How do You Know if One of Your Loved Ones may have been Killed in these Occultic Crimes?

I have so far encountered three isolated instances of these occultic crimes where the people who were manipulated into ending their lives or severely injuring themselves were two young men and one woman, all of which were in their early twenties. They were unrelated to one another, and neither did any of them know each other. One of these men was manipulated via dark arts occultism into using a weapon he had stored at home and shooting himself with it. He died instantly. The other incident with the other young man involved him being either killed or injured — I am not sure which — after he was manipulated through the same occult techniques to jump out of his apartment window. The final incident involving the young woman involved her ending her life in that same manner, via jumping from her apartment window. In all three cases, this left the parents of these young adults entirely distraught, extremely confused as to what occurred and why, and then leaving them to live the rest of their lives with these tragic losses.

After what occurred to me when I was attacked in one of these crimes, and after I reverse engineered how people are being manipulated into committing suicide or killing others, all purely using the internet, I put two and two together. I cannot prove these three isolated cases were caused using dark arts occultism combined with internet-delivered digitized NLP hypnotic techniques, which then scripted these three people’s actions into destructive outcomes. But I do know that the occultic criminals who attacked me were also involved with these three people too. And as the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.

If you are a parent reading this who has lost one of your adult children through tragic circumstances that you cannot find an answer or explanation for, then, first of all, I am very sorry for your loss. I am not saying their death may have been an occult engineered crime, as it is impossible for me to say. But if you have a strong intuition that something does not make sense and losing your child in the manner you did has created much confusion, due to the suddenness of what occurred, then the involvement of internet-delivered dark arts occultism is a possibility. I would like you to know that if this is the case and occult manipulation was involved in your adult child’s death, then please know that your son or daughter was a victim of a very sophisticated hidden crime, and your child is not to blame for what occurred. The orchestrators are very intelligent criminals who abuse dark arts occult techniques to manufacture these destructive outcomes.

Again, I am sorry for your loss, and I cannot imagine the immense pain that you have had to contend with. My work aims to begin holding accountable the occultic criminals who are doing this to innocent people using the internet, so they can be stopped in engineering further innocent people into violent outcomes. This is to ensure that no further families are torn apart, and no more parents will lose their children in this way.

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