What to Do if You’re Being Attacked by Black Magic

Disclaimer for this page and the advice herein – The below advice is based on either, (a) how I overcame my attack, (b) what I would do if I were to face another occult attack via technologically delivered means. Following the below does not guarantee you will be successful in overcoming black magic, as these are very powerful forces, but it does amplify your chances. The author disclaims all liability for any advice herein, and all is done so at the reader’s own risk. If you do not agree to this, then please leave this page and seek an experienced occult specialist, which I am not. I am merely a regular man who overcame an attack to claim my life that employed black magic against me.

Primary ways to counter the effects of being attacked by occult forces:

1. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

This first point is explained perfectly by a quote from The Art of War:

Sun Tzu said: Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted.”

From my post-attack studies into occultism and esoteric sacred texts, I found that people who are weak in body and mind are easy prey for malevolent occult forces, including any individuals who seek to attack us through such means. This is due to the energetic field we all have as individuals becoming weakened, which then gives parasitical and malicious entities a way to siphon our energy and make us weaker. Therefore, this was the first area of my life I began to fortify against. I started strength training/weight lifting to strengthen my body, boxing, and running for exercise/cardio, and a daily meditation/spiritual practice to strengthen my mind. I also did much therapeutic/psychological work to deal with past unresolved issues I had, which cleared those out too. This is in addition to reading hundreds of new books to enhance myself intellectually and strengthen my mind further. Eating a healthy, rounded diet full of nutrition has been critical too.

All of these combined have compounded one another, and each area now strengthens the others. My energy has renewed, I have become stronger and more grounded than ever before, and my vitality has restored. It is much more difficult for these occultic criminals to attack someone in such a strengthened state. Prior to the attack, I did not exercise or strength train at all, and I also had some addiction issues combined with the aforementioned unresolved past issues to contend with. My nutrition was sub-par, too, as I did not really care what I ate. Post surviving the attack, and since I discovered this information about how a strong body and mind is antithetical to being attacked, I vowed never to let myself become weakened again.

So the first major point if you suspect you are being attacked by occultism is to ensure you are keeping yourself as strong and healthy as possible. Face and deal with any past issues you have not dealt with. Start an exercise and strength training regime you enjoy, which applies to women too, albeit not lifting as heavy as men. And integrate a meditation practice to gain mastery over your mind and emotions, as well as a nutritious diet to nourish and strengthen yourself. A stronger enemy is much harder to attack, and these people do not like strong individuals. They prefer to attack those who are weakened and going through hard times, which is a quintessential component of their cowardly and predatory nature.

2. Do not become freaked out or frightened by any ‘reality manipulation’ around you.

As I explained in Symptoms of Being Attacked by Black Magic, if you start hearing random people you encounter in your daily life or anyone online — through YouTube videos, for instance — making remarks about your private life or online activities, then know it is done purely to alarm you. Therefore, do the opposite of this and remain calm, knowing the strategy is to scare you. It is hard to be alarmed or afraid of something when you know what to expect and why it occurs. An entity seeking to trouble you wants you to be on the backfoot and afraid. So being bold and unmoved, despite its attempts, is doing the opposite of what it desires: your fear and complicity.

If you are going about your daily affairs or to work and you see random people looking like they were possessed by something otherworldly, and they looked at you like they knew you, then keep your mind at peace and do not be alarmed. The entity operating through them is merely seeking to elicit emotional responses from you. The technique used to deal with narcissists and sociopaths works equally well against these entities, which is the ‘grey rock’ technique. Be unphased and control your emotions, refusing to give it the fear or anger it is seeking. The principle behind this is to become as stoic as a grey rock. And as these entities and types of people who try to elicit emotional reactions in others do it for this reason, they eventually get bored and move on elsewhere. The good news is that once the attack is over, you will likely never reencounter this. As the only time I have ever dealt with this, was that year before the attack launch. Like there was literally an unseen entity following me everywhere and harassing me in this manner.

A woman seeking my advice, who also had problems with similar occult harassment, found that her children were being used to cause her alarm, such as by drawing specific symbols that only had meaning to her. This included people in her family making comments that intended to scare her. So if you have children then expect them to be used in this way too. However, the point is again the same here: refuse to be panicked at these attempts to cause you alarm.

Don't panic text concept, torn brown paper

3. If you are in the late stages of being attacked, meaning you are being set up into committing a violent act via occult means, then the first major point is to remain calm.

