Symptoms of Being Attacked by Black Magic/Dark Arts Occultism

Before I was set up and attacked, there were many telltale signs of occult manipulation going on. This lasted for that entire year preceding the attack. The most pronounced of which were the following:

1. Random people — both online and offline — making remarks about what I was doing in the privacy of my own home.

For example, several days before the attack, I wanted to research what to do if someone was attacking me through occult means. And instead of using my regular web-browser to do this, I got worried thinking that someone was tracking my online activities. So instead, I opened up an incognito web browser on my mobile to find the information I was seeking. Then several hours later, I switched on YouTube and clicked on a video in my feed. And when I pressed play, the man on the video said, “It is just like going incognito; there is no other word to describe it. There is no running from these people. They know everything about us.” As soon as I heard this, I was extremely shocked and no longer felt safe. Hearing those words from this man confirmed my worse suspicions that I was being watched by someone, which worried me about searching for new information.

Another example is that someone I knew made a strange remark to me about a banker who flipped out from the extreme stress he was under and killed a lot of people. (I used to work as a banker by the way, so this comment indirectly alluded to me.) This occurred a couple of days before the attack. A sense of dread struck after I was told this, although I did not understand why. Little did I know it was because I was to be set up in those next few days to commit that exact scenario. Except, of course, I managed to avoid this intended destructive outcome. Nevertheless, we can see that the foreknowledge of future manipulation feeds down from the realm of the unseen in a way that other people speak it out to the one undergoing manipulation.

2. A variety of people looked possessed by an entity at times — looking at me like something otherworldly had taken over them.

What happened to me here was identical to what occurred in the movie Fallen, starring Denzel Washington. In this movie, a fallen angel — so an evil spirit in other words — followed the character Denzel played, everywhere he went. The entity would enter random people, briefly take over their bodies and minds, and then harass and taunt Denzel for a while. And in the film, the reason the spirit had the power to do this was because no man could resist its influence. So anytime the entity wanted to harass him, no person in the world could resist allowing the entity to take over them briefly.

And it was this same similar phenomenon I faced in the year leading up to the attack. Everywhere I went, I encountered this identical possessed type look from random people. They would go from normal-looking facial expressions to looking like something foreign had taken over them, which was followed by a knowing grin. At times, there appeared to be something beneath their eyes following my gaze. Whatever it was under the surface, looked like it knew me, even though I had never seen any of these people before. Now, when this occurred a handful of times, I found it peculiar but put it down to some people being strange. But when it started happening for the seventh, eighth, ninth times and kept repeating, I realized that something else was going on.

This continued right up until the attack, and then the issue disappeared as fast as it initially began. In hindsight, I now see that whatever spiritual entity was involved in the attack was using such random people to keep me off balance. It must have followed me around everywhere to let me know it was watching. Initially, it did freak me out, but then I began to expect it. And because it became so common during that year before the attack, I simply said what I thought was going on, which is that an entity was manipulating people, or manipulating reality around me, in other words. This was so it could alarm me in some way.

Due to these random occurrences becoming so common, I gave it the term ‘reality manipulation.’ So anytime it occurred, I was able to casually dismiss it by saying, “It is just reality manipulation again.” This enabled me to carry on with my affairs with no further issues. Note that this term also encompasses random comments from random people regarding only things I knew about. And also, making veiled threats towards me, one of which I received several months before the attack. This involved someone who commented to me online, which stated, “If you think things are bad now, you haven’t seen nothing yet.” Followed by a demonic emoji.

It was like an unseen spiritual being was pulling the strings of people around me to trouble me.

Hand opening bedroom door in pitch black

3. Significant attacks on sleep and the ability to rest/night terrors.

My ability to sleep restfully was heavily disrupted in the months leading up to the attack of 9/11/14. I experienced a strange onset of headaches that occurred only at night time, even though my doctor could find no cause and said it was likely stress related. And this alone made it difficult to fall asleep.

I experienced two strange events, too. One of which was when I woke up in the middle of the night and found a faceless entity standing by my bed. I woke up terrorized and unable to move due to the immense fear, and the presence of pure evil surrounded me. This terrified me so much that I covered my head to protect myself, and the entity then disappeared. This event, however, occurred 1.5 years before the attack. In hindsight, it felt like this foreshadowed the evil I was going to contend with at a future time.

Sometime after the above occurred, and just before falling asleep one night, I heard a demonic type voice whisper into my ear, “I am coming for you…” And the final you trailed off to make it an extended pronunciation. After hearing this, I jumped straight out bed and stopped myself falling asleep because I was terrified and did not know what to make of it.

My dreams were bizarre, too, with recurring themes of torture and being killed. The image of the Baphomet kept appearing multiple times also. I recall one dream in particular when I received a letter with my name and address on the envelope, with the same Baphomet glyph stamped on the top right of it.

And there was one specific dream that horrified me, which occurred days before the attack launch, where a black cobra was chasing me, and it then struck and bit me. I later discovered that a black cobra is a universal dream symbol for those dealing with targeted evil in their lives.

Needless to say, with all the above combined, I lived in a constant state of stress and lethargy from the lack of restful sleep during this time. This meant I was in a heavily weakened state before the attack launch in November 2014.

4. Isolated strange instances.

The first bizarre event in that same year involved the police being sent to my property for no reason. They said someone called them claiming to have heard gunshots coming from my home. One policeman was in a rage, and one was calm — the classic good cop, bad cop scenario. They arrived banging heavily on my front door, which also set off a loud alarm that I didn’t even know I had. After coming in to investigate and finding nothing wrong, they spoke to me and saw that I was a reasonable person. Seeing this, they then realized someone had called them out to my property for no reason, so they left with no further issues. This was one of many strange occurrences.

Another incident was when I was in my apartment; I walked over to my balcony area and saw these three people, two middle-aged men, and a woman, look like they were in a trance state and staring towards my living room’s direction. It looked like something had taken over them. Very similar to what occurred multiple times with random people, except this time, it was three at the same time and aimed at my own home, which was creepy. Once seeing this, I challenged them and told them to get lost, so they immediately did.

On a couple of occasions, I felt a strong constriction in the space around me — feeling like something was watching me. This occurred when I was in my living room or kitchen, and it was like some unseen entity or even a person using an occult ability was in my space and watching me. The area around me felt tight, and I felt very uneasy. A sense of anxiety would accompany this too, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get whatever this thing was away from me. It felt like an invisible intruder was with me in my space with nothing I could do to get rid of it.

What also tied into the above was the manipulation of certain webpages, namely ones that contained random text for captcha phrases. I received threatening words appear on screen in the text boxes now and again, such as, “murdered,” “shot & bloody,” “going insane,” and “pentagram.” What followed this was the same tightness and constricted feeling in the environment around me. At one point, it became so intense, I had to stop working at my desk, so I could lie down to cope with it.

To summarize and by taking all the above into account, it is clear these unseen malicious entities have the power to manipulate reality, including technology, and also any people around us. The reason they do this is to anger, annoy, irritate, elicit emotional responses, and cause alarm. This is in addition to the massive assaults on sleep and the ability to rest. Both of which seem to be part of an overall attack strategy, whereby the one being attacked through dark arts occultism is weakened in all the above ways before the ‘final strike’ attack is made. Consider the above as equivalent to using artillery and airstrikes against an area before a ground invasion occurs. A weakened target of black magic will be much easier to manipulate into a deadly outcome in a Crime of Manipulation after all other levels of manipulation are applied.

By being aware of what to expect, and why these instances occur, enables a counter-strategy to be set in place against it and not be caught off guard.

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