1. Violent & Destructive Behaviors’ Conditioning
—– 1.1 NLP Technique – Presuppositions

2. Rerouting of Emotions to Cause Violent & Destructive Images

3. The Extreme MNES
—– 3.1 Digitized NLP Technique – Covert Conditioning
—– 3.2 Digitized NLP Technique – Anchoring

4. Process Instructions Programs & Post-Hypnotic Incitements to Violence (PIPs & PHITV)
—– 4.1 Post-Hypnotic Incitements to Violence (PHITV)
—– 4.2 Process Instructions Programs (PIPs)
—– 4.3 NLP Technique: Presuppositions as a Pre-Cursor to Scripting Autopilot Behaviors
—– 4.4 Covert Hypnosis as the Hacking Tool & Delivery Mechanism to Install Autopilot Behavior Scripting Programs (PIPs)

5. Ritual Magic & the Power of Illusion Casting
—– 5.1 The Use of Ritual Magic
—– 5.2 The Power of Illusion Casting Element

This page of the site is intended to be read after Who are Dark Arts Criminals? What is Psychological & Occultic Crime?, so please read that first if you haven’t already before continuing here.

What are Crimes of Manipulation?

While studying the nature of human evil — which arguably was my attempt to come to terms with the evil that happened to me, and thankfully I did find my answer — I read a book written by Michael Stone MD called The Anatomy of Evil. In this book, Dr. Stone classifies evil under a scale of lesser acts of evil on the lower end of the scale, all the way up to the most heinous acts of evil on the upper end. For example, a woman who discovered her husband cheating on her, who, in turn, ended up shooting both her husband and his lover dead in a fit of jealous rage would be classified under a Crime of Passion, which I mentioned earlier in the Who are Dark Arts Criminals? explanation. And surprisingly, such a crime would be classified under a lesser act of evil.

The reason for this is that it was a violent act committed at the peak of an intense emotion, with no premeditated intent to murder. But let us now take the Columbine school shooting incident, for instance. In this example, the killers had both the conscious intention to murder and to cause as much destruction to human life as possible, which they, unfortunately, caused much. They fully intended to take as many lives as possible. This second instance is an example of what Dr. Stone classifies as a Crime of Intention, which was premeditated to cause as much destruction as possible. The intention to kill was there. This crime is in the category of a greater evil and ranks at the top of the scale of human evil.

Now, with the sophisticated criminal operation that was perpetrated against me via occultic, psychological, and technological means, and which intended to engineer me into committing a violent act, I discovered that there is currently no classification in existence for this form of hidden crime. And this is why a new classification is needed to be brought into the lexicon, to account for what these occultic crimes are, which is where Crimes of Manipulation come in.

Crimes of Manipulation

Whereas Crimes of Passion always involve an intense emotional state such as jealous rage, which precedes committing a violent act, alongside no premeditated intent to murder or kill, a Crime of Manipulation also involves an extreme emotional state that precedes committing a violent act, albeit with the following key differences:

  • This required intense emotional state is artificially cooked up beforehand and is then purposefully released flooding into the body and mind of the one being manipulated at the critical moment before the violence occurs. This is achieved using digitized hypnotic means, via an anchored trigger phrase — moments before the scripted violence (via a PIP) becomes activated.
  • The specific violent act to commit is pre-scripted into the mind via a sophisticated hypnotic program, which is a process instructions program (PIP).
  • A variety of additional violent and bloody acts to commit are also planted into the unconscious mind while the person undergoing manipulation is knocked into an amnesiac trance state (add hyperlink to amnesia glossary term) using a digitized hypnotic technique. These acts are also paired with an extreme emotional state using digitized hypnotic techniques. This means the urge to commit the planted violent act will occur after causing the extreme emotional state that was triggered by a digitized, anchored trigger phrase.
  • Covert psychological conditioning is used to acclimate the manipulated individual towards violence and destruction.
  • A combination of terrorization and forcing the manipulated individual into experiencing a psychotic break from reality via weaponized and targeted occultism is also used alongside the above components. This is to make the scripted autopilot violent act — or the sporadic brutal act of violence via a planted idea into the unconscious — almost certain to occur.

Therefore, taking these differences into account shows that Crimes of Manipulation rank neither above nor below Crimes of Intention or Crimes of Passion. These manipulated crimes exist in a class of their own. The only similar aspect is the intense emotional state preceding committing the violent act. But the reason they exist in their own class is due to the following:

  • The required extreme emotional state, such as a murderous rage, is artificially cooked up beforehand and conditioned into the individual. It is then ready to be released at the critical moment before the artificially scripted act of violence is about to occur.
  • The actual specific violent act to commit is artificially scripted into the unconscious mind, such as picking up a rifle from storage and shooting an innocent person dead. Artificially scripting the autopilot system into carrying out a specific series of violence is what occurs.
  • Psychological conditioning is performed on the manipulated person, to make him or her desire to act out violently and destructively, via artificial conditioning means.
  • The one undergoing manipulation is terrorized and sent into a total psychotic break from reality — making everything feel like a very bad dream and no longer like real-life — via artificially caused weaponized occult means.
  • The manipulated individual is slotted — and heavily manipulated using sophisticated occultic and psychological means — into committing the violent act that was programmed into their mind.

The key aspect to note in all above points is how everything is artificially created. An extreme emotion is artificially cooked up; inclinations towards acting out destructively are artificially created; urges to commit specific violent acts are artificially planted; a series of specific violent actions are artificially scripted into the mind to carry out; and sending the individual into a psychotic break from reality is artificially caused, via hidden and weaponized occult means.

Everything about Crimes of Manipulation is artificial. Whereas the other two classes of crime — Passion and Intention — occur organically, namely one through a genuine passion of emotion and the other through allowing the cruelty, injustice, and viciousness of life to corrupt one’s character to the point of murderous and destructive intent. Both of which occur organically through how one chooses to respond to the evil and suffering of life. But as we can see from Crimes of Manipulation, none of these factors apply.

Any regular human being who has neither murderous intent nor any reason to experience extreme emotional states (as nothing happened in their life to make them experience it), can be engineered into committing a Crime of Manipulation. This is because all components to cause a violent act are all baked into the manufacturing of these occultic crimes. Therefore, this means it stands alone as a special class of crime unto itself, which so far, has remained hidden — and unpunished for the engineers of the violence — from everyone’s eyes.

The good news here is that because everything is all artificial in how people are engineered into committing violence in these crimes, that we hold the power to end these crimes. We can achieve this by being knowledgeable and aware of all components that are used to artificially engineer people into committing violent acts. This part of the site aims to equip you with this knowledge, so you can never be set up like I was.

It may not be possible to prevent Crimes of Passion or premeditated atrocities in Crimes of Intention, but it is completely possible to end these artificially engineered Crimes of Manipulation.

