Prime Example of a Real-Life Crime of Manipulation

1. Level 5 – Violent & Destructive Behaviors’ Conditioning

2. Level 4 – Rerouting of Emotions to Cause Violent & Destructive Images

3. Level 3 – The Extreme MNES

4. Level 2 – PIPs & PHITV
—– 4.1 How His Unconscious Would Have Taken All Words Together in Context
—– 4.2 NLP Technique – Digitized Instant Deep Trance State Induction

5. Level 1 – Ritual Magic & the Power of Illusion Casting

Before I explain this event, I am writing this from the standpoint that I am 99.9% certain that this act of violent familicide was a Crime of Manipulation. My reasoning for which you will find out shortly. Meaning that it was an occult engineered violent event, and the shooter was set up and psychologically conditioned towards violence, first of all. And he then had a PIP installed into his mind to script his autopilot behaviors into committing the specific killings at a specific time with a specific weapon against specific people. Also, an extreme MNES of agitated rage was installed into him, which flooded his body & mind on the program’s activation (i.e., before the killings occurred). And finally, ritual magic was used to cause him to go into a psychotic break from reality. Therefore, when the program activated and just before the killings occurred, he would believe he was dreaming.

In short, this kid was, without a doubt, set up in this engineered familicide. But it gets worse, as he was very easy pickings to set up and manipulate in the scripted violent event. Why am I so sure of this? You are about to find out in this part of the site.

The case that occurred was a mass-killing on New Year’s Eve 2017, just before midnight at 11:43 p.m. A 16-year-old special needs teenager with learning disabilities had ‘randomly’ picked up a rifle that one of his family members’ owned. And then ‘randomly’ decided to start firing at specific people with the gun, one after the other until 4 people within his household were all shot and killed. There was no indication of him premeditating to kill anyone, either.

Three of the people killed were his two parents and sister, plus a friend of the family who was in the house at the time of the killings. And, of course, this special needs kid who had no previous history of violence, was described as “not a violent kid,” “the nicest kid in the world,” and “was always smiling,” would just magically out of nowhere, decide to pick up a rifle, and start killing people in his family just before New Year’s Eve? Because you know, he wanted to ensure his family didn’t live to see 2018 arrive and make sure that he destroyed his own life in the process? If you cannot see a major problem with this picture and alarm bells are not firing off in your head, then I suggest you stop reading here.

Before breaking down the levels used to engineer such atrocities, one thing I will mention regarding these violent and scripted Crimes of Manipulation is that they intend to cause the optimal amount of suffering possible. If you have read the complete introduction to my book — available for download free-of-charge here — then you will know why this occurs. In this manipulated violent event, that is what exactly happened. The kid’s older brother and his grandfather were allowed to survive the killings. So why do you think this occurred if these occult engineered killings intend to cause the optimal amount of suffering in the world as possible? It is so the 18-year-old brother will have to live in severe confusion, grief, and permanent loss for the rest of his life, which is why he was not written into the program to be killed.

Regarding the special needs kid who was set up in this crime:

Jalen Walls, 18, a neighbor who went to school with Brittany Kologi, told that he frequently went to the Kologis’ house. He said the 16-year-old boy required special assistance and was cared for by his mother. The teenager did not attend the same public schools as his siblings, Walls said.

“But he was fully functional and comprehended what we were saying,” Walls added. Source here.

That final comment regarding the kid is critical, as it shows he was an easy pickings candidate to set up in this ‘occult new year’s murder event’ spectacular. One thing I do not think most people comprehend is how evil operates in this world, and in this case, it is setting up engineered murders. In this scenario, it is almost certain that the kid will carry them out, which is why he was targeted for these new year’s killings. Orchestrating such carnage is bliss to these psychopathic occultic manipulators, which is why they engineer such violent events, and right before new year’s 2018 for their night’s entertainment.

Note the reason why I say the above — that these violent events are scripted for these psychopaths’ entertainment — is because that is what it felt like to me when I was being set up on the final night of my attack. If you have read my book, you will recall that I said it like felt a “modern-day occult version of Gladiatorial blood sports.” Whereby I felt to be in the middle of an unseen arena with tens of thousands of unseen eyes watching me, where they waited to see in which way I would be killed.

So if you transpose this to what occurred to this kid, then the same happened to him. He was on the center stage while the same unseen entities that were watching me were also watching the blood and carnage from their realm when the PIP activated in him to commit the killings. Consider it identical to putting a human being on a stage, programming him or her with a variety of ways to kill others, throw a load of innocent people into the mix, then terrorize and drive the programmed individual into a psychotic break until one of these scripted violent acts occurs. That is what is precisely going on, albeit done from the realm of the unseen rather than physical stadiums.

The comment about the kid being fully functional and that he comprehended what people said to him shows that he could be fully hacked into and programmed to kill using the five layers of the pyramid illustration. The fact he was special needs makes it certain he would carry out everything scripted into his mind via the installed autopilot behavioral scripting PIP to carry out the familicide. And such a kid would have zero chance of withstanding the extreme MNES of agitated rage, let alone being plunged into another world like I explained above. Combining all of these together equals guaranteed carnage and mayhem. That family stood zero chance of survival against these evil forces.

It is important to view this entire family as the target of these evil forces, which sought to destroy them. Further, know that the nature of organized, active, and intelligent evil is to destroy that which is good. And there is nothing greater for evil to destroy than an honest, closely-knit, and hard-working family. This ties back to what I was told: “that what gives these people (occultic psychopaths) life is honest people’s suffering.” Also, recall what I said in my book regarding intimate acts of brutality and artful malevolence:

“Crimes of Manipulation can also be described as a form of artful malevolence, as they include the person having a variety of brutal and horrific ways for them to die or to kill others, scripted into their mind. Major manipulation is then used to bring one of those outcomes into fruition, and these deaths or injuries are intended to occur in an evilly artistic way.” – Dark Arts Criminals: Killing-by-Proxy through the Internet, Occultism, & Digitized NLP Hypnosis p12

“PIPs are geared more towards artful malevolence in the sense that a person being manipulated in one of these occult crimes can be engineered into committing an intimate act of brutality, in an artfully malevolent manner. And what I mean by this, for example, is a person could be engineered into killing an innocent family member by means of a specific PIP scripting this outcome. It is a person committing an act that will cause the optimal amount of pain possible by being manipulated into killing someone they love, which is the artful malevolence aspect. This is what I mean by an intimate act of brutality rather than a sporadic act of violence contained in PHITV, such as blowing up a house.” p153.

