earlier include, (a) an extreme emotional state of murderous rage being conditioned, amplified, and released at exactly the right moment before the violent act is about to occur, (b) scripting the autopilot behavior system of the manipulated individual into committing specific and exact acts of violent behaviors, (c) psychologically conditioning their mind to be inclined — and also to desire — to commit violent and destructive acts, (d) using targeted occultism to make the individual experience a total psychotic break from reality, which makes it feel like he or she is dreaming. All of these ingredients, when combined, create the cocktail to cause a Crime of Manipulation.

The aim of my work is to make the modus operandi of how these Crimes of Manipulation are being engineered to become common knowledge within the general public’s consciousness. This is so that the ones masterminding the violent crimes behind the scenes, can be held criminally accountable for doing this to innocent people.

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