Note also that the reason all human beings are equally susceptible to being manipulated into committing a violent act is due to the hidden/occult aspect, which is forcefully causing a psychotic break from reality to occur. This element acts as the final level to bring all other levels of manipulation together. I was also overpowered by this element and if it was not for divine intervention — explained in my book, which occurred on the final night of the attack period — then I would have been killed in one of these crimes too.

With the artificial factor of causing these engineered violent acts now said and understood, we can next begin to break down these various levels to understand how these artificially manufactured elements work to manipulate people into violence, and, of course, purely using the internet and email.

This is where the pyramid illustration — a diagram I created that contains the five required levels used to manipulate almost any person into a violent outcome in a Crime of Manipulation — comes into play. The bottom level, which is where all other levels of manipulation are built upon, starts at 5 and moves up to the final (and most potent) level being 1. Each layer strengthens and reinforces the previous one. We will now break down these layers one at a time to understand how exactly people are being set up and killed in these crimes.

Figure 1.0 – Five Levels to Engineer a Crime of Manipulation – Pyramid Illustration*

5 level pyramid detailing all elements to engineer a Crime of Manipulation

Five Elements to Engineer a Crime of Manipulation

Level 5 of the pyramid is the psychological conditioning process to acclimate the manipulated individual towards violence. And this process was explained here.

Level 4 of the pyramid is the psychological rewiring to bring violent & destructive images to the conscious mind whenever the individual experiences anger or rage, which was explained here.

Both of which act as the foundation to build upon, so the process of manufacturing a regular person into an ‘artificially engineered killer’ — of either killing themselves or other innocent people — can then begin. These two base levels of the pyramid are essential to have in place before moving onto the next level of manipulation.

The Extreme MNES*

So the next level up, which is the mid-point of the pyramid and arguably one of the most critical levels, is:

Level 3 – Creation of The Extreme, Manufactured, Negative Emotional State (The Extreme MNES).

A pre-cursor to any regular person committing an act of violence against another person, or even against themselves, including self-murder, i.e., suicide, is for them to experience an intense emotional state, such as murderous rage just before the violent event takes place. And as we know from the Crimes of Passion example, this principle applies equally to those types of crimes too. Except in the case of Crimes of Manipulation, this identical state of murderous rage is cooked up, amplified, and stored ready for release into the mind and body of the manipulated individual, via artificial means. In this case, it occurs by using hidden mind manipulation and psychological conditioning techniques.

So how exactly is it possible to cook up an extreme emotional state such as murderous rage in a person without their knowledge, awareness, or consent? And also done exclusively via the internet using email communication? This is where several digitized versions of NLP and covert hypnosis come into play.

Digitized NLP Technique – Covert Conditioning*

Covert conditioning is the process by which artificial connections and associations are covertly established within a person’s mind. This is achieved by the usual process of pacing someone into a relaxed and suggestible trance state, first of all, which was explained in Digitized NLP Technique – Pacing & Leading. Then once someone is in this relaxed ‘guards down’ state, changes can then be made to their unconscious, including creating artificial associations between words and emotions.

This is achieved by “analog marking” specific manipulation words “in this manner” that have the power to manipulate unconscious behaviors, or, in this case, to create artificial associations.

For example, if you established email communication with one of these occultic criminals, and he or she paced you into a relaxed state by mirroring your writing style, matching your interests, political views, etc., this would make you easily suggestible. This is the first part. For the second part of the process, by “analog marking” emotional conditioning words such as “hatred,” “agitation,” and “shame,” throughout the email, alongside including a specific unrelated word such as “Greens,” would then establish an artificial connection within your mind between the word Greens, and the emotions of hatredagitation, and shame. Now, when this is done only once, then this association between the word Greens and these emotions would be weak at best, but it would be mildly established nonetheless.

Now, imagine this same artificial conditioning process was used to pace you into a relaxed state, and those same analog marked words were repeatedly fed into your mind. Then what would occur is your unconscious would build on those associations behind the scenes without your knowledge, awareness, or consent. And say this was repeated on ten separate occasions. Then what would occur, is this unconscious connection would become very strong indeed. And the way this would look in reality is that anytime you were to read the word Greens (without any analog marking, that is, which is because ten rounds of conditioning makes this connection strong enough so no further marking is required), you would experience a mixture of hatred, agitation, and shame.

To give another example that this time does not pertain to emotions, the occultic criminal who did this to me used this same covert conditioning process on me. She used it to establish artificial associations in my mind between seeing dogs, which I would encounter in my everyday life and seeing them being knifed to death — which I also mentioned earlier, but here I shall explain how she did it.

She instead analog marked words such as “dogs,” “butchered,” “knifed them,” and “bloody. Then by repeating this covert conditioning for another ten rounds via analog marking these same words in her emails to me, is how I automatically began seeing violent images of dogs being brutalized anytime I encountered one. As I also mentioned, she used this same process to make me see people being knifed to death too, albeit when I was angry at them and not just anytime.

Now, how did she create this connection between seeing people who made me angry and seeing them be viciously knifed to death in my mind’s eye? In the final stages of the conditioning process, she created another artificial connection in my unconscious with words such as “people,” “who anger me,” “knife them.” And you can guess what occurred after another ten rounds of conditioning with these words. That is how I saw people who angered me becoming brutalized.

It is worth mentioning again: that using these specific key programming words utilizing NLP and covert hypnosis is equivalent to writing destructive coding onto a computer operating system’s underlying coding, which then manifests as problems in the system’s functioning. In my case, these psychological crimes had successfully corrupted my mind with this vile imagery — like a hacker writing destructive coding onto my system, causing corruption.

Back to how this covert conditioning process establishes associations between emotions and specific words, which is a crucial component of creating the extreme MNES, I will now explain what happened to me. In my case, the amplification of my emotional state of anger into a state of agitated rage was the outcome. Analog marking key words such as “not so happy,” angry,” “disappointed,” and “my skin,” which was the phrase she associated these emotions with, was the start of this process. Note how relatively mild these words were, and this is because she gradually acclimated my unconscious to ever more angered states. For example, after several rounds of this conditioning, she then analog marked escalating words such as “maddened,” furious,” “irate,” “enraged,” alongside the words “my skin.” Meaning that after another ten rounds of this covert conditioning, reading the words my skin caused intense and fiery anger to course through my body and mind.

Bright coloured brain synapses on black background

Digitized NLP Technique – Anchoring*

But it did not end there, however. As once the occultic criminal successfully caused me to experience that intense seething emotion, what she then did was fuse together the emotional states of hatred, shame, and agitation — using the Greens conditioning phrase — alongside the state of amplified rage. She achieved this by using an NLP technique called anchoring. And what anchoring means is to link an external observable parameter, such as a touch on the shoulder, to an intense emotional state.