And these parameters are precisely what occurred in this kid’s case. With that said, we will now break down each level one at a time to see how these New Year’s murders were engineered.

Level 5 – Violent & Destructive Behaviors’ Conditioning*

There are two ways this kid could have been psychologically conditioned towards violence and later programmed to kill. It was either via digital communications between himself and the dark arts/occultic criminal who engineered the new year’s killings. Or, it was done in person, one-on-one between the manipulator and him. And as I can find no information regarding which of the two it could have been, both options are equally possible. But if it was in person, then who in his family would permit him to see an outside individual if he was special needs, and why? Rather, it is more likely this was a covert operation carried out using the internet, dark web, and VPNs. If this were the case, it means using a combination of masked email communications, online chat systems, and social media to carry out the required psychological manipulation on his mind. This could be from someone befriending him on a social media platform, or also, as I saw this kid holding an Xbox 360 game in one photo, someone predatory may have found him through online gaming. Once located, the manipulator then got the info they needed to start setting him up in the Crime of Manipulation.

He was then identified as the perfect ‘new year’s event’ candidate, which is due to his special needs disability and living at home with his family, meaning they could be scripted into the final violence scripting PIP on NYE. Once he was selected, the psychological conditioning process towards violence then began.

The first stage to occur is that the occultic criminal would have used digitized pacing and leading to gain the required trust with the kid. This involves mirroring and matching his interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, which creates a sense of rapport between him and the dark arts criminal. This pacing process would have continued for a couple of weeks to ensure the required trust, which is the precursor to any psychological manipulation, was locked into place. Then once achieved, meaning after establishing communication with his unconscious mind, “analog marking” specific words surrounding violence would then begin.

This would have begun at an initiatory level of conditioning towards violence, for example, with marked phrases such as “strike him,” “kicked her,” and “punched.” Such violence conditioning words would have continued for several weeks to acclimate the kid’s unconscious mind towards violent behavior. The relatively mild nature of these introductory violent acts is purely to get his unconscious mind acclimated to violent themes; this is so his mind would not later reject more severe violent acts. It is a way to ‘till the soil’ of the unconscious mind to prepare its climate for new growth that it is accustomed to. In this case, it makes his mind fertile ground that is receptive to violent acts and ideas.

And the next phase would contain escalatory violence conditioning words like “run them over,” “machete strike,” “bloody,” “pulled the trigger,” “shot in the head,” “people,” and “shot until dead.” Note how these conditioning words would have repetitively been fed into his unconscious mind with an escalating frequency for many months; this is so he would be unconsciously conditioned towards carrying out such violent behaviors. Those final three violence conditioning phrases link directly into the final scripted violent act written into the PIP that activated on NYE: shooting people in his family with a rifle stored in the home.

The reason this violence conditioning process occurs is so that future violent ideas and scripted behaviors will be planted firmly into his unconscious mind without being rejected. So when the night of the actual violence is scheduled to occur, he would be sufficiently and unconsciously programmed towards carrying out the mayhem. This amplifies his chances of acting out the scripted killings when the PIP activates. Further, his mind would already be primed for the installation of the PIP scripting his autopilot behaviors into shooting his family dead with a rifle due to the prior psychological conditioning towards violence.

Level 4 – Rerouting of Emotions to Cause Violent & Destructive Images*

The next level to build upon the violence conditioning is to reroute his emotions of anger, hate, and shame to bring violent and destructive images to his conscious mind every time he experiences those three emotions. So to attach images of shooting people to death with his naturally occurring emotional state of anger/rage, a two-part process would have occurred. (Note that in my situation, I had violent images involving knifing people come to mind — to match the PIP installed into my mind — whenever I experienced those emotions. But as this kid was scripted into shooting people, he would have had violent images involving this act come to his mind instead.) Using covert conditioning to establish a linkage word such as “Greens,” which was the actual word used to covertly condition me, with the emotion of anger/rage, is the first stage. For example, repeated messages would have been fed into his mind stating:

I hate the “Greens,” they make me feel so “enraged,” every time I see them on the news. They caused me so much “anger” with their speech earlier.

Note how the three marked words highlighted to his unconscious mind were “Greens,” “enraged,” and “anger.” What this does is create an artificial connection within his unconscious between the word Greens with his emotions of anger and rage. And say after ten rounds of covert conditioning — meaning using different variations of the above sentences to solidify that connection into his unconscious — a firm artificial connection would be established. So anytime he heard the word Greens at a future time when in a normal mental state, he would feel an immense amount of rage boil up inside of him. Note that with each round of covert conditioning, this connection would become more pronounced. This is in addition to marking emotional amplification words such as “maddening,” “fury,” “explosive,” and other such words in latter rounds of covert conditioning. This, however, will be covered in more detail in the next level, which is the Extreme MNES. But for now, the main point is understanding how the linkage word Greens becomes synonymous with causing anger/rage.

Then half-way through this conditioning process, additional themes of violence would have been thrown into the mix. And as his PIP scripted him into shooting people with a gun, images surrounding this theme would have been included, for example:

Those damn “Greens” were on the news again today, and the level of “rage” I felt was intense. There was also a story about a man “firing his weapon” at a crowd, but luckily, the police “killed” him.

Notice the additional words “firing his weapon,” and “killed,” were also attached to the feeling of rage, alongside the word Greens being used to solidify that connection within the unconscious. So with each additional round of conditioning, an artificial connection is established linking the word Greens with both rage and violent ideas, which in this case is shooting people with a weapon until they are killed.

After another five rounds of this covert conditioning, a triple effect is achieved: anytime the kid hears the word Greens he would feel both enraged and have violent images form in his mind of shooting people with a gun. And two, the word Greens becomes more solidified in its ability to cause the emotion of rage due to so many rounds of covert conditioning. Finally, for the third effect, due to his feeling of rage having these violent ideas being conditioned against it repeatedly, he will naturally see violent images of seeing himself shoot people with a gun, anytime he becomes enraged. This is without hearing the word Greens. The reason this occurs is because of the repeated artificial connection that was made, causing his naturally occurring emotion of rage to bring violent and destructive images to mind automatically. His mind was hacked into behind the scenes, and his emotions rerouted to show him this violent imagery, which matched the NYE murders PIP.

