Hidden in Plain Sight: The Hidden & Duplicitous Language that Dark Arts Criminals Use

The use of hidden language to mask a dark arts criminal’s true intentions toward the one undergoing manipulation is another key aspect when engineering people into violence in a Crime of Manipulation. There is a reason why these occultic criminals tell the person they are setting up what violence they intend to do them, or what other manipulation they are using against them. This purpose ties into a twisted belief they hold. And that is they believe if they tell a person what future violent acts are going to occur, or more accurately, how they will manipulate the individual into committing a brutally violent act via weaponized occultism and psychological manipulation, then the occultic criminal — in their mind — is absolved of karmic accountability for setting people up into violence.

It is a way to blame the person for the violence being done to them, because, apparently, they agreed to it by not removing consent when the veiled message was said to them. Even though, in reality, the manipulated individual would have no idea that such a message was given to them in the first place. So how can a person agree to have violence done to them — and suffer intensely for it, I should add — when they do not even know that is what they agreed to? Yet that is how these occultic criminals’ minds work.

They believe that by covertly slipping a message into a person’s mind of any intended violence plus the consequence of acting out that occult engineered violence, means they gave an adequate warning regarding the situation. They also believe that the individual’s permission to set up the bloodshed has been attained. For example, one of these covert statements of intended future violence could include: the only problem is he is so clueless about manipulation, that he would go and kill people if instructed to do so. Such a statement would be hidden in a broader email message. In addition to this, a hidden phrase of what the consequences would be for acting out that manipulated violence would also be covertly slipped in. This could be in a separate message by including: “suffering and screaming,” for instance.

In these examples, the veiled statement of intentions here was for the individual being manipulated to kill people when instructed to do so. An unrelated sentence hidden within a conversation via email would hide this veiled statement, such as: “I saw a new movie the other week called “Teachers,” and the lead character was great. But the only problem is he is so clueless about manipulation, which is what the film was about, that he would even go and kill people if instructed to do so.” You can see that the hidden statement of intentions was veiled within a broader unrelated message.

For the consequences of acting out the occult manipulated violence, which is “suffering and screaming,” this could be veiled in the following way: “When I was at school, our “teachers” there were heroic. A major fire broke out one morning, and they put themselves at risk after hearing “suffering and screaming” coming from a classroom. They went inside and saved the people inside there.” This would also be included in an unrelated email message to the previous veiled statement of intentions so that the hidden consequences easily evade detection. Here, you can see that the word “teachers” was analog marked in both the initial veiled statement of the intended violence and also in the consequences. And what this achieves is linking the consequences of acting out any manipulated killings to the original statement.

During the attack period, when setting up the Crime of Manipulation, how would this ‘instruction’ to kill people be sent to the individual? It could be via email containing a planted PHITV alongside a raging emotional state suggested alongside it. For example, by stating to go ballistic and shoot someone with a gun.

And what could be the element used here to make one of these violent ‘instructions’ more likely to be carried out? It is by remotely triggering the extreme MNES of explosive, agitated rage via an email or chat system message using the anchored trigger phrase, such as skin condition. Now, these two elements of planted PHITV plus triggering rage, combined with being terrorized by a poltergeist type entity, and combined with violent behavioral conditioning — and potentially power of illusion casting if used at the right time — makes one of those violent acts of killing people when instructed to do so highly likely to succeed. So you can see from this demonstration that severe manipulation is used to bring about whatever the veiled statement of intentions is. Or the occult engineered violence, in other words.

Rifle pointing out of a window

Another example is if a multiple killing was intended for someone to carry out, then a veiled statement of: “some people could flip out under the right circumstances, pick up a rifle, and shoot everybody at the right place and time.” And if the individual did not object to this veiled statement — meaning to challenge it and reject it — then the dark arts criminal takes it as tacit consent to move ahead with setting up the scripted killings. An autopilot behavioral violence scripting PIP would then be installed into their mind to carry out these shootings at a specific time and place. An additional series of consequences for acting out this violence would also be given, such as: “gunfire,” “blood,” “multiple bodies,” and “mayhem.” These would be hidden within the body of an email message using the usual analog marking method, which is how delivery of these consequences to the unconscious mind occurs.