For example, if someone told you a hilarious joke, which had you laughing hysterically, and they then tapped your right shoulder while you were at the peak of that emotional state, then you have just been anchored by that shoulder touch. In that case, what would occur, is when you were in a standard baseline emotional state, and the person who anchored you then tapped you on your right shoulder, a surge of happiness would fill your entire body. And the reason this occurs is because the anchored shoulder touch caused an association between that touch and the height of your laughter. The shoulder touch is the anchor. So this then causes positive feelings to come back to mind due to the touch triggering similar feelings. The peak of an emotional state is critical to set an anchor successfully because that is when an emotion is at its most powerful. And to capture that emotion in an anchor requires emotional intensity.

In a digitized context, it is not possible to touch your shoulder, so how would someone set a particular anchor against an emotion in you? It is by firstly causing you to experience a heightened emotion, and then by using an “anchored keyword trigger phrase,” via the usual analog marking technique, will set an anchor against it. In my case, to cause the needed peak emotion in me, and as I mentioned above, the associated conditioning word Greens — after around ten rounds of covert conditioning, that is — became synonymous with causing me to experience intense agitation. And the words my skin, also after another ten rounds of conditioning, became synonymous with producing a state of rage within me. This meant that after these two words were successfully conditioned, reading them would cause those emotions in me. So what do you think the effect would be when I read both Greens and my skin together? It caused me to experience the emotions of intense agitation and rage simultaneously, which created one of the most horrific combinations of emotions I ever knew possible. Now, when I experienced the peak of these two emotions, which was after reading these two conditioned words together, is when a new “analog marked” anchored trigger phrase was locked to this combined intense emotional state of rage and agitation. The anchored trigger phrase was the analog marked words “skin condition.”

Once this digitized anchor was set against the combined emotions of intense agitation and rage, which together created a state of agitated rage, reading the words “skin condition” triggered the feeling of agitated rage within me. With this anchor locked in place, the primary component for the extreme, manufactured negative emotional state — the extreme MNES — was complete.

So in future, I could be sent into a state of agitated rage by having this anchor digitally used on me. This remote ability to cause an intense emotional state in another person by using this anchored trigger phrase is what the extreme MNES is. And in a digitized context, what do you think would be the ideal way to use this anchor on someone to send them into a state of agitated rage, over a distance of several thousand miles? It is by including the anchor in an email or even an instant messaging chat message through a platform like Skype instant chat, or Facebook Messenger, iPhone instant messages, etc. All that is required to trigger the state of agitated rage is by slipping the analog marked words “skin condition” into the sentence of a broader message. For example, by saying something like:

I woke up earlier this morning with a “skin condition,” so I better get it checked out later today.

And that is how digitally set anchors are hidden within seemingly innocuous messages, by which the recipient would be sent into an agitated rage.

So with this final anchor of “skin condition” now locked in place, the extreme MNES is ready for deployment during the attack period, which is when a spiritual entity is evoked and sent to terrorize the manipulated person. And also, when weaponized occultism is used to send him or her into a total psychotic break from reality, making everything feel like dream-like. Those two mentioned components are the final top level 1 of the pyramid, by the way, which we will cover shortly. But for the next level, we will look at how someone’s autopilot behaviors can be hacked into and scripted into a deadly outcome. And also, how digitally delivered post-hypnotic suggestions inciting violence are involved, both of which are essential components in these manipulated, artificially engineered crimes.

Process Instructions Programs & Post-Hypnotic Incitements to Violence (PIPs & PHITV)*

Level 2 – Writing and Installation of Process Instructions Programs (PIPs) and Planting of Post-Hypnotic Incitements to Violence.

Before breaking down what these two dark arts hypnotic techniques involve, I will first explain what amnesia is, and why it is such a crucial element in engineering people into violence in these crimes. Amnesia is a state where someone would have no conscious recollection of what occurred during the small window of time the amnesia lasted for. For example, say a hypnotist was to lull you into a deep hypnotic trance state, first of all, using a combination of NLP and covert hypnotic means. Then secondly, he planted the idea into your mind to open your smartphone, access an email folder, then delete a specific email, and then told you to forget the instruction, then you would almost certainly follow through with this action.

After arriving back to ordinary awareness, you would feel a powerful compulsion to carry out the planted idea, and you would very likely do it — believing that the idea emanated from your own mind. And while you were in that deep trance state, you would be amnesiac of hearing that instruction. However, the unconscious aspect of your mind did here the instruction, which is why you would later act upon it.

Further, because the hypnotist instructed your unconscious to forget the suggestion, that is what it exactly did. Meaning you would delete the suggested email, and think it was your idea, while simultaneously having no idea of receiving that initial suggestion due to the amnesia. This planted idea to delete a specific email is an example of a post-hypnotic suggestion. This term means any suggestion that is given to you while in an amnesiac trance state, which you would later act upon after returning back to normal conscious awareness.

Post-Hypnotic Incitements to Violence (PHITV)*

This same principle of causing amnesia — which is achieved by overloading and stunning the unconscious mind with conflicting and confusing messages — is also possible using digitized means, namely, through the usual techniques of digitized pacing & leading and “analog marking” specific key words to manipulate the unconscious mind. This is because once communication with the unconscious mind occurs, it can then be overloaded with conflicting “analog marked messages” to stun it and cause an amnesiac trance state.

After successfully causing this deep amnesiac state, this altered state of consciousness is then digitally anchored via an email to a specific trigger phrase such as “I feel like I’m in a dream!” This phrase was the actual hypnotic trigger phrase to send me into a deep amnesiac trance state during the attack period, by the way. After setting this anchor, causing this deep trance state, digitally and on command, is possible by merely using this marked trigger phrase in an email.

As explained in my book on the first morning of the attack, this identical strategy was used on me so ideas of “go berserk and blow up the house” and “pick up an archery gun and shoot someone,” could be planted into my mind via email. Except in my case, I broke out of the amnesia moments before the suggestions could plant, meaning I caught her in the act of trying to plant them into my mind digitally, resulting in failure. Now, these suggested incitements to violence were only one part of the equation, however. This is because, in addition, the extreme MNES of agitated rage is paired with these destructive ideas. The strategy here is to plant violent ideas into the mind, then use the trigger to activate the emotion of agitated rage via an email. Recall that the anchored marked phrase “skin condition,” was this trigger, which, in turn, once read, will cause the planted violent idea to flow into the mind.

The reason these planted ideas would flow into the mind after causing agitated rage is because she linked them to this emotion, which, in this case, she used going berserk and blowing up the house or shooting some with a crossbow. Going berserk is merely another name for experiencing the artificially triggered state of agitated rage via the trigger phrase “skin condition,” activating the extreme MNES. The word and links the emotion to the planted violent ideas. (By the way, the reason I had a crossbow at home was because this was a hobby of mine. And she knew this about me, so she planted the idea into my mind to shoot or kill someone with it as part of the occult attack.)