Level 3 – The Extreme MNES*

The mid-level of the pyramid — and one of the most critical elements — is manufacturing an emotional state of agitated rage in him, which can be triggered on command via a digitized trigger phrase. Or also, building it into the PIP that scripted the quadruple murders. In his case, the extreme MNES of agitated rage would have been built into the program itself. This is because this PIP scripted a very specific series of killings with a specific weapon at a specific time on a specific date, and the extreme MNES would have flooded his body and mind mere seconds before the multiple shootings occurred.

A PHITV scripting such specific behaviors is not possible, as recall that PHITV are only used to incite single acts of sporadic violence. Such as manually triggering the extreme MNES of agitated rage via a digitized trigger phrase in an email or instant chat message, and then triggering a previously planted incitement to blow up a property or shoot a single person — not a series of specific murders at a specific time. A good rule of thumb is that PHITV are mainly used for inciting random acts of mayhem, and PIPs are geared towards artful malevolence and intimate acts of brutality — especially familicide. This PIP scripting a special needs kid into such bloody murders, as an NYE entertainment event for psychopaths, is 100% the latter category.

The first stage to create the extreme MNES is via the usual digitized pacing and leading technique, so the dark arts criminal firstly established communication with his unconscious mind. Then after pacing him into a relaxed trance state, emotional manipulation words, combined with an association word, were then used to start amplifying his anger into a state of rage.

Man in a rage with fists on fire

For example, by using the same covert conditioning process and words that were used on me, the words “my skin” would be analog marked alongside “not so happy,” angry,” and “disappointed.” This would all occur within the same paragraph in a conditioning email, wrapped inside innocuous-looking text, in the form of a story, for instance — completely bypassing his conscious detection. The same process then repeats for another several rounds of conditioning, also via separate emails or even using an instant messaging chat platform. And over several months, these words would then become “maddened,” furious,” “irate,” “enraged,” which are marked alongside the words “my skin.” Then after six months of this, the words my skin would then cause in him a state of fiery and intense anger.

For the state of agitation and shame, the same covert conditioning process would then occur, except, of course, with analog marked words including “agitated,” “shameful,” “sickening,” “disgusting,” “vile,” “hateful,” “nasty.” All of which are combined with the association word “Greens.” These words would also be hidden amongst innocent-looking messages, for example:

I was out in town earlier and saw the “Greens” again, who are running a political campaign this week. There were some “vile” and “shameful” people out there too. I also tried a new Chinese restaurant this afternoon but thought it tasted “disgusting.”

The main point is the emotional “analog marked words” are stoked up within his unconscious alongside the association word Greens. The cooked-up stories to hide the words within — to evade his conscious mind’s detection — are used to plant the words into his unconscious. This is again another example of using covert hypnosis to deliver NLP programming words into the ‘operating system’ of the human mind.

And once a variation of these emotional manipulation words alongside Greens occurred for a long enough time, the word Greens became synonymous with causing a combined state of powerful agitation and shame. It is also possible an online chat system was used in his case to perform such manipulation because, as you can see, it looks innocent if you are unaware of analog marked key words.

Then the final stage for creating the extreme MNES — and likely done just a week before setting the kid up to commit the NYE murders, which ensured his emotions were at their most potent and severe — was to use the words Greens and my skin together. This would send both intense agitation and rage coursing through his body and mind simultaneously. Once caused, an analog marked anchored phrase such as “skin condition” would be set to capture both emotions within this anchor. Then at a future time, by showing him the skin condition anchor via an email or instant chat message, a state of agitated rage would mercilessly consume him.

However, as we know that a PIP was used in his situation to script the specific killings at a specific time with a specific weapon, this skin condition anchor would have been built into his program instead. And once its activation was tripped, this caused the murderous rage. Once done, the series of autopilot behaviors scripting the murders kicked in — making it look like a foreign entity possessed his body to shoot his family dead. When what really occurred is that a ‘reality scripting’ PIP that hacked into and scripted reality, had become crystallized into reality. Next, we will break down how this PIP was written, coded, and installed into his mind.

Level 2 – PIPs & PHITV*

As mentioned previously, this particular process instructions program (PIP) scripted a series of very specific violent behaviors into this kid’s autopilot behavior system. The real-life program would have looked very similar to the below. This incorporates both the principles and mechanisms for how these programs are written and installed into people’s minds:

NYE Murders ‘Engineered Familicide’ Process Instructions Program

Begin Coding

(Open) (Script) (Main)

(Open) (Script) (One)
Line 1 – Add Other Parties Involved [parents]
Line 2 – Add Consequence [“destroyed family”]
Line 3 – Add Execute Run Program for the Extreme MNES – Agitated Rage Component [skin condition]
Line 4 – Add Reinforcement Conditioning for the Extreme MNES [shameful, dangerous, bloody Geography teacher, violent, disgusted]
Line 5 – Add Link to Other Parties Involved [they all glanced at me, mother, father]
Line 6 – Add Other Parties Involved [sibling, two women]
Line 7 – Add Target Outcome [“face shoot”]
Line 8 – Add Violent Behaviors Association Word [teacher]
Line 9 – Add Target Outcome [“bloody”]
Line 10 – Add Link Back to Other Parties [horrific, corrupt]
Line 11 – Add Scripted Position of Required Weapon [“it,” “rifle,” picked it up from storage]
Line 12 – Add Violent Behaviors Association Word [Geography teacher]
Line 13 – Add Other Parties Involved + Weapon [loaded it with ammo, two men]
Line 14 – Add Violent Behaviors Association Word [teachers, teacher]
Line 15 – Add Program Embedding Words [fair, wonderful]
(Close) (Script) (One)

[Break Code 1st Installation Part (End) (One)]

(Open) (Script) (Two)
Line 16 – Add Activation Time [on the final day of the year]
Line 17 – Add Other Parties Involved [older woman, grandfather]
Line 18 – Add Link Location [family home]
Line 19 – Add Other Parties Involved [sister]
Line 20 – Add Negative Association to Other Parties Involved [they all hate me]
(Close) (Script) (Two)

[Break Code 2nd Installation Part (End) (Two)]

(Open) (Script) (Three)
Line 21 – Add Location & Other Parties Involved [“family,” entered the living room, closed the door]
Line 22 – Add Negative Connotation Link to Other Parties Involved [“evil”]
Line 23 – Add Time Activating Condition [on New Year’s Eve]
(Close) (Script) (Three)

[Break Code 3rd Installation Part (End) (Three)]

