Glossary of Terms

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Amnesia/Deep Trance State**

Using a combination of digitized pacing and leading, digitized analog marking, NLP, and covert hypnotic techniques, it is possible to send a person’s unconscious mind into a temporary amnesiac state. This is experienced both consciously and unconsciously. By overloading the unconscious mind with conflicting messages, then causes it to go into a stunned and confused state. Using this technique many times then produces a deep trance state that causes amnesia. This amnesiac state is then locked against an anchored trigger phrase, which can then cause an instant temporary state of amnesia at a future time; PHITV are then planted after amnesia is caused by using that trigger phrase. This instantly caused deep trance state using the trigger phrase, delivered via an email or chat system instant message, creates a digitized instant deep trance state induction.

Anchored Trigger Phrase*

An anchored trigger phrase contains specific key words that are locked against a specific emotional state or state of consciousness. For example, by using digitized covert conditioning techniques, a state of rage, which is the extreme MNES, is manufactured and locked against a trigger phrase using digitized analog marking. Then at a future time, that same phrase can be used via email or chat system instant message to cause that previously conditioned state of rage. This same digitized analog marking technique is also used to lock a trigger phrase against a remotely induced state of amnesia, so at a later time, an instant state of temporary amnesia can be caused upon reading that marked key word trigger phrase. And all exclusively via email, meaning long-distance, cross-border hypnosis is the outcome.

Autopilot Behavior Scripting*

Autopilot behavior is that which human beings carry out without their conscious awareness. For example, when driving, you mostly carry out this action on autopilot. You do not consciously think of every step you take when driving, you just do it; this is because you have driven so many times before. Your unconscious autopilot system has learned the activity. This same autopilot system can be hacked into and scripted into committing violent acts using PIPs. For example, to reach for a knife automatically, then stab a particular person. Or to pick up a rifle and shoot someone at a specific time.

Chat System Instant Message**

Chat system instant messages include various digital platforms that enable instant message communication between two people. Such platforms include Facebook Messenger, Skype instant chat, WhatsApp messaging, iPhone instant messaging, and Twitter messaging, etc. These platforms are used to deliver anchored trigger phrases to an individual undergoing psychological manipulation in a Crime of Manipulation. The instant nature of these messages makes them the perfect medium for using trigger phrases against someone, as they can covertly deliver instructions without detection.

Covert Conditioning*

By using a combination of digitized pacing and leading and digitized analog marking, harmful changes to the individual’s mind (who is being set up in a Crime of Manipulation) are made. These include psychologically conditioning his or her behavior towards acting out violently against others. And also causing the individual to see violent and bloody images every time they become angry or hateful towards anyone. For example, by seeing images of themselves butchering someone with a knife, anytime those two emotions are experienced — with nothing that can be done to stop seeing such brutality. This corruption of the mind is an example of psychological sabotage.

Covert Hypnosis*

By employing covert hypnotic techniques, destructive changes using NLP are successfully delivered and made to a person’s mind. Consider NLP as the coding knowledge of how to make devastating changes to a person’s mind, and covert hypnosis as the means to deliver those changes without detection. As the internet is used exclusively to set people up in Crimes of Manipulation, an email exchange between the manipulator and the one being manipulated is the primary means to deliver NLP manipulation using digitized covert hypnotic techniques. In this manner, covert hypnosis takes the form of a regular conversation via an email, albeit through which contains various embedded mind manipulation techniques. These include digitized pacing and leadingdigitized analog marking, and covert conditioning.

Crimes of Manipulation*

When an individual is being set up in one of these occultic crimes, a variety of hidden techniques are employed. These elements involve: (a) psychological manipulation using NLP and covert hypnosis, (b) behavioral conditioning towards violence, (c) inciting specific violent acts via covert digitized means, (d) scripting autopilot behaviors into destructive outcomes, (e) cooking up an extreme emotional state and releasing it via a digitized trigger phrase, which precedes committing a violent act, (f) causing a psychotic break to occur using targeted occultism and ritual magic. Then by combining all of these parameters together, results in terrorizing and manipulating the individual into committing a violent outcome, including killing or injuring other people or themselves.

Delete & Forget Instruction**

A delete and forget instruction accompanies any covertly planted incitements to violence (PHITV) that are delivered via an email or a chat system instant message, while a person is under temporary amnesia. These instructions inciting a violent act (PHITV) are then planted into the individual’s mind without their knowledge or awareness. It is a way via covert, digitized means, to plant violent instructions into people, for them to later carry out.

Digitized Analog Marking*

Analog marking is an NLP technique that allows key manipulation words — intending to make changes to a person’s unconscious mind — to be highlighted and planted into the mind. This is achieved by lowering voice tone or accentuating the required words. Pacing & leading is always required first of all before analog marking can be used to make such changes. And in an internet-only situation where there is no face-to-face contact, digitized pacing and leading is first employed before a digitized technique of analog marking is used. This involves “marking words in this manner,” “using quotation marks.” Once a person has been paced into a relaxed and suggestible state, meaning that they trust the manipulator, then “analog marked words” can be successfully planted into that individual’s mind. All manner of destructive changes can be made to a person’s mind via this technique.