Man aiming a crossbow

Now, because an extreme emotional state has been caused and an incitement to commit a violent act occurs here, does this remind you of another crime of similar nature? You may have correctly guessed that it is identical to stoking up intense emotions in people and then inciting them into attacking other people, which is proven by the “might go berserk and shoot someone with a crossbow” statement. Except, in this case, the emotional state of rage is artificially cooked up beforehand via hypnotic methods and released via those same hypnotic techniques.

So we can say that this covert strategy is also identical to inciting people into violence, albeit done using post-hypnotic incitements to violence (PHITV, abbreviated). This is rather than manually stoking rage up in people and then directly telling them to attack a target to release their wrath. In fact, this exact issue will be covered on its own dedicated webpage here.

Planting PHITV is, therefore, an important part of engineering people into violence in these occultic crimes. Another prominent point to note is the first two levels involve psychological conditioning an individual towards violence & destruction, combined with hacking into and rerouting their emotions to bring violent images to mind every time they’re enraged. This makes it much more likely they will carry out a violent act from a planted PHITV. This does not even take into account the ritual magic or power of illusion casting components, which both amplify the chances that a person will commit a violent act. These final two elements will be explained shortly.

Next, we will look at what the autopilot behavior scripting programs — known as process instructions programs (PIPs, abbreviated) — can do to people and how they work to hack into and script someone’s autopilot behaviors into destructive outcomes.

Process Instructions Programs (PIPs)*

Richard Bandler & John Grinder used the term process instructions in their book Trance-formations: Neurolinguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis to describe a hypnotic technique that has the power to plant specific covert instructions into a person’s mind. This is so these instructions will later be carried out. The person would also have no idea that such directives were planted into his or her mind, either. For example, in their book, they use the example of planting instructions for someone to bake a specific cake using specific ingredients via the process instructions hypnotic technique.

The key point to note here is the word specific. For the reason that a series of very specific behaviors can be scripted into a person’s mind so that they will later, and unconsciously, seek to carry them out. In fact, you could even say that process instructions are very similar to post-hypnotic suggestions, except, of course, instead of a single suggestion to act out, it is instead a series of specific behaviors to carry out. They are both much alike in this sense.

Other non-violent examples of process instructions to plant into people’s minds could include giving someone a specific house to drive towards while using a specific route to get there. Or walking to a specific shop to buy a specific magazine on a specific date at a specific time. You get the idea. The main point is the fineness of detail that can be planted into a person’s mind, or as I like to term it, behavior scripting because that is precisely what is occurring with these programs: a person’s unconscious behavior is scripted to carry out some activity.

Now, scripting such very specific behaviors towards committing violent acts is also possible. For example, the process instructions that were planted into my mind scripted my unconscious behavior to reach for a kitchen knife and stab a specific person in a specific situation at a specific time. However, as this activity involves the element of violence, an additional factor is required to be built-in to make it more likely that I would carry out the scripted violent activity. How would this be achieved? It is by writing the extreme MNES of agitated rage into the program and triggering it to be automatically released — by the program itself — at the exact moment before the scripted knife strike is about to occur.

It is by building the extreme MNES into the process instructions that creates a process instructions program, rather than just regular process instructions. The program aspect includes all required elements that are baked into a neatly packaged program, which are then planted/installed into a person’s mind without their knowledge, awareness, or consent.

This built-in emotional component — the extreme MNES of agitated rage — is always required when using these covertly programmed hypnotic techniques to script people into violent activities. Further, view this emotional aspect as the energy needed to fuel and drive the program itself. Similar to how a rocket needs fuel as energy to make it launch, the same is true for these programs. Without the extreme MNES providing the intense and explosive emotional energy to drive a person into committing a violent act, the individual would simply overpower the violent behavior scripting and not carry it out. But if they had the energy of agitated rage surge through their body and mind, mere seconds before the scripted violent act was about to occur, it becomes highly likely they would carry it out. Therefore, you can view the extreme MNES as the required energy source that is built into all violence scripting, process instructions programs (PIPs).

These behavioral scripting programs are written in such an expert way that the autopilot behavior system essentially becomes hacked into and rewritten with a series of dangerous behaviors to carry out. The way this looks and feels in reality — upon the program’s activation — is like a foreign entity takes over the body and mind to carry out the programmed actions. That is not what occurs, however; it just appears that way. In reality, it is a powerful hypnotic program combined with an intense emotional state seizing control over a person’s body and mind. Alternatively, imagine the feeling of becoming robotic where you become an observer of what your body is attempting to do. The reason it feels this way is because the unconscious autopilot system was hacked into and rewritten with new actions to carry out.

Moreover, some of these programs also script people’s unconscious autopilot behaviors into committing suicide, and usually in a violent and bloody way. I gave an example earlier of a destructive computer program, by which when auto-executed, would not only corrupt the operating system itself with malicious coding, but also that a power surge would activate to fry the system’s motherboard — destroying the system entirely. Now, in PIPs written and installed into human beings, consider that same power surge as being the equivalent to the extreme MNES activating in the program. And when activated, it surges through the person’s body with explosive energy. But instead of frying the system, a series of programmed behaviors instructing the individual to destroy themselves occurs instead. The end result is that the program caused the individual to self-destruct, just like with that malicious program destroying the computer, albeit in different situations: one human and one machine.

If you are anything like me, at this stage, you will likely be wondering: but how the hell is it even possible to hack into and rewrite a person’s unconscious autopilot behaviors? Are we not the ones who are in control of our bodies, at all times? And why was I never told this was possible; surely such critical information should have been taught to us in school/the education system? Why was such knowledge covered up? And most importantly, how is this hacking into and changing of autopilot behaviors achieved? We will be looking at the answers to these questions next by breaking down the real-life PIP that was installed into me, which very nearly destroyed my life but thankfully failed.

NLP Technique: Presuppositions as a Pre-Cursor to Scripting Autopilot Behaviors*

I mentioned earlier in Conditioning my unconscious behaviors into becoming violent and volatile that presupposing actions to have already occurred by writing in a past grammar tense, rather than current or future tense, scripts powerful compulsions for a person to act out unconsciously. And when I say act out unconsciously, this is the same as acting on autopilot. For an example of this, say that simple process instructions were planted into your mind — after pacing you into a trance state via the usual pacing and leading trance induction technique — that stated: You turned left at the traffic lights at the end of your road. Then you drove straight and turned another left. You then drove straight and turned another left. Then you turned a final left and drove straight. Then you arrived home.