(Open) (Script) (Four)
Line 24 – Add Activating Condition and Release Mechanism for the Extreme MNES [But when I heard my alarm, I saw something that made me very angry]
Line 25 – Add Behavioral Scripting Outcome [“Paul and Trigger,” “aimed it at their heads,” blasted a face]
Line 26 – Add Reinforcement of Target Outcome [bloody, they dropped to the floor]
Line 27 – Add Execute Run Program for the Extreme MNES – Intense Agitation Component [Green Party]
Line 28 – Add Conditioning of Intense Agitation Component [“hate the Greens,” leading our countries to hell, hellish, “shameful,”]
Line 29 – Add Program Reinforcement Agent [“obey” these programs.]
Line 30 – Add Program Embedding Words [joyfully, beautiful]
(Close) (Script) (Four)

[Break Code 4th Installation Part (End) (Four)]

End Coding

Note that as this kid was special needs, more direct references would have been used on him. So in his situation, clear instructions including mother, father, sister, and older lady were all included. When it comes to writing and installing these destructive behavioral scripting programs into people of moderate to higher intelligence, multiple indirect references are used instead. This is so the mind programming code is hidden and installed into the autopilot system without the conscious mind’s detection. But as this kid lacked such intellectual comprehension, simple instructions would have been scripted into him instead.

I will mention again that he stood no chance; and this is one of the most cowardly crimes that this active, intelligent, force of evil could commit. Namely because one, he is just a kid, and two he is special needs.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime example of how organized and intelligent evil operates in this world: attacking those who are not only too weak and too young to protect themselves but also, someone who is mentally handicapped too. This is why the onus of accountability is on us regular people to make the writing and installation of these ‘reality scripting’ programs a criminal offense, so this current open pathway of evil to destroy the weak and innocent is permanently shut down.

Next, we will break down this murder scripting PIP three lines of coding at a time to understand how and why it worked to cause the killings.

Danger - exclamation mark on red system code

Line 1 – Add Other Parties Involved [parents]
Line 2 – Add Consequence [“destroyed family”]
Line 3 – Add Execute Run Program for the Extreme MNES – Agitated Rage Component [skin condition]

Line 1 contains the first instruction as to who is involved in this PIP, which, in this case, is the kid’s parents.

Line 2 adds what the consequence would be for following through with the PIP, which is a destroyed family. The reason this is added is because it ties into these occultic criminals’ beliefs that telling someone what the consequences would be for following through with an engineered violent act absolves the manipulator of any accountability.  Even though it is done in a very deceptive way, which almost any regular person would fail to understand, this is what they believe. So in their minds, they are justified in doing this.

Line 3 contains the final anchored trigger phrase of skin condition for the extreme MNES of agitated rage. Note that there is a reason this anchor did not immediately flood his body and mind with rage upon reading the phrase, during the initial installation of the program into his mind. And this is because the anchor would have been set against the emotion of rage after the PIP was installed into him. This ensured the explosive rage energy was built into the program itself; the release mechanism of which is contained in Line 24.

Line 4 – Add Reinforcement Conditioning for the Extreme MNES and Linkage Word [shameful, dangerous, bloody Geography teacher, violent, disgusted]
Line 5 – Add Link to Other Parties Involved [they all glanced at me, mother, father]
Line 6 – Add Other Parties Involved [sibling, two women]

Line 4 contains emotional reinforcement for the extreme MNES by including words that stoke up negative emotions within his unconscious. The phrase Geography teacher would also have been covertly conditioned towards violent ideas and themes in the months leading up to the PIP’s installation. The way this would be achieved is by analog marking the Geography teacher phrase alongside shooting people to death, going on a killing spree, aiming and firing a gun until bloody, etc. It is a way to solidify this unconscious association between this conditioning phrase and violent ideas. Therefore, building this phrase into the program’s code has the effect of stoking up violent inclinations in him; thus, making the final autopilot behavioral scripting of shooting his family to death more likely to occur. Further, the words bloody and violent also amplify this violence conditioning. All words in this line of code also link into the next line of code, which we will see why next.

Line 5 includes an instruction to his unconscious of “they all glanced at me.” This is to trick him into thinking that his family was all glancing at him and viewing him in a shameful, dangerous, and disgusted way. Doing this manufactures animosity between him and them. The second instruction regarding his mother and father is also made here, to let him know it is them scripted into the program.

Line 6 contains the next instructions regarding who else is scripted into the program, which is his sibling and two other women. Further details of who these two women are exactly, and which sibling is involved, are instructed later in additional lines of coding.

Line 7 – Add Target Outcome [“face shoot”]
Line 8 – Add Violent Behaviors Association Word [teacher]
Line 9 – Add Target Outcome [“bloody”]

Line 7 contains the first direction as to what the target outcome is in this PIP, which is shooting people in the face. The weapon involved, and who to aim at, and when to fire, come in later lines of code.

Line 8 adds the next reinforcement word, which is teacher. This word was used to condition his unconscious mind towards violence. This further amplifies his unconscious desire for acting out violently.

Line 9 includes the next target outcome, and as this word is analog marked, it links into the “face shoot” instruction in Line 7, creating “bloody face shoot,” or translated in an alternative way to the unconscious: shoot people in the face until bloody.

Line 10 – Add Link Back to Other Parties [horrific, corrupt]
Line 11 – Add Scripted Position of Required Weapon [“it,” “rifle,” picked it up from storage]
Line 12 – Add Violent Behaviors Association Word [Geography teacher]

Line 10 is another amplifier of negative emotions, which links into the they all glanced at me instruction from Line 5: to trick him into believing that is how his family views him, as horrific and corrupt.

Line 11 scripts in the actual weapon to be used. As the writer of this PIP knew a semiautomatic rifle was legally owned and stored in the family home, this weapon was written into the PIP too. Recall also that this identical strategy was used on me regarding a crossbow I had stored in my home; the same occurred to this kid regarding this weapon. Here, “it” and “rifle” are both analog marked, and the reason for this is so the word it now becomes linked to a rifle. Therefore, any further use of this word within the PIP from now onwards will mean a rifle to his unconscious: it = rifle. The next instruction directs his unconscious to pick it up from storage.

Line 12 – as mentioned in Line 4, this phrase was covertly conditioned to stoke up violent inclinations in him, so this line acts as another reinforcer of making these violent tendencies more powerful.

Line 13 – Add Other Parties Involved + Weapon [loaded it with ammo, two men]
Line 14 – Add Violent Behaviors Association Word [teachers, teacher]
Line 15 – Add Program Embedding Words [fair, wonderful]

Line 13 includes the next instruction to load up the rifle with ammo so that it is loaded in time before the scripted killings occur. Note again how the it was linked to a rifle in Line 11. The next allusion for who to shoot is given with two men. One of these men is the father, who has already been stated in Line 5. Revealing the other man’s identity comes shortly.

