Regular Incitements to Violence are a Criminal Offense, so Why are Hypnotically Engineered Incitements to Violence Legal to Commit against People? Where is the Logic Here?

It is important to understand that NLP/hypnosis/covert hypnosis is merely one small aspect for engineering regular people into violence. The more severe levels involved, which need to be taken in relation to one another, are the following:

1. Using covert psychological conditioning procedures to reformulate someone’s nature into having violent & destructive tendencies. (This is the psychological alchemy component I mentioned in my book; the harmful/negative alchemy, that is.)

2. Using the same covert psychological conditioning procedures to forcefully show the individual violent & brutal imagery every time they become angry or feel hate or shame. Such as seeing images of themselves shooting or knifing people to death, blowing up a property, etc., forming in their mind’s eye.

3. Conditioning a state of rage and intense agitation, then anchoring these to a digitized trigger phrase, so it is possible to trigger these two combined explosive emotions, later, on command.

4. Using a combination of NLP and covert hypnosis to write and install destructive autopilot behavioral scripting programs that hack into that person’s mind, flood their body & mind with agitated rage, then script them into committing a final violent outcome.

5. Using a digitized instant deep trance state induction to send the person into a temporary state of amnesia, so post-hypnotic incitements to violence can be planted into their mind. And then remotely trigger the extreme MNES of explosive agitated rage to cause one of those incited planted violent acts to occur.

6. Using ritual magic/targeted occultism to forcefully cause the manipulated individual to experience the equivalent of a powerful hallucinogenic trip, making everything become dreamlike. Whereby one of the above scripted (for PIPs) or planted violent acts will likely occur. Why is this almost certain? Because when a person feels like they are dreaming and that reality is no longer real, they are liable to do something violent and irreversible.

So with all of these points in mind, we can see that hypnosis is only one small component of engineering people into violence. I have been studying court cases where hypnosis has been involved in setting up a crime, and one of the main arguments put forth by the courts is that hypnosis cannot force/coerce a person into committing a criminal or violent act against their own will. Well, when hypnosis is used alone without any other manipulation involved, then this claim could well be true.

However, as you can see from the above 6 points, this is completely not the case in these engineered violent crimes. The two facts alone of creating an emotional state of explosive rage and then covertly planting an incitement to violently attack someone or blow up a property, for instance, are more than potent enough alone to be classified as a criminal offense. And that is without the other four major points involved. Regular incitements to violence always involve stoking up intense emotions in people, such as rage and hatred, and then directly inciting them into attacking another group of people as an outlet for those fierce emotions. This is illegal almost everywhere in the world.

In the alternative way (as explained above) to incite people into violence, this same intense emotional state is cooked up beforehand but instead by using covert psychological conditioning techniques, whereby it is then locked against a trigger phrase so that it can be later released on command. And then an incitement to attack another person, or a group of people, or even attacking a property (i.e., blowing it up) is given to them. Except in this alternative way to incite violence, the intense emotion is caused manually via the trigger phrase, and the planted incitement, which is also attached to the manually cooked up extreme emotion (i.e., an incitement to go berserk and shoot someone with a crossbow), is given second. But as you can see, both examples inciting violence do precisely the same thing: cause a heightened emotional state in a person, and then incite them into violently attacking someone or something. One is via direct means, and the other is via covert means.

Forget text on hand design concept

The only difference with the alternative form of inciting violence is that these are planted when the person is in a temporary amnesiac state, and a delete and forget instruction is included at the bottom of the email containing it. This means the individual will be unaware that the incitement was planted into their mind. But when they return to baseline consciousness, the anchored trigger phrase would then be sent to them via email, which then releases the previously cooked-up state of explosive rage. And once this occurs, the planted incitement to violence will then be triggered as well. If they act it out, which they almost certainly will due to the multiple layers of various psychological conditioning and artificially caused extreme emotion involved, then they will be none the wiser that the incitement was planted. Still, both versions of incitement equally incite violence, albeit using different techniques to do so.

So what I would like to know is why the first regular form of inciting violence is illegal almost everywhere. While the second form of inciting violence — albeit via covert/hidden means rather than overt — is legal to commit against people? Do you not see a problem with this? Personally, I believe that regardless of the method used — whether covert or overt — to incite a person into committing a violent act, means the inciter should be punished equally through criminal law with no exception. This is despite the method used to incite the bloodshed. It is illogical that one form of engineering violence is permissible, while the other type is not.

Further, I have not even mentioned the psychological conditioning towards acting out violently or hacking into the person’s mind and installing a destructive behavioral program to carry out specific, scripted violent instructions on autopilot. Neither have I included forcefully plunging them into a psychotic break from reality via ritual magic/targeted occultism. And these also amplify such an incited, planted violent act to occur.

Now, I understand entirely that current criminal law cannot prove if ritual magic/targeted occultism was used to manipulate a person’s consciousness to force them into what feels like a dream state — making it feel like they had been forced fed a hefty dosage of LSD or ‘magic mushrooms.’ This means this is one component that cannot be proven or punished. For the reason that using this targeted occultism/ritual magic against an individual would be experienced by them as a subjective experience. So this is one part of the crime that cannot be punished. But using provable digitized email transcripts to prove the conditioning and installation of an extreme emotional state of explosive rage, which is then anchored to a digitized phrase, as well as the covert psychological conditioning procedure to reformulate someone’s nature, so they are heavily geared towards violence, is provable. The final planted incitements to commit a violent act contained in the emails with the PHITV, which the person would receive only hours before any violent act occurs, is also completely provable.

What about the autopilot behavioral scripting programs? Can these be proven and punished too? Yes, it is relatively easy to identify these coded programs hidden in emails due to using one key metric to install them. And that is the programming key words of “joyous,” “wonderful,” “relaxing,” “beautiful,” etc., being used throughout the program’s installation. So once an occultic criminal has been identified, and by feeding their email transcripts into a database, execution of a search query will locate the above words. By doing this, will then pinpoint the single email containing the PIP. Once this has been found, a manual read of that message will reveal the full program, which can then be decoded line by line to find out what violent outcome the program scripted.

Now, when proven that the anchored trigger phrase for the extreme MNES was built into the program, in addition to scripting a violent outcome, then this too should be classified as an incitement to violence (except in a much more sophisticated manner). This is because the program scripts specific instructions to attack someone violently or to commit a specific violent act, as well as combining this with an explosive emotional state.

In conclusion, hypnosis alone may not be enough to coerce/force an individual into committing a violent act. But when using every six of the points detailed above in tandem with one another — whereby each point strengthens and reinforces the others — then almost any person can be manipulated into committing a violent act, and sometimes a very bloody one at that. Criminal law needs to be updated to account for these combined levels, so the engineers of these psychological and occultic crimes are held accountable. This will then prevent them from setting up more innocent people.

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