What has occurred here is that simple instructions to drive in a square-shaped route leading you back home were scripted into your mind. Now, before such instructions would activate, you would feel a strong compulsion to get into your car and just drive. But as you have not set out to drive anywhere in particular, you would likely overpower this compulsion to get into your vehicle and drive for no reason. However, the next time you did have to get into your car and drive somewhere in particular, you would very likely carry out these instructions.

What would likely occur is you would set out onto your journey, say driving to work one morning, and then find yourself turning left at the lights and driving straight (rather than turning right to reach the main road that takes you to your workplace). Then you would take another left and drive straight. Then another left and straight again. And then you would find yourself back home again. Consciously, you would be thinking to yourself: why the hell did I just drive that route, and now I’m back home again? You would put it down to absent mindedness when it wasn’t absent-mindedness at all: you merely acted on autopilot. And as your standard autopilot responses were set to drive you to work each morning — being unaware that your mind had new autopilot behavior scripting instructions planted in there — you relied on autopilot to do the job to drive you to work. But as your autopilot system was hacked into and rewritten with a new sequence of actions to carry out, this is what you unconsciously completed instead. And this is how autopilot behavior scripting works.

Further, you would have noticed that the grammar tense the autopilot driving instructions were written in was always past tense: turned left, drove straight, arrived home. The effect of which is scripting powerful compulsions for you to act out unconsciously. And these presupposing of behaviors to have already occurred is how the autopilot system is changed. So, how would such changes be written into the mind of a person without their knowledge, awareness, or consent, meaning that they will later unconsciously act them out on autopilot? This is where the hacking tool of covert hypnosis comes into play.

Covert Hypnosis as the Hacking Tool & Delivery Mechanism to Install Autopilot Behavior Scripting Programs (PIPs)*

We can view the above information regarding crafting specific actions in a specific grammar tense as the equivalent to NLP being the coding knowledge of the human mind. This coding knowledge is used for how to script human behaviors. So if NLP is the coding knowledge of the mind, then what is the means to deliver and install this coding onto the mind without detection? This is where covert hypnosis comes in.

View covert hypnosis as the means to hide a malicious behavioral scripting PIP inside, so that it can be planted/installed into someone’s mind by covert/stealth means. Identical to how a computer hacker would use deception to trick you into downloading a malicious program onto your laptop or desktop computer. And the reason why is so that the malicious program could be installed onto your machine. This same principle applies to how malicious programs can be installed into your mind.

Malicious virus detected in system

Except in human beings’ cases, we are not tricked into downloading and installing a program, but rather, it is downloaded and installed into the mind in the form of a ‘hypnotic story.’ This expertly crafted story has the power to hide the NLP behavior scripting key words inside of it, which, consequently, once read — after being paced into a relaxed state via a digitized pacing & leading trance induction — will install the program into the mind. How do I know this? Because that is what exactly happened to me, by which this same program activated at a later date and almost caused a violent event.

To illustrate how innocuous-looking messages hide these covert programs inside of them, I will quote verbatim the actual first half of the autopilot destructive behavioral scripting PIP that was installed into me. (The full program is included within my book, but on this site, I will demonstrate the main aspects so you/the reader can never have one of these programs installed into your mind like with what happened to me.) This was the actual email that installed one portion of the PIP into my mind:

When I was young, my family and I emigrated to mainland Europe. It was quite amazing to see that there were hardly any brown people over there. We ended up moving not because anyone in my family was facing “jail time” where we lived previously or anything, but for new work opportunities. Having arrived in our new country and due to the different climate, I developed a skin condition (mostly from exposure to the colder weather). Michael Jackson was also big with the people over there too, and it was shameful to see his crimes reported in the media, and the public began seeing him as dangerous. When I was in school and while in class, that bloody Geography teacher I told you about would always make some kind of vulgar and racist comment, and not without a glance at me. There were also children of rich, influential parents in my class, and one day, one of them put their hand up and said to the teacher: “Aye, you know what. I don’t care!” in response to the marks that were not awarded on a test paper when they should have been. It was a joke and all so terribly corrupt when it came to those two teachers. In my other class, similar things were happening through this Geography teacher (who was standing in for someone else because my other teacher walked away on a hiking trip) to a boy from a mixed-racial marriage (Brazilian-Croatian). But the rest of my teachers were fair and some really wonderful.

I have underlined the crucial NLP key programming words for illustration purposes (they were not underlined in the real program), as we will be breaking down these key words and their functions shortly. This is to understand why they had the power to hack into and script my autopilot behaviors into a destructive and violent outcome. But the main point I would like you to understand with the above, for now, that is, is to notice how it looks and reads like a regular story regarding someone’s childhood. In fact, if you were to remove the underlined effect from the key programming words yourself, which is how the program was successfully installed into my mind, I would wager that you would never know this was a malicious, destructive behavioral scripting program. And that is what is so insidious about using weaponized NLP and covert hypnosis to destroy people’s lives, which is due to its hidden nature. Using words as weapons, if you will.

To begin breaking down this PIP, I will transpose it into the same format as an actual computer program, which will help explain every NLP keyword. This format will make the function of each keyword clear, and the purpose each was used for.

The reason I was able to see direct similarities between writing these destructive programs for humans compared to writing actual programs for computers is because I became qualified at computer programming in my early 20’s. And even though I ended up moving into a financial markets career instead of programming (better money and more fascinating), this coding skill proved very useful in identifying these malicious autopilot behavioral scripting programs written for humans.

The line number states the order the key programming words were written into the PIP.

The instruction following the Add command explains the line of code’s intention.

The words within the [square brackets] contain the NLP key programming words (which match to the words I underlined above):

(Open) (Script) (One)*
Line 1 – Add Other Party Involved [brown people]
Line 2 – Add Consequence [“jail time”]
Line 3 – Add Execute Run Program for the Extreme MNES – Agitated Rage Component [skin condition]
Line 4 – Add Reinforcement Conditioning for the Extreme MNES and Linkage Word [shameful, dangerous, bloody Geography teacher, vulgar, racist]
Line 5 – Add Link to Other Party Involved [glance at me]
Line 6 – Add Other Party Involved [children of rich, influential parents]
Line 7 – Add Target Outcome [“Aye”]
Line 8 – Add Linkage Word and Violent Behaviors Association Word [teacher]
Line 9 – Add Target Outcome [marks]
Line 10 – Add Link Back to Party Two [terribly corrupt]
Line 11 – Add Scripted Physical Position of Party One [standing, walked away]
Line 12 – Add Linkage Word and Violent Behaviors Association Word [Geography teacher]
Line 13 – Add Other Party Involved [boy, mixed-racial marriage]
Line 14 – Add Linkage Word and Violent Behaviors Association Word [teachers, teacher]
Line 15 – Add Program Embedding Words [fair, wonderful]
(Close) (Script) (One)

Line 1 includes the first allusion to the other party who was scripted into the PIP, which in this case, was a friend of mine who is of Asian origin and has a light brown skin colour. The reason for making only indirect references to people in these programs is because it must evade the conscious mind’s detection. So instead of stating Asian friend with light brown skin colour, multiple indirect allusions are made to the individual throughout the program instead. The unconscious mind then takes these many numerous indirect allusions in context to understand who is being referred to exactly.