Line 14 adds the next reinforcement words for violence conditioning to further amplify inclinations towards violence within his unconscious.

Line 15 includes the program embedding words to relax his unconscious mind. This is so that all prior mind programming words within that paragraph of text get firmly embedded into his unconscious before the next round of coding instructions begins.

Line 16 – Add Activation Time [on the final day of the year]
Line 17 – Add Other Parties Involved [older woman, grandfather]
Line 18 – Add Link Location [family home]

Line 16 states the day the PIP will become activated: NYE. The exact time of the shootings, however, is stated later. Note that as the program was installed into him several months before its activation, his unconscious knows this date is 31.12.17.

Line 17 includes the next two parties who will be shot with the weapon, which is an older woman (the grandfather’s lady friend) and the grandfather. It is also worth mentioning that in the real-life event, the grandfather was not in the living room at the time of the shootings, so he escaped with his life. Even though he was very likely scripted into the program to be killed too, fate had it that he avoided this outcome.

Line 18 states the location the shootings will occur in: the kid’s family home.

Line 19 – Add Other Parties Involved [sister]
Line 20 – Add Negative Association to Other Parties Involved [they all hate me]

Line 19 adds who the next person to shoot is when the program activates, which is his sister.

Line 20 adds another negative connotation from all other parties towards him, which is his entire family: to trick his unconscious into believing that they all hate him. This is to make it even more likely that he will carry out the final scripted killings when the PIP activates.

Line 21 – Add Location & Other Parties Involved [“family,” entered the living room, closed the door]
Line 22 – Add Negative Connotation Link to Other Parties Involved [“evil”]
Line 23 – Add Time Activating Condition [on New Year’s Eve]

Line 21 contains the location in which the shootings will occur and who to shoot with the weapon. Note these specific instructions used the NLP technique of presupposing the actions to have already occurred: entered the living room and closed the door. These two directives script powerful compulsions into his unconscious autopilot system to automatically carry out these two actions.

Line 22 adds an analog marked “evil,” which ties into the previous analog marked “family” in Line 21. The reason for this is to create an unconscious association between his family and evil; this makes the final scripted shootings even more likely to occur, whereby at the peak of the extreme MNES of explosive agitated rage, he will fire the weapon and complete the program on autopilot.

Line 23 includes the final time activating condition, which is New Year’s Eve. Coding the exact time of the shootings comes shortly.

Line 24 – Add Activating Condition and Release Mechanism for the Extreme MNES [But when I heard my alarm, I saw something that made me very angry]
Line 25 – Add Behavioral Scripting Outcome [“Paul and Trigger,” “aimed it at their heads,” blasted a face]
Line 26 – Add Reinforcement of Target Outcome [bloody, they dropped to the floor]

Line 24 contains the release mechanism and time activating condition to release the extreme MNES of agitated rage surging through his body and mind. What likely would have occurred, is a week before NYE, a deep trance state would have been caused in him via a digitized hypnotic trigger phrase. (This would be identical to my situation: when the occultic criminal planted a post-hypnotic suggestion to stab someone with a knife into my mind, one week before the attack.) And once he was in that digitally triggered, amnesiac, deep trance state, a post-hypnotic suggestion instructing him to set the alarm on his phone for a specific time would have been planted into his mind. For example, by telling him to set it to 11:45 p.m. for December 31st 2017. And as the real-life killings occurred at 11:43 p.m., a 2-minute time lag between the time on his phone and the actual time likely occurred. So with his alarm set for 11:45 p.m., and when it went off, the program activated: releasing the rage energy into him, whereby in his raging frenzy, he picked up the rifle, loaded it with ammo, then carried out the killings.

Line 25 adds the next autopilot scripting behaviors with two more uses of presuppositions: aimed it at their heads and blasted a face. The preceding marked phrase “Paul and Trigger” uses the NLP technique of phonological ambiguity, whereby this also reads phonologically as pull and trigger: pull trigger. And as “aimed it at their heads” was also analog marked, this equates to a final scripting instruction of pull the trigger of the rifle. (Recall that the word it was linked to the rifle in Line 11 using analog marking.)

Line 26 states the final reinforcers to carry out the violent killings by including bloody, and they dropped to the floor. And throughout the program, the word they has referred to his family every time; this translates to his unconscious as his family dropped to the floor after being shot and killed with rifle shots. Again, the presupposing of the action to have already occurred (dropped) was also used here, scripting powerful unconscious responses into his autopilot system.

Line 27 – Add Execute Run Program for the Extreme MNES – Intense Agitation Component [Green Party]
Line 28 – Add Conditioning of Intense Agitation Component [“hate the Greens,” leading our countries to hell, hellish, “shameful,”]
Line 29 – Add Program Reinforcement Agent [“obey” these programs.]
Line 30 – Add Program Embedding Words [joyfully, beautiful]

Line 27 adds an additional conditioning component for the extreme MNES to ensure the feeling of intense agitation is optimized. Recall that the Green Party phrase was covertly conditioned to hate and shame, so with these two amplified emotions combined with the rage element, floods the kid with an insane amount of extremely irritable, tormenting, and explosive energy due to including this conditioning word in this line of code.

Line 28 includes further reinforcement for the Greens/Green Party phrase to amplify the emotion of hate and shame even greater.

Line 29 includes an analog marked “obey,” which is an instruction to his unconscious to obey and carry out the scripted killings within the program. Consider this a reinforcement agent to bind the scripted autopilot behaviors firmly into his unconscious mind.

Line 30 contains the final program embedding words to relax his unconscious mind. This ensures the entire programming code is firmly slotted into his unconscious mind, awaiting the PIP’s activation.

This concludes the explanation for each line of coding in this PIP.

Hacker attack security breach

You can also see that when these programs are installed and executed to run in people, that it is an identical process to what occurs in computers. Installation of the program is directly into the unconscious mind — rather than the underlying coding of a computer — which, when executed, will run automatically until completion. The specific series of programmed behaviors are activated to occur on autopilot. And the only difference between a program written for a human and a computer is the emotional element. This is the energy of rage to fuel the final scripted autopilot violent outcome. If a computer were able to produce energy in the form of emotions, then it too would have this emotional component built into its programs. But as machines do not have this ability, programs written for computers do not require this. That, however, is the only difference between the two.

