Holding Occult Engineers of these Crimes Criminally Accountable

Current criminal law does not classify manipulating people into violent outcomes as a criminal offense, which is why these occultic criminals continue engineering people into violence in these unpunished crimes. This must now come to an end, and our criminal justice system needs to capture and punish those who set people up and psychologically manipulate others into violence — making these sophisticated criminal operations a criminal offense. The fact that these occultic criminals can legally follow a standard process to cause destruction to anyone they wish to without punishment is completely absurd.

To recap this process here, it is, (a) psychologically conditioning someone towards violence, (b) scripting their autopilot behaviors into violent acts via abuses of occult knowledge, (c) triggering them into a murderous state of rage via the same hidden knowledge, (d) driving them into a psychotic break from reality/temporary insanity via targeted occultism to trigger a violent act. The entire process of which was explained here.

In fact, our current criminal justice system is most definitely archaic in the sense that it does not capture and punish occult engineered crime. And now that I have laid out in clear stages how these crimes are manufactured from the realm of the unseen into the seen physical world shows that we have to capture and punish these occult engineers of mayhem. Our criminal justice system needs updating to close this grey area loophole that permits these hidden crimes to continue.

It should no longer be permissible to re-victimize those individuals who were set up in these occultic crimes by giving them a severe punishment. As the fact is, without any of this sophisticated manipulation involved, they would never have committed the violent act in the first place. If you are reading this, then you could just as easily be set up into committing something horrific like those unfortunate people did. Except, of course, you now know the modus operandi of how it is done, so it is impossible to now set you up. These prior people never had this knowledge, making them easy pickings.

The people who were targeted, set-up, and manipulated into violence must also be viewed as victims of a sophisticated and sinister evil.

This archaic punishment of the one victimized and not the real engineer of the crime belongs in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is time we collectively evolve to capture and punish these elaborate dark arts crime operations for the 21st century — and what better time than the start of 2020.

By capturing the true engineers of these crimes, we will build a more solid foundation of justice and accountability for future generations and push humanity forward. A new renaissance of education and understanding is now needed, so the true nature of how human beings can be manipulated into horrifically violent acts becomes part of our standard educational curriculum. This way, all new people coming into the world will learn at a young age how to safeguard themselves from these crimes. Then within a generation or two, such occult engineered crimes will be wiped off the face of the earth: making Crimes of Manipulation an issue of the past.

People in the future will likely look back and say that those primitive people from the early 21st century didn’t even punish the true engineers of occult engineered violence. But rather, they punished the ones who were set up and victimized instead. They will say it took those people a long time to learn to hold the real instigators to account, but they eventually got there, which is better than never.

So how do we begin this process of capturing and punishing the engineers of these violent acts? The answer to this simple, and it is by establishing a clear framework to capture the various levels involved in setting an individual up and manipulating them into a violent outcome. Firstly, the ability to hack into and script a person’s autopilot behaviors via written and installed PIPs using specific language into a destructive outcome must be laid out with clear parameters, which I have explained here and here. And by using this same framework, it is possible to pinpoint and reverse engineer any PIP that was written in digital form via email and installed into someone’s mind. That is the first stage.

The next is making it a criminal offense to script the autopilot behavior of a person and combine this with an extreme MNES of rage. As what these two components do is script a violent act and fuel it with the required explosive emotional intensity to make that violent act almost certain to occur. But rather than organically urging someone into committing violence, such as stoking up someone’s rage via lies and propaganda and telling them to attack someone violently to release that rage, it is done artificially and covertly behind the scenes using two components. These are scripting the autopilot behaviors into violence and artificially stoking up rage; both of which are then built into a neatly packaged program, which is the PIP. Such a destructive combination of weaponized manipulation and behavioral scripting must become a criminal act. Failure to achieve this will result in a permanent state of technologically engineered violent events via occult means.