Line 2 scripts in the intention of the PIP. In this case, it intended to script me into committing a violent knife strike against an innocent person, so that I would be later charged and jailed for the manipulated violent crime — a successful Crime of Manipulation, in other words.

Line 3 contains the anchored trigger phrase “skin condition” for the extreme MNES of agitated rage. So with this line of code, this emotional state was built into the program itself. There is a reason this phrase did not trigger the emotion of agitated rage within me immediately when I first read it, which was when the program was installed into my mind via the above given ‘hypnotic story.’ And that is because the installation of this program was an entire 6 months before this anchor was locked against the emotion of agitated rage.

In fact, this anchor was only set several days before I was attacked for an entire week via occult warfare in the attack of 9.11.14. What this means is, this extreme emotional state was charged up and ready to be released flooding into my body and mind upon the program’s activation, which is exactly what happened in real-life when the program activated. Further, a release mechanism was also built into the program to release this emotion into me at a specific time, which I will explain later.

Line 4 contains the key words used to stoke up and amplify additional negative emotions within my unconscious mind, which were included alongside the phrase Geography teacher. And the reason she included this Geography teacher phrase is because these key words were covertly conditioned to themes of violence and destruction. Recall that through the process of “analog marking emotional manipulation words in this manner,” alongside conditioning phrases, such as GreensGeography teacher, or my skin, establishes an artificial link between the conditioning phrase and the words it was covertly conditioned against. And with the Greens example, this was conditioned to hatred, agitation, and shame. The same is with the phrase Geography teacher; covert conditioning here was with themes such as gassing people to death, stabbing people to death, blowing up properties, and other destructive themes. Therefore, including this violence conditioning phrase within the program code itself activates the violence conditioning within the unconscious. What effect do you think this would have? It amplifies the chances of acting out the scripted knife strike later in the program due to psychological conditioning towards violent behaviors.

Line 5 is the first instruction to my unconscious to perceive my friend glancing at me with the negative emotions stated in Line 4, namely, shamefuldangerousvulgar, and racist. This was to connect him with the negative emotions that will be triggered in my body and mind, which is via the installed extreme MNES of agitated rage, upon the program’s activation.

Line 6 is the second allusion to who is being referred to in the program. In this case, as my unconscious knows my friend is both a parent and a wealthy, influential individual, this line of code is indirectly referring to him again without stating so directly.

Line 7 uses an NLP technique known as phonological ambiguity. And what this term means is that any words that sound phonologically the same to each other can be interpreted by the unconscious to mean that word. In this case, the word “Aye” sounds phonologically identical to eye. There is also a reason this word was analog marked, and it is because it links into another ‘mini-version’ autopilot behavior scripting program installed the previous day to the main program. This pre-scripting program used a combination of presuppositions and covert hypnosis for scripting behaviors into my unconscious autopilot system to strike my friend in one or both of his eyes with the bladed weapon. Full details of this ‘mini-program’ are included in my book. But note that the reason “Aye” was written into this program is to link the knife strike towards the target area, which is my friend’s eye; consider it as a damage amplifier scripted into the program.

Line 8 is a further reinforcement of the violence conditioning that was explained in Line 4. It is a way to amplify unconscious inclinations towards violence, so this is the reason for building this into the PIP: to make following through with the scripted violent act more likely. This word teacher was also used as a linkage word between the planted series of what the consequences would be for allowing the program to auto-complete, and the actual program itself. This series of consequences was revealed in a veiled manner — hidden in plain sight via “analog marking” throughout the body of an email — prior to installation of the PIP; I explained the full details of which in my book.

Line 9 links into Line 7, which both direct towards the target outcome scripted into the program: eye and marks. Eye marks. Or the eye is the mark in other words. It is a way to direct the unconscious towards striking the eye after the extreme MNES of agitated rage is released, and the autopilot behavior kicks in to reach for a knife and strike my friend.

Line 10 is another amplifier of negative emotions which links into the glance at me instruction from Line 5. It is to trick my unconscious into thinking that is how my friend views me: as terribly corrupt.

Line 11 scripts the opening physical position for me to take on the program’s activation. In this case, it is standing up after finishing a meal at my friend’s house — this triggering mechanism, specific time + environmental trigger for this program will be explained shortly — which then influenced me to have walked away from the dining table, which was also an activating parameter. Note how walked away is presupposed to have already occurred, creating a powerful compulsion for me to walk away from the dining table when the program became activated. In other words, scripting my unconscious autopilot actions into walking away and following the program’s scripted sequence of actions. This particular PIP was written and scripted to activate after a scheduled visit & sit-down meal at my friend’s house would occur. Inclusion of the activation triggers was in Lines 23 & 24, with the following key programming words:

Line 23 – Add Time Activating Condition [when I went for dinner there]
Line 24 – Add Activating Condition and Release Mechanism for the Extreme MNES [But when we had finished eating dinner, I saw something that made me very angry]

Line 23 states the time activation, which is the next occasion I went to see this friend to eat with him and his wife. And Line 24 adds the activation condition to release the extreme MNES of agitated rage surging into my body and mind. Recall that Line 3 contained the anchored trigger phrase skin condition, so building this intense emotional state into the program then held that agitated rage energy in place, awaiting release. And this Line 24 of code then released that explosive energy flooding into my body and mind. Once again, the reason the anchored trigger phrase skin condition did not immediately cause that emotion in me when the program was initially installed into my mind is because it was installed 6 months before the final anchor was locked against the agitated rage.

Back to the analysis of the first 15 lines of code, Line 12 is the next reinforcer of violence conditioning with the violence psychological conditioning key phrase Geography teacher. So we now have three separate inclusions (Lines 4, 8, & 12) of this violence conditioning built into the program: creating powerful unconscious inclinations towards violent and destructive behaviors.

Line 13 contains the next indirect allusions regarding who the other party in the program is, which in this case, is a boy in a mixed-racial marriage. And as my unconscious knows that my friend is of Asian origin and married to a white English woman, these two instructions direct my unconscious towards him being the target.

Line 14 is now the fourth and fifth reinforcers towards violence. Look at every reinforcer as an unconscious amplifier to make carrying out the final scripted violent act more likely to be followed through with.