Note also that to install the program into this kid’s mind, requires that he was first paced into a trance via the digitized pacing and leading technique, whereby he would have been given a similar hypnotic story to the below version. There was no need to underline the key mind programming/autopilot behavioral scripting words, as they were not required to be; the unconscious takes and slots these key words into the mind automatically. This programs it with the specific and scripted set of behaviors to carry out. Here is what the story that contained the program, which installed it into his mind, would have looked like:

When I was young, I moved to a new country with my parents, and if we didn’t move, then maybe a “destroyed family” would have been the outcome. I developed a skin condition after moving, too, due to how cold it was. In my new school, I contended with this bloody Geography teacher who was always so harsh with our class. Some people viewed him as shameful and dangerous due to his wife making violent accusations against him. Some of the children were disgusted to be in his class, and one time they all glanced at me when the teacher called for his favorite student to present a project to the class. And my classmate’s sibling (who my mother and father loved) was also there too, as well as two women support teachers. The project was about a “face shoot” to create a front page for our school’s newsletter. And that bloody teacher could not make up his mind, claiming some pictures were horrific or corrupt even. Never mind, though, because “it” (the class) ended soon enough, so my classmates had to “rifle” up their belongings, grabbed their needed book, picked it up from storage, and headed to their next class.

That Geography teacher didn’t have many fans lol. It wouldn’t surprise me if two men ambushed him, picked up a crate, loaded it with ammo, and then smashed him around the head with it. Lol. Our teachers at that school were something else, but at least I had one teacher I did like (science). Whenever I had that good teacher, my day would always be fair and wonderful.

On the final day of the year, which was the end of our school year, there was this older woman and my friend’s grandfather, who offered me to come to her family home. Her sister was scheduled to be there too, for an end of year celebration. But unfortunately, I was a little paranoid back then, believing they all hate me, so I chose not to go.

Instead, I chose to stay home with my “family” that night, where I then entered the living roomclosed the door, and greeted them all with much happiness! I felt comfortable with them, unlike the “evil” I felt whenever I was near that damn teacher who I told you about. With them, it would be a good night on New Year’s Eve.

(Note that I have cut out the autopilot behavior scripting sequence of words in the following paragraph, as the inclusion of these occurs in an exact order, which then hacks into and scripts the autopilot system. This is so malevolent individuals reading this will lack the ability to do so — creating an ineffective program should anyone attempt to emulate it. The program continues:)

But when I heard my alarm, I saw something that made me very angry

I was also in town earlier, and the Green Party was out campaigning again. I “hate the Greens,” they’re the ones leading our countries to hell, according to their hellish and “shameful” agenda. The people who follow that party are clueless, and as always, you need fools to watch and “obey” these programs (that the Green Party runs). But when I got home and had dinner, I calmed down again, resting up joyfully on a beautiful evening.

How His Unconscious Would Have Taken All Words Together in Context*

Other parties and the location involved: parents, mother, father, sibling, sister, older woman, family home.

Creating negative connotations towards the other parties within his unconscious: shameful, dangerous, bloody, violent, disgusting, they all glanced at me, horrific, corrupt, they all hate me, “family,” “evil.”

Behavior binding and scripting the sequence of behaviors within his unconscious: “it,” “rifle,” picked it up from storage, loaded it with ammo, entered the living room, closed the door, two women, two men, “aimed it at their heads,” “Paul and Trigger,” they dropped to the floor, blasted a face, “face shoot,” bloody.

Activating conditions, location, and time: entered the living room, But when I heard my alarm, I saw something that made me very angry, on New Year’s Eve, the final day of the yearhome.

Due to this kid’s special needs disability, there was likely no need for any PHITV in this particular Crime of Manipulation. The reason being is that his disability made it 99.99% certain that he would carry out the scripted killings within the PIP. Quite frankly, he stood zero chance of not acting out the scripted autopilot series of violence. And because the killings were a dead cert, no additional PHITV inciting him into shooting or stabbing random people was needed. But for regular people of standard intelligence such as myself, people like us also have a variety of PHITV planted as a ‘hedge strategy’ against the PIP not activating during the attack period. Note I say attack period, as this time involves sending both an unseen entity — a malicious poltergeist type spirit — to terrorize the manipulated individual, and using ritual magic to plunge them into a psychotic break from reality. And during that critical time window is when one of the planted acts of violence will occur.

For this kid, however, I believe that ritual magic was used on him at around 11:40 p.m. (i.e., 5 minutes before the PIP activated). And when his phone alarm went off and the program activated, he was already in an otherworldly state, believing that he had just woken up inside a horrific dream. So, upon the program’s activation, he carried out every instruction scripted into the PIP on autopilot, ending with the final shootings using the rifle in the living room. Consider this a remote-control killing frenzy where this kid was literally programmed to kill and charged up with explosive energy with the activated extreme MNES of murderous rage flooding his body & mind. And then finally, forcefully plunging him into a total psychotic break, meaning when he carried out the shootings, he would entirely believe he was dreaming. Little did he know that is was, in fact, reality and not a dream.

And due to the certainty of him completing the programmed murders, only a PIP was needed. But for regular people like me, additional incitements to blow up a property or kill a random person are planted too. So if we are smart enough not to get other people involved in our situation and avoid activating the PIP, then it is still possible one of those violent acts (from a planted PHITV) could occur after, (a) the extreme MNES of agitated rage is triggered via an anchored trigger phrase via an email or a chat system message (like Skype, Facebook Messenger, iPhone instant messages, WhatsApp, etc.), (b) being plunged into a total psychotic break from reality making everything feel dream-like, (c) being psychologically conditioned towards acting out violent behaviors, (d) being terrorized by an unseen poltergeist type entity seeking to amplify terror. Once those 4 parameters are met, it then becomes a near guarantee for any person to be manipulated into committing a one-off, planted violent act like killing random people or destroying a property using household means.

There was one additional element used in this kid’s case relating to planting the instructions for him to set his phone alarm to 11:45 p.m. For this to occur, he would have to be amnesiac of this fact. This would have been achieved via a digitized instant deep trance state induction.

NLP Technique – Digitized Instant Deep Trance State Induction*

As explained in my book, this strategy was used to cause me to go into an amnesiac trance state purely via digitized means using the internet. This was so that dangerous ideas, and PHITV could be planted into me while I was being attacked via occultism. The way this is achieved is again through the standard digitized pacing and leading technique, which is a prerequisite before any manipulation of the unconscious mind can occur.

