How Governments Can Act Now to End these Occultic Crimes and the Massive Financial Incentives for Doing So

As mentioned in What is the Purpose of this Site?, the average cost of an individual who was set up and manipulated into violence, and who is then charged and prosecuted for that manipulated violent event, is significant over the long term. Recall that it costs around $35k per year to lock up a single prisoner in the United States of America. This equates to $1.75million total cost for a 30-year prison sentence for one individual murdering someone, and murder is a common outcome in these occult engineered crimes. And the price is far higher ($80k to $700k per year) if that individual is sentenced to death row. So by multiplying these costs involving many thousands of individuals as potential targets to set up in these crimes over many decades, equates to many billions of dollars over the long term. Further, this does not even cover the cost of striking at and removing the true criminals, which is those who engineer violence from the unseen realm into reality.

By implementing a dual strategy to prevent the engineering of future violent crime and to hold the true orchestrators of these occultic crimes criminally accountable, will remove this violent threat from society. The financial incentives for doing so can then be reinvested into tracking down and removing these occultic manipulators from the public, creating a safer and more stable society for all. With a more solid foundation in truth, justice, and accountability.

One way to achieve this is for governments to create a technologically engineered psychological crimes investigations team, who can then operate within each countries jurisdictions. These specialists can then be dedicated to locating and reverse engineering these occultic criminals attempts to engineer people into violence. The good news is that all technological infrastructure is already in place, meaning minimal cost is needed to take action. The only aspect required here is enhancing knowledge and awareness of how these occult crimes are engineered via technological means, which is all freely available on this site and explained in further detail in my book.

To start this process of identifying these criminals, it is best to start with the most effective route. In this case, it is to identify any potential new individuals who were suspected of being set up and killed in Crimes of Manipulation. Police investigations teams can achieve this. And once identified, the process can commence of reverse-engineering the digital paper trail to track down and locate the occultic criminal who engineered the violent event. Once pinpointed, algorithms can be run against the suspected manipulator’s entire email transcript history. This will pinpoint any key words used to write and script any violence scripting PIPs, or any PHITV used to incite a violent act.

By doing this, multiple cases of setting people up in Crimes of Manipulation can be harvested and reverse engineered. Then every person who was set up and engineered into violence can be identified, and the truth of what happened to them will be made known. The occultic criminal can then be criminally charged for conspiracy to engineer violence via digitized means, whereby he or she will then receive as many charges relating to how many people they manipulated into violence.


Further, it will be possible to locate the ‘digital blueprints’ of any violent event that occurred in reality. For example, if someone committed a multiple shooting in their home and shot and killed several family members with a handgun they had in storage, then scrutinization of their email transcript history may yield the blueprints of this event. In this case, a violence scripting PIP that matched this violent event — which would be with 100% accuracy, down to the minutest detail — was the cause, which installed this program into the person’s mind via an email. If such a PIP is identified alongside any other level of manipulation — which is psychological conditioning towards violence, creating an extreme MNES of rage, planting PHITV inciting violence — then conspiracy to engineer a mass killing via digitized means is the offense.

A detailed procedure guide in how to identify and capture these occult engineers of violence via digitized means is currently in production. When this is completed, it will be made freely available on this site, so local police criminal investigations departments will have full knowledge and awareness in how to track down the true instigators of technologically engineered, occult manufactured violence.

The ability to act against these occultic criminals already exists within our current technological infrastructure, so it is now a matter of will and determination to make it happen. And as mentioned, beginning this process to strike at and take out these occultic criminals one at a time will yield substantial financial incentives in the long term. In the short term, it will require some work and analysis to establish an effective system to stop these expert manipulators from engineering these crimes. And also, to make the needed changes in criminal law to punish these sophisticated criminal operations. After achieving this, it will be possible to protect many innocent people’s lives and to prevent future artificially engineered mass-killing and suicides. Families will not be torn apart by their son or daughter being engineered into killing themselves or others, and it will prevent needless suffering and bloodshed.

In addition to these many benefits, the massive amount of saved money can be reinvested into each local community and economic projects. All the while, the real instigators of the manufactured violence will be the ones locked up and punished for engineering them. In such a scenario, everyone wins — many innocent people, local communities, governments — except the occultic criminals themselves, who have to sustain these losses. It is why there is an unlimited upside towards acting now and starting the process of wiping these technologically engineered, psychological, and occultic crimes, off the face off the earth, ridding the world of these proxy-acts of violence. This will bring us to the next level of the 21st century with a more evolved and advanced ability to prevent the creation of needless violence.

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