Line 15 contains what I have termed program embedding words. What these words do is relax the unconscious mind, so that all prior mind programming words within that paragraph of text get firmly embedded into the unconscious before the next round of coding instructions begins.

The full program contained 32 lines of coding in total, which I covered in depth in my book. But this first half of the program explained here demonstrates how these destructive programs are written and coded into the mind.

As I mentioned earlier, hacking into and scripting the autopilot behavior system is done using presupposing of outcomes to have already occurred. Such as by writing pasted a facedisfigured his facehe always had fights with him, and became blind into the final quarter of the program. This then scripts unconscious automatic behaviors into carrying out this series of actions. Those italicized words were the actual autopilot behavioral scripting key words used to hack into and install this program into me, by the way.

A primary part of my work is to make the writing and installation of these destructive programs into people’s minds, become a criminal offense. They are psychological crimes that are immensely powerful in causing real-world catastrophic outcomes, and this current loophole in criminal law needs to be closed. This is so that sociopathic/psychopathic individuals using these sophisticated mind hacking/scripting techniques become treated as the criminals they are. Except, of course, they are highly intelligent dark arts/occultic criminals, rather than your run of the mill, lower-end ones.

For the final level used to engineer a Crime of Manipulation, two additional extremely potent occult tools are employed. I wholeheartedly believe these final two tools hold the power to manipulate almost any person into committing a violent act. What are these two tools? The occult dark arts of ritual magic and the power of illusion casting.

Ritual Magic & the Power of Illusion Casting*

Level 1 – Final Layer of the Pyramid Combining All Preceding Levels Below It – The Usage of Ritual Magic & the Power of Illusion Casting.

You would be correct in thinking to yourself that those previous four levels of the pyramid illustration, which are used to engineer a Crime of Manipulation, would be potent enough on their own in engineering violence. That is, to manipulate a regular person into committing an artificially planted or artificially scripted violent act. And this is because not only has psychological conditioning been used to acclimate someone’s behaviors towards violence, but because of the artificially cooked up, intense emotional element involved too, which is an integral part of these crimes. This is because the emotion of agitated rage alone is so explosive in its intensity, that any reasonable person could do something violent and terrible at the peak of such a raging emotion. But unfortunately, however, there is much more to contend with when being set up in these occultic crimes.

As I contended with during the attack of 9.11.14, an unseen entity harassed and terrorized me during the attack period. Multiple attempts were then made to use the anchored trigger phrase “skin condition” on me via email so that the emotion of agitated rage would flood my body and mind. And with the post-hypnotic incitement to violence to go berserk and blow up his house almost planted into my mind, the intention was to see that violent act occur after triggering the explosive rage.

The Use of Ritual Magic*

Firstly, ritual magic is a form of occultism whereby human beings can communicate with unseen intelligent and conscious entities existing within the unseen spiritual world. This is via specific occult practices — or ritual in other words. Additional occult tools of sheer concentration, visualization, and emotional energy — as well as the evocation of one of these unseen spiritual entities — are all packaged into a ritual. All of these are then directed towards attaining an outcome in the real world. And that is what ritual magic is.

Some of these invisible entities that can be communicated with using ritual magic, who exist within that unseen spiritual world, are also malevolent just like their human counterparts. Consider dark arts criminals as the human equivalent of this evil and consider these unseen beings as the invisible equivalent to this evil. After establishing contact with these unseen beings, it is possible to commission them to carry out tasks in the physical world, which, as you may have guessed, can include terrorizing people. This includes trying to drive individuals psychotic through ramping up psychological torment.

For example, the evoked unseen entity that was sent to my property persistently tried to terrorize me with a variety of strategies. Namely, its threatening presence via smashing doors open & closed, drenching my home in an oppressive and threatening energy, vandalizing my property, assaulting my body with a razor blade marking, trying to manipulate me into killing myself, trying and almost succeeding hacking into and controlling my body — i.e., feeling ‘possessed’ in other words — on the final night of the attack, so it could kill me. This same entity had the power to amplify the terror I was experiencing, which would make a destructive act like going berserk and blowing up the house more likely to succeed.

The other factors involved here, in addition to this entity trying to drive a person insane through sheer terrorization, combine: triggering a state of agitated rage via an anchored trigger phrase sent by email; planting PHITV to commit a violent act; using violent behavioral conditioning; and installing destructive behavioral scripting PIPs into a person’s mind. All of these elements then coalesce together to create an extremely potent cocktail to cause a violent event via remote means. So I ask again: why are these sophisticated criminal operations legal to perpetrate against people?

Going deeper into the abilities of this unseen entity, and how it is used to set people up in Crimes of Manipulation, its primary purpose is to create inescapable terrorization. As let me assure you, if you have never been terrorized by supernatural means before, and you suddenly find a poltergeist type entity in your home causing both you and your property damage, it is a terrifying ordeal. This is especially true if you believed that such supernatural attacks were purely a product of the movies and not real life.

Various magical and mystical symbols on purple background

This entity also had the power to warp my perception of reality. For example, in one of the opening mornings of the attack, I had switched on YouTube, and a man’s face then morphed into a demonic type grin where he then addressed me directly saying: “Tony doesn’t know what’s going on or what’s coming for him next.” And he just stared at me with this threatening and demonic grin on his face. I was terrified when this happened, as I didn’t know this was possible, either.

Another ability of this entity was its power to manipulate electronic devices and the internet. On the first morning of the attack, I decided to switch on YouTube through an app on my TV. And on my homepage was a stream of violent and bloody images of people being blown up, committing suicide, committing murders, and people being tortured to death. In addition to these was a symbol (called the Unicursal Hexagram) of an occult order that employs the use of black magic, which was the English occultist Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. All of these particular images in my feed supported with 100% accuracy the planted PHITV and PIPs that were planted into my mind. So one of the entity’s abilities, who was sent to harass and terrorize me through ritual magic, was to manipulate my home feed and show me videos with images on the thumbnail intended to inspire greater fear & terror. Another reason it likely showed me these was as a threat. As if to say it would, via occult means, cause me to either do one of those violent acts or have one of them committed against me.

Its next ability was to drench my home environment in a heavy, oppressive, electrified type energy, which always brought with it a sense of grave danger every time it occurred. It also used this same powerful energy to vandalize my property when the attack began, which is when it first made its appearance. It made my bathroom feel like it was electrified and alive, and after I had closed the door to keep it inside there, it later cracked the walls down the center. So these are some mighty and intimidating entities. It also repeatedly slammed the doors in my home open and closed, shifted my heavy furniture out of place, marked my wrist with a razor blade marking while I slept one night, and other such fearsome feats. These were all examples of its intimidation strategies.