And in this kid’s case, what would have happened is he would have first been paced into a relaxed and suggestible state by the manipulator. This would be via an email or an online chat exchange, which would then be used to feed a series of analog marked words into his mind. These words are intended to overload and confuse his unconscious mind. For example, the following message containing specific ‘stun’ words would cause this effect:

(Warning – Please read the below with full alertness to prevent your unconscious mind from being overloaded with conflicting messages.)

I saw a documentary on the “Far Right” last night, and it was interesting, although some of those people look far too violent and intimidating. It wasn’t “Bad!” and they do make some good points, such as a national identity being important to a country’s people. It was worth watching. Then later in the evening, I visited a friend, and she said to me, “Won’t ever leave you.” I responded: “Don’t look over there!” and then we said goodbye to each other. As soon as I got back home, I kicked back with some music and felt “relaxed” before falling asleep.

Notice how the analog marked sequence of words states: “Far Right,” “Bad!” “Won’t ever leave you,” “Don’t look over there!” “relaxed.” When reading these together, which is how the unconscious mind understands them, this message makes no sense. And due to the interchanging exclamation marks, the unconscious views these words as important, but because it cannot interpret this nonsensical message, the effect is overloading the unconscious mind. And as the word “relaxed” is the final marked word, this is an instruction that the unconscious can understand, so it then causes a highly relaxed and deeper suggestible state. The reason this occurs is a state of unconscious confusion immediately gets flipped into a deeply relaxed state due to the sudden switch in polarity.

Reading such a message once — after being paced into a standard relaxed trance state — is not powerful enough to cause an amnesiac trance state. But what do you think would occur if a more extended series of stun words were used to create a higher-end confusion state, which then ends with a relaxed instruction to flip this deep confusion into deep relaxation? In addition, what if this same technique was used 7 or 8 separate times? The final effect this would achieve is causing a deep trance state. And it is in such a state that amnesia occurs.

Now, after successfully plunging someone into an amnesiac deep trance state, is it then possible to set an anchor, such as an anchored trigger phrase against this amnesiac deep trance state? Meaning that, when the person is in a baseline state of consciousness, and they then heard that anchored trigger phrase, that they could be plunged back into an amnesiac trance state by merely reading that trigger phrase? The answer is yes, as that is precisely what happened to me. This is how people are being plunged into amnesiac deep trance states purely via digitized means using the internet and email.

The anchored trigger phrase used on me was “I feel like I’m in a dream!” And the way this was locked to the deep trance state was after the above stunning the unconscious and relaxing technique was used 7 or 8 times; inclusion of this phrase was after the final “relaxed” instruction. With each round of being stunned into a deeper trance state creating an even stronger confused effect, the final anchor set against it was enough to cause a very deep trance state, i.e., fully amnesiac.

The word amnesia on a blue and white background

In reality, the way this feels is like being knocked over the head with a blunt object except without the pain involved. And during that small window of time that the amnesia lasts for, which is a couple of minutes, you forget everything that occurred during that time. So once the trigger phrase “I feel like I’m in a dream!” is sent in an email, this causes an instant amnesiac deep trance state upon reading it. Once caused, incitements to violence, or just plain suggestions — such as telling the special needs kid to set his phone alarm to 11:45 p.m. on 31.12.17, then delete the email, then forget that is what he did — occurs.

This is why any PHITV or suggestions to carry out other instructions such as setting a phone alarm, always carry with them a final delete and forget instruction to close the email. And what this does is instructs the individual to delete the original email while in an amnesiac state and then forget it ever occurred. Now, when coming back to ordinary conscious awareness, it will merely feel like spacing out for a few seconds, whereby you would have no idea you were amnesiac of anything. It feels like coming back around from being deep in thought about something, except you can’t remember what you were thinking about.

There is a reason the anchored trigger phrase can instantly cause a person to go into a temporary amnesiac deep trance state. And this is because in NLP, when a person has already been induced into a deep trance state once before, it becomes much easier to send them back into that same deep trance state again in future. So, in this case, a digitized trigger phrase anchored against the initial deep trance state can successfully cause it again at a later time. Consider it like remote, long-distance, digitized hypnosis, as that is exactly what it is.

And that is how both PHITV or additional instructions integral to setting up the main PIP scripted killings are planted into people. This kid would have had this exact technique used on him to get him to set his phone alarm for NYE and forget it ever occurred.

I will mention that it is also possible that a post-hypnotic suggestion was planted into his mind instructing him to take the rifle out from storage, load it with ammo, hide it under a bed, and then forget that is what he did. Then when the PIP activated at 11:45 p.m., he would have collected the loaded weapon from under the bed and then mindlessly carried out the shootings, looking like a foreign entity had possessed him. When in reality, it was merely him acting out scripted autopilot responses via the hypnotic program. If a suggestion instructing him to set the alarm were the case, then the programming code for the PIP would have been simpler. Such as programming his mind to take the loaded gun from under the bed rather than scripting him to load it with ammo and then start shooting people.

With all of this now explained, you will likely see why I refer to PIPs as ‘reality scripting’ programs, as they essentially hack into the mechanics of reality and script a specific series of violent events to occur. Needless to say, this reality hacking mechanism needs to be shut down, so the writing and coding of destructive events into the fabric of reality can no longer occur. Is this hidden ability to write and script acts of violence into reality a fault that exists in the structure of existence, which malevolent people have exploited for their own gain? That is a philosophical question for another time. But for now, we can prevent future violent events from occurring by understanding how this reality scripting is achieved and blocking any further installation of these programs into people’s minds.

The next and final top piece of the pyramid that caused this Crime of Manipulation to crystallize into reality is ritual magic and the power of illusion casting.

Level 1 – Ritual Magic & the Power of Illusion Casting*

As this was a precisely timed and scripted Crime of Manipulation, the ability to plunge this kid into a psychotic break via weaponized occultism would have been timed perfectly to occur on the program’s activation, which was 11:45 p.m. A poltergeist type entity would have been evoked and sent to terrorize him moments before the killings occurred. It would have warped his sense of reality, caused him to feel great confusion, and amped up emotional torment and stress to insane levels.

Then while he was being terrorized, the same would have occurred to him as what happened to me. He would have felt an energetic comet hurtling towards him from the skies with nothing he could do to escape. And at the same time, the world around him would amp up in colour and vibrancy until that invisible and powerful comet struck into his consciousness, knocking him to the ground — making it feel like an energetic earthquake had erupted. He would get up, look around and feel the many tens of thousands of unseen entities all around him, wondering where the hell he is or if he was dreaming, and his ears would buzz with the electrified and pulsating quality of that world. The feeling of being on an unseen murder stadium would have firmly gripped him.