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Another solution is to use a grading system to calculate an offense level, whereby for every level of manipulation involved increases the severity of punishment for the occultic criminal. For example, if provable by digital transcripts stored on hard servers, which shows that the manipulator attempted to manufacture an extreme MNES of murderous rage in another person, then this is strike 1. Manufacturing a state of rage in someone and then triggering it on command via a digitized trigger phrase should not be an offense in and of itself, as no crime has yet been committed. This component is equivalent to stoking someone up into a fiery rage except via covert means rather than overt, such as telling lies that incite hate and rage. But keeping this aspect as strike one, and combining this with additional levels to cause violence, should be punished.

For instance, if the manipulator also attempted to plant a PHITV — provable via stored, digital transcripts backed up on hard servers — for the targeted person to commit a violent act in addition to creating an extreme MNES of rage, then this is strike two. Performing these two actions alone when provable via digitized transcripts can then constitute the crime of conspiracy to engineer violence, which can then be prosecuted and punished accordingly. To capture these new ways of inciting violence, a new class of crime is required, which is psychological crimes that lead to real-world violence. And, of course, these incitements are created using covert, hypnotic means rather than overt incitements to violence.

Now, if the occultic criminal also used psychological conditioning to incline the individual towards violence by analog marking specific key words, then this is strike three in addition to strikes one and two above. This then constitutes a greater crime of conspiracy to engineer violence via covert means.

If further digitized transcripts can prove any violence scripting PIPs that script the individual’s autopilot behaviors into a violent outcome and also, (a) incorporates an extreme MNES of rage into the program, (b) psychologically conditions the individual towards violence by using key conditioning words, and (c) plants PHITV into their mind, then this strike four. Having all four strikes then constitute the optimal punishment for conspiracy to engineer violence via covert and digitized means. The previous example of scripting a PIP with a violent outcome combined with an extreme MNES of rage would still be a criminal offense, albeit lesser than using all four levels of manipulation to engineer violence.

As the final level of using targeted occultism, which causes the manipulated individual to experience a psychotic break from reality, cannot be proven via criminal law due to this being a subjective experience rather than objective, this final act cannot be criminally punished. This component must, therefore, remain a moral crime, as forcefully sending someone into a temporary psychotic state against their will for a brief window of time, is an immoral act rather than a criminal one. But when this final component is used as the ‘kicker’ to manipulate the individual into a pre-set and pre-scripted destructive outcome, then the courts should take this into account when sentencing the occultic criminal for his or her crimes.

So, what category of crime needs to be updated in our current criminal laws to capture these psychological and occultic crimes? Engineering people into violence using the specific modus operandi to engineer a Crime of Manipulation falls under the category of an inchoate offense. Wikipedia defines these offenses as the following:

“An inchoate offensepreliminary crimeinchoate crime, or incomplete crime is a crime of preparing for or seeking to commit another crime. The most common example of an inchoate offense is “attempt.” “Inchoate offense” has been defined as the following: “Conduct deemed criminal without actual harm being done, provided that the harm that would have occurred is one the law tries to prevent.”

As Crimes of Manipulation always involve preparation to commit another crime — albeit done via proxy rather than directly — these occult engineered crimes can be classified as a preliminary crime/inchoate offense. The issue in these occultic crimes — when setting the person up, that is — is that the harm caused is via psychological means rather than physical. And from my studies into criminal law, psychological crimes are as yet unrecognized, which, of course, will need to change. Further, an additional amendment will need to be made because when people are successfully engineered into violence using these covert methods, then an actual crime has been committed-by-proxy — i.e., through the body of the one who was set up and manipulated. We can see there are additional levels of complexity here as these are sophisticated criminal operations.

In these cases, it is successfully causing violence or killings-by-proxy. So Crimes of Manipulation can be classified as inchoate crimes, whereby the harm caused was via psychological means, which resulted in real-world deaths and killings. And the occultic criminal can then be held accountable as the mastermind who engineered the violence. This is by the standard process through which another human being is used as the actor/vessel to carry out the violence. Namely, the one they used each level of the pyramid illustration against, which is used to engineer a Crime of Manipulation, to manipulate the individual into committing a violent act.

