Making Yourself Non-Manipulatable: The 7 Keys – How to Become Crime of Manipulation ‘Bullet Proof’

7 key points are needed to safeguard your mind from being hacked into and tampered with by these expert occultic manipulators. By completing all the below, you will have the equivalent of a hackproof firewall and antivirus system installed and protecting your mind from weaponized psychological manipulation — rendering the intended mayhem creation of these dark arts criminals, null and void.

In this case, these psychological protection systems will guard your mind against corruption, including, (a) preventing your emotions being rerouted to cause brutally violent imagery without your conscious control to stop seeing them, (b) protecting your emotions from being hacked into and tampered with into a state of explosive rage, (c) preventing the installation of autopilot scripting programs that script your unconsciously controlled behaviors into a violent outcome. The 7 points are:

1. Safeguarding personal information.

Be cautious of the personal information you share and make visible publicly, especially on social media networks. Do not reveal details about any family you live with or even your living situation, as a primary target for people who are set up usually involves those they live with, including family, housemates, friends, etc. If someone is inquisitive about your living situation then err on the side of caution and say you would rather not share such information. Make it as hard as possible for any random person online to slot you into a particular category, such as a man living with two housemates, or a woman living alone in an apartment complex, or a young woman living at home with parents, etc. Keep this information secret. Also, be careful of any photos you share online that could give such information away. Make your public Facebook profile private and be suspicious of any new person you do not know who is seeking to befriend you. This is because they may be seeking access to your personal details — considering to set you up in a Crime of Manipulation.

2. Preventing your mind from being paced into a trance state.

If you establish instant chat or email contact with a new person you meet on social media, then watch for them being overly friendly or overly similar to you and your interests. If someone claims to have almost identical interests, political views, spiritual beliefs, and hobbies as you, then be very cautious. This is because they may be trying to mirror and match your personality and interests, so they can get you into a relaxed, trusting, and suggestible state. And if they can establish this rapport with you, then the next stage will occur.

3. Treat any “analog marked word” you see anyone use, with extreme suspicion.

If you find any person using “quotation marks” around “seemingly random” words within an email to you, or even via instant chat messaging, then immediately call them out on this practice and state outright to them: why are you analog marking certain key words in your messages to me? This will stop any attempts to manipulate your unconscious mind, dead in its tracks. This is the primary manipulation tool they use to psychologically manipulate people’s minds via digitized means. Blocking this, therefore, blocks any attempts to manipulate your unconscious mind.

4. Know how language can be used to manipulate your unconsciously controlled behaviors.

This includes the digitized NLP techniques of covert conditioninganchoringpresuppositions, as well as the usual pacing & leading, and analog marking. Understanding how to identify these covert behavioral manipulation techniques, and how and why they work, guards you against them.

5. Know how to recognize deceptive language that is used to deliver veiled statements of intentions for future planned violence.

By understanding how these occultic criminals hide their true statements of intended future violence, and also the consequences for following through with any manipulated violent acts, within broader messages, enables you to identify and reject them. Doing so will cause the manipulator to abandon their attempts to set you up.

Skull & crossbones on computer system coding

6. Know how destructive autopilot behavioral scripting programs — PIPs — can be written, coded, and installed into your mind via covert hypnosis ‘hypnotic stories.’

Understanding how these destructive violence scripting programs are crafted and installed into the mind in the form of a ‘hypnotic story’ ensures no-one can ever install one into you.

7. Know how every level from the Crimes of Manipulation pyramid illustration works in concert with one another to manipulate almost any individual into committing a violent act.

Be fully aware of how regular people can be manipulated into violence in these sophisticated criminal operations. This is achieved using a combination of digitized NLP techniques and covert hypnosis — all explained throughout this site — which employ the five levels to engineer a Crime of Manipulation. Understanding these various levels means the ability to guard ourselves at every one of these same levels.

Guarding against all the above points will also prevent these manipulators’ ability to plunge you into an other-worldly, dream-like state. This is because the critical personal information they need to do so will not be in their possession. So following the above will protect you against this also.

The one aspect these occultic criminals still hold the power to do without our ability to stop them is the evocation of unseen entities. They can still conjure these intelligent beings to harass and cause trouble for people if they choose. However, as the universe does not operate on a ‘free lunch’ principle, doing so comes at a price for these occultic manipulators. What this means is, there is little payoff for them to use an entity to cause nuisance to people when no other dark arts manipulation has been undertaken. And in a worst-case scenario, if they did still send one of these malicious beings to you, all you need to do is wait it out until it goes back to wherever it came. Yes, it will likely manipulate reality, events, and people around you to cause nuisance and alarm, but it cannot hurt you. In this situation, it becomes a psychological battle of wills. And standing by the truth that nobody — neither entity nor human being — can manipulate you to do anything you do not consent to, will give you the edge you need to overcome it.

With all the above now stated, it is also possible to manipulate people using purely voice technology rather than words on a digital device. For example, if someone was using Skype voice calls to perform this mind manipulation, then instead of “analog marking key manipulation words with quotation marks,” they would instead lower their voice tone on the analog marked words instead. The effect this causes is to highlight those key words to the unconscious mind. That is, of course, after pacing the person into a relaxed and suggestible state via pacing and leading through establishing rapport using mirroring and matching of interests, etc. The same process can be used to condition the extreme MNES, carry out the required covert conditioning, write and install a PIP into their mind (via a spoken ‘hypnotic story’ instead of being read via an email), etc. Other voice systems with headsets such as Xbox Live can also be used instead of Skype, so bearing this voice method to set people up in Crimes of Manipulation is important to note too. This is so precautions to prevent such spoken manipulation can also be taken here.

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