How Police and Criminal Investigators Can Identify People that were Manipulated into Killing Themselves or Others, in these Occultic Crimes

Several ways are possible for police and criminal investigators to identify potential Crimes of Manipulation, and these come down to the following factors; all of which must be taken in context with one another. The more of these factors that apply, the higher the likelihood that psychological and occultic manipulation was involved in engineering the violent event:

1. If there was no clear motivation for the violent crime that the individual committed, or no note left as to why they committed it.

If the individual was killed during the violent event, such as through a violent suicide like shooting themselves in the head with a gun, or jumping to their death from a high-rise apartment window, or taking an overdose of powerful pills, then did they leave a note of their intention to die? If their loved ones and friends had no clue of their suicidal intentions and the death came out of the blue, then this is a potential red flag for the involvement of psychological manipulation. This is the first indicator of potential foul play, and the ways to rule this out will be stated shortly.

In the case of an individual committing a violent crime involving killing other people, such as a mass shooting, then was there a clear motivation for the killings other than ‘temporary insanity’? Recall that in all Crimes of Manipulation, a temporary state of insanity/psychotic break from reality is caused — which precedes any act of violence — via targeted occultism, like with what happened to me when I was attacked. If a state of temporary insanity is declared to be the cause of a violent event, then this is another red flag that potential occultic manipulation underpinned and engineered the violence.

To give some examples of mass shootings that could potentially be Crimes of Manipulation, consider the Appomattox shootings and the Hialeah shootings. In these cases, the men mentioned either witchcraft or demons. Both of which are further potential red flags indicating that these killings were occult engineered via a PIP, activated extreme MNES, combined with targeted occultism and ritual magic to drive the individuals’ psychotic before they carried out the killings. This is why it is important to look at mass killings on a case by case basis to ascertain key details looking for indications that occult manipulation was involved.

2. No prior planning of the violent event. It occurred out of nowhere.

In an FBI study entitled “Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States Between 2000 and 2013,” it was found that 77% of the study subjects spent a week or longer planning their attack. (The full report can be downloaded here.) This leaves one-quarter of all mass shootings that occurred on the spur of the moment; these shootings can then be suspected to have had occult underpinnings engineering the individuals into committing them. Further, in 21% of all active shooter cases that were studied (page 21 of the report), there was no primary grievance motivating the killings. So this one-fifth ratio of all mass shootings ties into being potential Crimes of Manipulation.

In the other four-fifths of mass-shootings, Crimes of Manipulation can be clearly ruled out as these attacks were pre-meditated.

Cases such as the NYE Murders and Appomattox shootings had no planning and occurred out of the blue, whereby those individuals murdered their family members. Temporary insanity was blamed in both cases, which is a key indicator for the involvement of targeted occultism and ritual magic in causing that temporary psychosis when a PIP was activated scripting the murders. This is, therefore, the second indicator to take into account.

3. No history of abusive behavior.

According to the above-mentioned FBI study into mass-shootings, 89% of all shooters had a history of either acting abusively, exhibiting stalking and harassing type behavior, engaged in bullying, or were involved with intimate partner violence. (This figure comprises 62% abusive, harassing, bullying behavior, 16% intimate partner violence, and 11% stalking behavior — page 12 of the FBI report.) So if an individual had no prior history of any of these abusive behaviors before they committed a violent act, then it is a rather large indicator that they could have been engineered into carrying out the violence. However, it is, of course, also possible that individuals who do exhibit these behaviors could be set up and engineered into violence too. But as a marker and taken into account with the other two points above, someone who does not exhibit such behaviors and then committed a brutally violent, one-off violent act raises red flags.

Cases where a young man is still living at home, who then ends up shooting his parents or siblings dead, is another red flag that occultic manipulation was involved, as familicide is a reason for setting people up in these crimes. Taking this factor into account in cases where this also occurred is another indicator.

Definition of word scrutiny in dictionary

Meeting the above criteria means the next stage is now needed, which is to scrutinize the individual’s social media and email accounts for the previous 12 months that preceded the violent act’s outbreak. Raw data can be obtained from hard servers that can then be fed into a database, whereby a search query can be run to locate a combination of “analog marked key word phrases” and violence conditioning words. For example, by searching marked key words such as “people,” “killed them,” “shot him,” “knifed them,” “bloodshed,” “gassed them to death,” and other similar violence conditioning phrases. If the system locates any of these marked key words, then further manual scrutinization of those emails will reveal details of any written PIPs that will match the violent event the individual committed. Consider locating such information as the ‘digital blueprints’ that engineered the bloodshed, whereby it would match with 100% accuracy what occurred in real life, albeit several months before it happened.

Moreover, the scrutinization of any emails or social media instant messages that were sent several days before the violent event occurred will locate any PHITV planted during that time period too. These can include a suggested emotional state matching the pre-installed extreme MNES combined with a violent action to commit, such as “he might go berserk and shoot people with a rifle (he has a rifle stored at home).”

After locating such crucial information, the real engineer of the destruction can then be tracked down and held accountable to prevent them from manufacturing future violent crimes.

Note that the above points also apply to those individuals who committed an act of violence against themselves, such as a sudden suicide, or attacking another single person, or even violently attacking their property (such as blowing it up with standard household items like a gas oven, etc.) Each case should be analyzed in context. Meaning that with every indicator involved, amplifies the likelihood that psychological and occultic manipulation was the real cause of the violence that broke out. Following this trail will then lead to the real mastermind of the violent crime that occurred, who can then be held accountable for setting up the event.

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