The question now remains if it is possible for these unseen spiritual entities to seize control of our bodies and minds, or to ‘possess’ us in other words? The answer is yes, but with some conditions. I will explain. The way it feels when a powerful compulsion to commit a violent act — planted via a PHITV or an activated PIP, which scripts your unconscious autopilot responses into committing that violent act — is that it feels like an evil spirit is possessing you. This is so it can robotically carry out one of those acts through your body.

Although this is not actual possession; instead, it is psychologically crafted evil into your mind (through the various layers of the pyramid illustration), in the form of a destructive behavioral program and violent behavioral conditioning. Whereas if people had no knowledge that such behavioral scripting was possible, it would look and feel like they were possessed when this is not the case. However, I am not saying that genuine cases of possession by evil entities/demons/evil spirits/jinn are not possible because I do believe it does occur in some cases — after ruling out mental illness or other psychological disorders, that is.

What I am saying is that in Crimes of Manipulation, this does not occur. Instead, all levels are used to psychologically manufacture evil into a person on an unconscious level. This includes violent behavioral conditioning, scripting a series of specific violent behaviors into the autopilot system via PIPs, planting PHITV to commit a violent act, artificially causing a state of agitated rage before the violent act, terrorizing the individual with an evoked spiritual entity, then finally causing a psychotic break from reality to occur. All of these combined create psychologically manufacturing evil into a person. It is not an actual entity possessing someone’s body and mind to carry out an act of evil. No. Instead, the mind has specific acts of evil programmed into it alongside the required extreme emotional state, which is agitated rage in this instance. And the primary goal of the spiritual entity is to create sheer terrorization and to ramp up emotional intensity to an extreme degree — until a scripted act of violence occurs. This is the mechanics of ‘possession’ in these psychological and occultic crimes.

So with the above now understood, this is good news. This is because we, as individuals, are the ones who hold the power in protecting our bodies and minds from being manipulated into violence. What is the price of this protection? To invest the time and energy required to understand what Crimes of Manipulation are, and the psychological techniques that can be used to hack into and program our minds towards destructive ends.

I will also mention that regardless of what was going on when I was being set up and attacked in this crime, how I was still the one in control of my mind and actions at all times. Except on the final night of the attack, that is, when an extremely powerful illusion almost tricked me into ending my life, but I was saved at the final moment by divine intervention (even though I do not understand why I warranted it, nor will I ever likely know.) Next, we will look at what this final element was, what it involved, and why it was so powerful.

The Power of Illusion Casting Element*

Through means of weaponized long-distance occultism, and as I experienced on the final night of the attack, I was plunged into what I can best describe as an immensely powerful psychedelic drug trip. Except there were no drugs involved, it was achieved purely via occult means in a cross-border, cross-continent targeted occult strike. The entire day before this occurred, it felt like a hell-like realm was closing in on me and that my world was merging with an evil, vile, & spiritually barren dimension. The same entity sent to me through ritual magic also amplified the level of fear and dread that I experienced that day to insurmountable levels. Then as the evening approached, and after I had survived my third murder attempt during the attack period, it felt like an invisible, energetic meteor had raged through the skies and struck directly into my consciousness. And once it did, a rip in the fabric of reality occurred, and I was ripped into another world with many tens of thousands of conscious, intelligent, invisible entities all around me.

Transition to another world. Portal, magic.

When this occurred, the world around me took on a vibrant and cartoon-like quality, while my body felt to weigh three times its normal size. I struggled to move due to the heaviness and grogginess of my body. And I felt like I had just woken up inside a very bad dream — a real living nightmare. Everything was buzzing and vibrating around me while I felt these many thousands of beings all watching me stumbling around in a daze. They seemed delighted to see me there in a state of confused terror, while I wondered where the hell I was, and if or when I was going to get out of there.

While in this terrorized state, one of these entities began psychologically messing with me, whereby it established a mental back and forth conversation with me. And while I was feeling the most terrorized and confused compared to at any other point in my life, the entity tried to manipulate me into killing myself. Then out of nowhere, I felt like my body had been hacked into — like I had become possessed by some unseen spiritual force — and I had become a puppet on a string being directed from offstage. I felt like I had lost total control of my body. Due to the sheer terror, my ability to reason was completely disabled. It was checkmate.

If you have read my book, then you will know what occurred next and why I am still alive to write this now. But the main point of the above is to illustrate what the power of illusion casting is when used to set people up in these psychological and occultic crimes. It is the power — via occult means — to forcefully plunge someone into the equivalent of an intensely powerful psychedelic drug trip, such as LSD or ‘magic mushrooms,’ by which an immensely convincing illusion is then cast to manipulate that individual into killing themselves or other innocent people.

Further, a planted idea to commit suicide is also scripted into the mind before being plunged into this dream-like state. And when the illusion is at its most potent, and when all rational thinking has been suspended for a small window of time, is when an individual is at their weakest. This means that they are highly likely, perhaps almost certain, to carry out that planted and scripted act of suicide.

This targeted occult strike is forcefully plunging someone into a psychotic break from reality, via hidden, ritualized means. Now, imagine timing this power of illusion casting aspect, which causes a psychotic break, to coincide with an activated extreme MNES of agitated rage (triggered via email — using an anchored trigger phrase — on a computer screen, tablet, or mobile device). And combine this with a planted PHITV or activated PIPs, for example, and you can see why avoiding being manipulated into a violent act, becomes almost impossible. The reason is that reality no longer feels like real-life, so the individual would genuinely believe they were dreaming and not living in waking life. And if they believed they were dreaming? Then it becomes effortless to carry out any planted violent incitements or an automatic series of violent autopilot behaviors from an installed and activated PIP.

This is the reason I class this final component as the metaphorical equivalent of firing a nuclear weapon, as its intensity and power are identical, albeit on a personal micro-level rather than a broader level.

Next, we will analyze how Crimes of Manipulation look in real life by using a real-life violent crime that occurred. We will see that this violent act has all the fingerprints that it was occult engineered, and we will use the pyramid illustration to demonstrate this was the case. If it can be proven that it was a Crime of Manipulation, then will it change the outcome for the teenager who was set up in the occultic crime? If the required changes can be made to punish and hold the true instigator of the violence accountable, then it is possible. But the point I will make here is that everything is inverted regarding these artificially engineered crimes.

The real engineers of the violence get away scot-free with setting up and causing the Crime of Manipulation. While the individual who was set up, psychologically conditioned towards violence, had an extreme MNES of agitated rage triggered before the violence occurred, had a scripted series of violent autopilot behaviors scripted into their mind, terrorized by an evoked entity, and plunged into what feels like a very bad dream before committing the violent act, is the one who gets punished?

Do you not see a problem with this? Because I do. It is all inverted. The real engineer of the violence should be the one locked up and criminally charged. While the one set up and manipulated in this way should be treated and rehabilitated as a victim of a sophisticated crime, because he or she is. I will now make this case in the next section.

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