If now at this stage, then you will likely be feeling terrorized, experiencing immense anxiety, confusion, and in great fear for your life (or worse). You will be wondering how the world around you could take on a hell-like appearance, or if indeed, you have woken up in hell. I have good news and bad news regarding this. The good news is that despite how horrific everything may seem, you are the one in full control of yourself at all times. Nothing can harm you. And as black magic intends to manipulate people into violence against either themselves or others, know that this is the outcome to prevent.

To achieve this, identify any actions that could occur to cause death or injury to yourself or others and fight with all your strength to prevent those actions from occurring. For example, if you had a knife set in the kitchen, then say out loud to yourself, “I will not hurt myself or anyone else with a knife no matter what happens.” Or if you had powerful medications within your home, then state to yourself, again out loud, “I will not take an overdose to hurt myself no matter what happens.” Or if you lived in a high-rise apartment and had a window facing the street outside, then also say out loud, “I will not jump out of that window no matter what happens to me.” If you had a gas oven in the kitchen, then state to yourself, “I will not turn on that oven until this attack is over, no matter what happens to me.”

And you then consciously focused all your energy on preventing those dangerous actions from occurring, will then actively fight the black magic. The way black magic works is that it manifests through in the most convenient route to cause harm or death to the body, or to others if they were near you. So by consciously identifying these individual routes and shutting them down in the above manner, closes these routes off, preventing the causation of any harm.

Now for the bad news. The bad news is that you are going to be contending with some immensely powerful and convincing illusions to trick you into believing you will be hurt or killed. Know that this is all LIES and an illusion. You are sovereign and powerful and are the one who is in control of your actions at all times. Yes, these illusions will be insanely convincing, and the terrorization you will experience will be beyond anything you knew possible, but they are still illusions nonetheless. Focus your energy on what you do have control over, which is NOT carrying out any act that could cause you or others injury or death.

4. Know that any negative energy sent your way through ritual magic cannot force you into committing a violent act against your will.

If an occultic criminal were to attack you using ritual magic and sending negative energy your way by evoking an entity, which intended to cause you harm, then know that it cannot hurt you directly. It can only harass, intimidate, and scare you. It will make your life horrendous for the period of time it is sent your way, but the power over your own actions, your body, and your mind belongs in your hands. Refuse to be manipulated into doing anything dangerous by one of these entities. Place yourself on lockdown and wait for it to go back from where it came. Wait out the period with patience.

Someone switching off a laptop & internet

5. Shut down your internet, do not check any emails, avoid YouTube (or other video-sharing platforms), avoid all social media, and switch off all electronic devices, including your phone.

If you are reading this while someone is attacking you via occultism and you are still connected to the internet, then click here to download the PDF version of this page. Then disconnect from the internet entirely and read this offline, as it is too dangerous to remain connected. Digital manipulation may occur to trigger any previously planted PHITV or encourage you to activate a PIP. Further, the anchored trigger phrase to activate the extreme MNES via an email or chat system message could be sent to you. You must prevent this at all costs, so disconnect yourself completely. Also, attempts to trigger a trance state, so that new PHITV can be planted into you via email could occur, too, so prevent this by not looking at your emails until the attack is over.

The entity involved in harassing and terrorizing you will also seek to manipulate you into acting out one of the previously planted violent acts. Don’t. Instead, shut down all digital avenues where you can be shown words or images intended to terrorize you into violence and block these off at their root. An inverse point here is that every time you successfully shut down an avenue of potential harm, you will experience greater stress, fear, anxiety, and alarm as a punishment from the entity. So when this occurs, take it is a good sign that what you are doing is working successfully. Keep those devices switched off and do your best to endure the sheer boredom of doing nothing at all, combined with occasional bouts of torment, until the attack ends.

6. Do not delete any emails or any online content such as social media accounts, despite feeling any overwhelming desires to do so.

You may feel a powerful compulsion to delete emails from a particular person, namely the occultic criminal who is orchestrating all the madness. But resist this urge with everything you can. The reason for this is due to the activation of a hypnotic program, which then triggers an intense emotional element to compel you to complete the action of deleting your emails. Fight it and do not carry it out. Doing so will not end the attack, but instead will amplify everything. Shut down your internet and emails and carry out no further actions, despite how compelling it may feel to carry them out.

7. Do not fall for any strategic lull points that occur during the attack period.

Do not be tricked into believing the attack is over when it may just be a strategic lull point. The usage of these lull points is to get you to lower your guard and believe that everything is back to normal. And if you do get deceived into believing this? The attack will amplify when you least expect it, and either you or someone else will get hurt or worse. In my case, I had to wait an entire week before the attack was truly over, so I could return to my daily life. Therefore, play it safe and assume the attack is still ongoing even when you suspect it may be over.