Digitized Pacing & Leading*

Pacing & Leading is an NLP technique intended to mirror and match a person’s behavior, so that manipulation/changes to their unconscious mind can occur. In a real-life face-to-face situation, this takes place by matching someone’s breathing rate, eye blinks, voice tone, etc. But in a digitized context using the internet and email only, this mirroring and matching, which is the pacing, occurs by emulating writing style, interests, political leanings, likes, dislikes, etc. Then after establishing rapport, digitized analog marking is then used to plant harmful ideas into the individual’s mind, which is the leading aspect.

Evocation Magic**

A malicious unseen spiritual entity is evoked using occult practices and is then sent to the manipulated individual in order to bring about a destructive outcome. This involves the use of PHITV, PIPs, and the activation of an extreme MNES using the internet. This entity has poltergeist type abilities and has the power to terrorize the one undergoing manipulation until one of those planted (for PHITV) or scripted (for PIPs) violent acts occurs. It also manipulates electronic devices and other people — through both YouTube videos and real-life — to support the attack and amplify the chances of the individual committing one of those acts of violence.

The Extreme MNES (Extreme Manufactured Negative Emotional State)*

Using a digitized version of NLP and covert hypnosis, various techniques are used for cooking up an extreme emotional state such as agitated rage in the individual who is being set up in a Crime of Manipulation. And once completed, digital means are used to cause this emotion on command. Achievement of this is by using digitized analog markingcovert conditioning, and digitally anchoring a trigger phrase to the intense feeling. This artificially created emotion can then be released at the precise moment before a scripted act of violence or planted incitement to commit a violent act occurs.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)**

NLP involves the knowledge of how to make changes to a person’s mind, which then manifests as changes in their thinking and behavior. In Crimes of Manipulation, these changes are always destructive and injurious. For example, covert conditioning is used to psychologically condition the manipulated individual towards acting out violently against others. It is used to create an extreme MNES of rage, which can then be triggered on command via an anchored trigger phrase via an email or chat system instant message. Writing and installing PIPs into the mind, which script the individual into a violent outcome, also involves using NLP. And finally, it is used to cause an amnesiac deep trance state, which is the precursor to planting PHITV. NLP is employed exclusively via digitized means using the internet and email to set people up in these crimes — giving them a global, cross-border, cross-continent reach.

Post-hypnotic Incitements to Violence (PHITV) **

Amnesia is caused in the individual first of all via an anchored trigger phrase in an email or chat system instant message. Then a series of incitements to commit a violent act are planted into their mind alongside a suggested intense emotional state, such as go berserk and shoot someone with a shotgun, alongside a delete and forget instruction. The amnesiac individual will then read the message, and the incitements to violence will be planted without their awareness. He or she will then delete the message and forget they ever read it. This then plants the idea into the individual’s mind without ever knowing it occurred. When back to baseline consciousness, a second anchored trigger phrase will be sent via email or chat system message to trigger the extreme MNES of agitated rage. And here, the previously planted incitement to violence that was received while under amnesia will then be triggered alongside the activated emotional state — causing that incited violent act to occur.

Power of Illusion Casting*

Using targeted occultism/ritualized energy manipulation, the individual who is being set up in a Crime of Manipulation is force-fed the equivalent of a high-dosage psychedelic drug, such as ‘magic mushrooms’ or LSD. However, this is achieved purely via invisible, occult means rather than physical substances. And all done over a large geographical distance. During this small window of time, the affected individual loses all ability to think or act rationally. The entity evoked through evocation magic then seeks to activate a planted violent act via a PHITV or PIP and to trigger the extreme MNES. This makes one of those violent outcomes during this ‘otherworldly’ period of time exponentially more likely to occur. This forced state that is equivalent to a hallucinogenic drug trip causes temporary psychosis, albeit artificially induced via occult means rather than organic.

Process Instructions Programs (PIPs)*

Using a combination of NLP and covert hypnotic techniques, a person’s unconscious autopilot behavior can be hacked into and scripted into committing specific violent acts. These are programmed to occur at a particular time upon a specific triggering point. Every one of these programs involves building an extreme MNES into them. And at the exact moment before the scripted violence occurs, this intense emotion, which is usually an amplified agitated rage, then floods the body & mind of the manipulated individual. This makes it highly likely for him or her to act out the scripted autopilot violent outcome.

Ritual Magic**

Ritual magic involves using a variety of occult techniques, namely visualization, emotional intensity, setting a particular destructive outcome in mind, energy manipulation, and manipulation of unseen forces via evocation magic, in a ritualized setting. The aim of which is to bring about a violent outcome in the real world. The destructive result of this is what the Crime of Manipulation was intended for. Ritual magic is combined with covert hypnosis, NLP, PHITV, PIPs, an extreme MNES, the power of illusion casting, and evocation magic, to amplify the likelihood of causing the intended violent event to occur.

Unconscious Mind**

The unconscious mind is the hidden area of our mind that is responsible for our underlying behaviors, thoughts, motivations, and emotions. This area can be hacked into using NLP and covert hypnosis so that, (a) destructive changes to outward behavior can be made, (b) thinking patterns and motivations can be corrupted, (c) a series of violent behaviors can be scripted into it using a PIP, (d) strong inclinations towards violence can be conditioned, and (e) intense emotional states can be artificially cooked up and triggered on command via an email using an anchored trigger phrase.