He would feel like he was a puppet on a string being directed from offstage, feeling like someone had hacked into his body and was controlling his bodily movements for him. He would have felt an extreme MNES of murderous rage suddenly surge through his body, and then mindlessly, like a hypnotized puppet, walked upstairs to pick up the rifle. He would have loaded it with ammo, made his way downstairs to the living room, closed the door, then repeatedly fired the weapon while acting on autopilot. The entire time he would feel like he was dreaming. Then when the shootings were over, the ritual magic and dream-like illusion cast over his whole being would suddenly end: releasing him back to reality to realize the horror of what he just did.

The way this plunging someone into this dream-like world — meaning they go into a temporary psychotic break from reality for a small window of time — is achieved, is via ritualized occult energy manipulation. Or as I like to term it, when used in Crimes of Manipulation, it is weaponized occultism. It is a way to target someone over a vast geographical distance using imagery of the individual, setting an intention of what the violent outcome is (in this case, the series of killings), then ritualizing it to build up the targeted energy and attempt to cause that violent act to come into fruition.

I will also mention that even though it is not possible to stop these dark arts occultists using this ritualized energy manipulation against people, it is completely possible to block the installation of any PIP or PHITV into our minds.

Selective focus on the word psychology dictionary definition

And also, to guard our minds against being psychologically conditioned towards violence or having an extreme MNES of agitated rage conditioned and installed into us. So if this kid understood how to guard his mind, then this ritualized energy manipulation would have meant little. He would have just gone into what felt like an intense psychedelic drug trip for a small window of time, rather than being scripted into committing the killings during that time window.

Conclusion: this kid stood zero chance of not committing the Crime of Manipulation. And yet he is the one punished for life, while the true engineers of the violent event are still walking the streets at this very moment? Do you not see a problem with this?

All of these above five levels — of the Crimes of Manipulation pyramid illustration — combined, which resulted in the final violent event, are known as ‘black magic’ in occultism. But as you can see, there is nothing ‘magic’ at all about any of it. It is just abuses of hidden knowledge pertaining to how the human mind can be hacked into and programmed, so the manipulated individual can be set up and scripted into a destructive outcome. And it is by targeting these same levels of occult manipulation one at a time, that future violent events can be prevented.

I now ask you to consider with your new understanding of how these violent events are manufactured from the realm of the unseen into the seen physical world, to consider what you think really occurred. Was it, (a) this kid was purposely targeted for his disability, combined with living with his family, combined with a registered rifle stored in the home, and he was then set up to murder his entire family on NYE using every level of the pyramid illustration? And a ‘main event’ killing frenzy was ‘scripted into reality’ by the modus operandi used to engineer Crimes of Manipulation. Or, (b) this special needs kid who had no history of violence and who loved his family decided to ‘magically’ flip into a violent killer on NYE and wipe out his entire family using a specific weapon at a specific time. All the while, leaving himself and his brother alive to optimize both of their suffering for the rest of their lives? Yeah, I have drawn my conclusion, but you may decide for yourself what you think occurred.

The fact the engineering of these crimes is not taught in schools, so they are common knowledge in instructing people how to protect themselves and families, is a crime in and of itself. It means everyone is a target, and it is time for the suppression and non-punishment of these hidden crimes to be blown wide open.

In this particular engineered violent event, my rage is directed towards the writer of the PIP who installed it into the kid’s mind, and not the kid himself as he had no chance of avoiding the manipulated violence. It is the writer and installer of the PIP who is the real engineer and perpetrator of the murders. And the fact these hidden crimes are unpunished in our current criminal justice system is completely insane, which is why we will look at solutions to ending these occultic crimes in Criminal Punishment for Occultic Criminals.

If people want to hate on the one who was set up in the crime and who is also a victim himself — just like any person can be set up in these crimes — then that is their decision. But for me, my hatred is directed towards the real criminal: the one who engineered the violent crime using the five levels of the pyramid illustration.

As far as I’m concerned, we are all the Kologi family as this can happen to absolutely anyone. If you are a human being, then you can be set up and manipulated using weaponized manipulation using these same occult techniques. Justice for this family by catching the true engineers of the crime will not bring the family back to life, and it will likely not free the special needs kid who was also set up and victimized in this crime. However, it WILL put us collectively on the pathway towards true justice, whereby the ones hacking into reality and writing violent events into it using the five elements of the pyramid illustration are punished and held accountable, rather than the one who was set up. And by doing so, will let future engineers of Crimes of Manipulation know that their time to be caught will come. We must send them the message that their hidden crimes can no longer stay hidden, but rather are now transparent and visible.

Further, all Crimes of Manipulation intend to make the people who have been set up and manipulated into committing a brutally violent act using these hidden techniques, look evil. Just read the Facebook comments regarding the kid who was set up into the killings, and you will see what I mean. This is one of the primary reasons for setting people up in these crimes in the first place: to slot an otherwise decent human being into the role of a violent criminal by using weaponized psychological manipulation. If no manipulation were to occur, then the individual would never have even conceived of the violence in the first place, let alone commit it. And when every level required to engineer these occultic crimes is used on a regular and normally non-violent person, they get slotted into the role of a violent criminal — standing next to no chance of avoiding a violent outcome. It is time for these manipulated crimes to end.

One final comment I will make regarding this event is that this violent case dropped into my feed the very same day that I began to reverse engineer the process instructions program that was installed into me. So you can imagine my horror when I started coding the various lines of code for the malicious program scripted into me and then saw this event occur. As every detail screamed at me: this was an activated PIP, and this kid had ritual magic used on him too.

Except in his case, he did not have the foresight, prior hallucinogenic drug experiences to withstand the powerful illusion caused by ritual magic, or intellectual ability to avoid triggering the PIP scripting him into a violent outcome, whereas I did. These are the only differences between him and me. Since that day, I said I would do everything I can to find out what truly happened in these manipulated killings on behalf of both him and his murdered family destroyed in this Crime of Manipulation. And to bring my findings into the public awareness. I guess you could say it is a way to absolve myself of guilt (known as survivor guilt in psychology) that I was able to survive my attack and this kid, who had zero chance of not carrying out the scripted killings, was unable to do so due to his disabilities. Or maybe it is something else that drives me. Either way, these manipulated violent events must come to an end and can no longer stay hidden.

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