8. Endure the periods of occult long-distance torture as best as possible.

You will likely have periods of feeling poking and prodding into your body with hot knives, and being nearly strangled to death, and being filled with what feels like cold lead pumping through your body, and feeling like your heart is going to jump out of your chest. This is in addition to continual fear and terrorization throughout the attack period. Know that none of these things can hurt or kill you, but they will cause much pain and alarm when they occur. Fight to remain calm and endure the pain it brings. It will pass eventually.

9. Do not endanger any of your friends or loved ones.

While under occult attack, you are at very high risk of either harming yourself or another person. A primary goal of black magic is to trick the manipulated individual into being around friends or loved ones. This is so you might attack these people through a combination of previous dark arts hypnotic manipulation, violence conditioning, the activation of an extreme MNES, or activating an installed PIP. It is perilous to get your friends and family directly involved while under attack through black magic.

Therefore, take the indirect route if you have to get another person involved — that is, if you find you cannot cope alone. In such a case, total honesty with the police is likely the best option. Explain to them the truth that you are under attack by occultism, and you are currently a great danger to yourself and others. Ask if you can be kept under restraint until you are safe again. And once you have informed the police, ask them to notify any of your friends or loved ones.

However, the police may decide to keep you under mental health restraint with possibly an antipsychotic drug, to prevent you from being a danger. If this occurs, there is a risk they may detain you for a relatively long time. But this is a better option than being killed by occultism or being manipulated into injuring or killing anyone else. If you decide to resist the black magic yourself, then prepare for the final stage:

Selective focus on the word illusion dictionary definition

10. When the final illusion arrives, fight it by grounding yourself in reality and knowing what to expect.

If everything gets brought to its highest level while you are being attacked through black magic, then you will be plunged into the equivalent of a potent psychedelic drug trip. Your consciousness will start to expand like someone is turning an invisible dial and messing with the mechanics of reality. Everything around you will amplify in brightness, vividness, and colour, while a loud buzzing sound will almost deafen you. This will amplify until a rip in the fabric of reality occurs. You will likely be knocked over by the impact. And when you get up, the world around will look cartoon-like with many thousands of invisible entities all watching you.

Your body will feel like it weighs three times its normal size. You will feel a heavy, prickly sensation hammering down over your body, all the while feeling terrorized and dazed, and you will stumble around in panic and horror.

Now, if/when this event occurs, affirm to yourself as many times as needed, “This is the black magic. Nothing can hurt me. I will not do anything that can hurt me or anyone else. This is all illusion. It is not real. I will be okay. Nothing can hurt me.” Then what will occur is one of the unseen entities in that realm will start messing with your mind. It will communicate with you mentally in the realm of your thoughts and sound immensely convincing in what it says. But again, it is all illusion and lies. It will make you experience emotions of terrorization and sheer dread that you never knew possible. And this is to manipulate you into harming or killing yourself or someone else in some way. Disregard absolutely everything it says no matter how convincing. Lay face down on the floor with your arms folded, so they are crossed underneath your head. This will prevent you from moving them.

Next, ensure you fight with all the strength within to stay in this position and do not move like your life depends on it — because it does. As what will occur next is it will feel like you are being possessed by some external force, like a puppet master off stage is directing your movements. This is also a very powerful illusion that you can break by locking yourself down in the floor position. You are more powerful than this force, providing you stay down and do not move. Breathe deeply while doing this and wait.

Continue in this position until you feel the world around you gradually return to normal. You will feel the heaviness over your body start to reduce. The buzzing will progressively recede, and the unseen entities will feel to fade away. Wait a little while longer to confirm the illusion is now over. Once back to ordinary awareness, you will likely feel safer for breaking the black magic. You held your nerve, outsmarted it, and made it through. If you make it this far, then the ordeal is almost certainly now over.

In summary, it is a terrifying ordeal to be targeted and attacked by black magic, and you will encounter insane levels of terrorization and anxiety. Your ability to withstand intense emotions will be tested. This is in addition to your unconscious behaviors being programmed and manipulated towards destructive outcomes. And the occultic criminal will make many attempts to ramp up emotional turmoil and trigger you into committing one of those deadly outcomes. By following the above points, will optimize your chances of out-strategizing the black magic and preventing any destructive act from crystallizing into reality.

Remember that you are the one in control of your actions at all times. And no matter how convincing an illusion may feel to manipulate you into injuring or killing yourself or others, it is just that: a powerful illusion. Place yourself on lockdown and wait for the danger to pass, as you can and will overcome it.

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