There are currently four classes of inchoate offenses in criminal law: Attempt, Conspiracy, Incitement, Solicitation. Therefore, a new category for Psychological Crimes or Psychological is required to capture, prevent, and criminally punish these occultic crimes.

The primary and highest level of offense in this new category of crime is conspiracy to engineer violence via digitized means, which successfully caused a violent event. In this case, the occultic criminal did successfully manipulate the individual into killing other people, so bringing optimal criminal charges against the one who set up the event is required here. If, however, the individual who was set up failed to be manipulated into committing a violent act, which is very unlikely, then the occultic criminal would face a lesser charge of conspiracy to engineer violence via digitized means, which failed to cause a violent event. These highest two categories of crime incorporate all four levels of manipulation involved, whereby the fifth level of targeted occultism is excluded due to it being subjective and not objectively provable These four levels are psychological conditioning the individual towards violence, creating an extreme MNES of murderous rage, planting PHITV inciting a violent act, and installing a violence scripting PIP into their mind.

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The lesser offenses to be criminally punished involve using a combination of those four aforementioned levels. For example, using a combination of creating an extreme MNES of rage in someone and then inciting them into violence via a planted PHITV can also carry two degrees of charges. One is conspiracy to engineer violence via artificial emotional manipulation and inciting violence via covert means, which successfully caused a violent event. Two is conspiracy to engineer violence via artificial emotional manipulation and inciting violence via covert means, which failed to cause a violent event.

It is highly improbable that an occultic criminal would expend the time and energy required to only psychologically condition someone towards violence without using any other level of manipulation, such as inciting them into a violent act via covert means. So using this conditioning towards violence level should be classified as an amplifier to engineer a violent event.

Recall that everything regarding Crimes of Manipulation is artificial. An extreme emotion is artificially cooked up, inclinations towards acting out destructively are artificially created, urges to commit specific violent acts are artificially planted, a series of specific violent actions are artificially scripted into the mind to carry out, and driving the individual into a psychotic break from reality is artificially caused, via hidden and weaponized occult means. Targeting these areas to prevent each level from being perpetrated will stop any future engineering of violence.

The one key factor regarding these occultic criminals is that by their very nature, they operate on the boundaries of what the law permits. And as demonstrated, these are some highly intelligent upper-end criminals. So it is clearly down to us as individuals to close these boundaries so tightly that these occultic manipulators are closed off in their room to maneuver, leaving them no further leeway to operate legally in committing these proxy-crimes. Their job in this world is to show us where these boundaries exist, and our job is to close these areas off after identifying them. This ensures future generations will not suffer through these same crimes, and the real criminals will be held accountable. But I would wager that once these occultic criminals face genuine risk in setting innocent people up in these crimes, that they will cease committing them. For the reason that they do not want to be jailed and punished, which is why they operate on the fringes of current criminal law in the first place.

Crimes of Manipulation involve the perpetration of psychological crimes against people, which then causes real-world violent effects. Therefore, striking at this same psychological level is how to stop these violent acts from being brought into manifestation. Consider it a way to strike at an unseen level that has the power to prevent violence from being brought into existence, and protecting people’s lives that would have otherwise been harmed.

Now, if an occultic criminal still chooses to engineer people into violence in these psychological crimes once they become a criminal offense? Then they can be held criminally accountable just like any other criminal. Our goal here is to make the risk level of setting people up in these crimes via digitized means so high that these occultic criminals will deem it way too risky to engineer people into violence, using the internet and email. The onus of accountability is on us to make these changes, however. And until then, these sophisticated criminal operations will continue going on unpunished, as it is basically a ‘free crime’ that sociopaths and psychopaths can commit to satisfy their thirst for mayhem. It goes without saying that this ability for them to fulfil this bloodlust needs to be blocked, which will force them to start respecting human life and people’s rights to live. And thankfully, this is in our power and control to make these changes.

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