Note that only the veiled consequences are analog marked and not the actual statement of intentions. For the latter, the full statement is hidden within a broader sentence. In the above example, it is veiled by attributing the action to some people, rather than the one being set up in the Crime of Manipulation. For instance, by stating a broader message like: “I saw a documentary on YouTube last night, and the director of it was seeking to understand if some people could flip out under the right circumstances, pick up a rifle, and shoot everybody at the right time and place. But as that would be illegal to do to people, her questions could only remain theoretical.”

To demonstrate some further examples of how to hide the veiled series of consequences within a broader email, so it is much easier to evade conscious detection, several instances of these are contained below:

I was playing the new Call of Duty game last week, and it was pretty good. The “gunfire” was very realistic, but it’s a shame the campaign mode ended so fast.

(A paragraph without any manipulation or analog marking would then be used to avoid detection of the 1st marked word.)

Later that night, I cooked myself a nice steak for dinner, although there was a lot of “blood” remaining; however, it was still delicious.

(A 2nd paragraph without any manipulation or analog marking would then be used to avoid detection of the 2nd marked word.)

I saw on the news about the war in Eastern Ukraine, and after a targeted missile strike, there were “multiple bodies” scattered around where it struck.

(A 3rd paragraph without any manipulation or analog marking would then be used to avoid detection of the 3rd marked word.)

Have you seen Fight Club before? It’s a great movie. The lead character deals with a split identity issue after realizing his life is meaningless, and he ends up establishing various underground fight clubs. Near the end, it all gets a bit chaotic with something called Project “Mayhem.” If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend watching it.

Selective focus on the word deceit dictionary definition

As you can see from the above, if you were unaware of analog marking, it becomes very easy to slip in these single words without you detecting this. And here is the thing, even though these marked words are scattered throughout various paragraphs in a single email message, the entire series of marked words: gunfire, blood, multiple bodies, and mayhem are successfully veiled and delivered. This is because they are all analog marked, meaning that the unconscious mind has received them all in the order they appear. Now, if you were aware of analog marking, then you could consciously reject this veiled statement of consequences and tell the occultic criminal, “no, go to hell, I do not consent.” In such a case, they would back off and not set you up.

Due to the importance of identifying such veiled statements of intended violence, I will break down another example and how this would be veiled/hidden within a broader text. Say a person was being set up to blow up their property via a gas tank in their apartment complex, which would almost certainly occur due to the potency of every level of manipulation used to set up the violent event. Then a veiled statement that would be fed to them is: I saw something on YouTube about a man who lost his mind and blew up his apartment building. Hiding such a veiled statement in a paragraph of text would look like this:

I was scanning through Netflix the other night for any decent new movies and couldn’t find anything I liked. There were a few I had seen before that I really enjoyed, but I wanted something new. So instead, I went on YouTube and saw something about a man who lost his mind and blew up his apartment building. Afterwards, I went out for my evening run and just came home to relax before having an early night’s rest.

You may have noticed how easy it is to miss such a veiled statement of intentions when it is concealed within a broader unrelated message, but that is exactly how these statements are hidden in plain sight. However, if you suspected you were dealing with one of these occultic criminals and consequently read everything they said with an extremely critical eye, then such a veiled statement would be much easier to spot. So how would you know you are dealing with one of these expert manipulators? It is by watching for any “analog marked key words” throughout the rest of their emails. That is the biggest giveaway possible as analog marking always goes hand in hand with setting people up in these psychological and occultic crimes.

What then happens if you understand how to decode all of these veiled statements of intentions and consequences? Meaning that you can identify someone feeding a veiled statement into your mind, call it out, and then reject the statement outright? In such a situation, the dark arts criminal would abandon any further attempts to manipulate you, which demonstrates how much they believe in this tacit consent philosophy. Consider this requirement of gaining consent via deception, a fundamental tenet of their ‘occult faith’ of hacking into the mechanics of reality and scripting violent events into it — primarily through the people being set up and manipulated.

By denying them this tacit consent that they require, strips them of their ability to manipulate you via occultism. If you can identify a veiled statement of future intended violence and then reject it, they will give up trying to set you up. Tacit consent is integral to these people.

As you can see throughout the above examples, everything they do is hidden in plain sight. We just need to be more discerning to detect it.

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  1. I am aware that you are using quotation marks for key commands the whole time you are instructing the reader to be on guard for this. Therefore, since there is no grammatical requirement for the use of quotes in this case, I must conclude there is a hidden agenda.
    Unless future posts are without such “markers” we are done

    • Please give me some examples for where this has occurred? I assure you there will be a valid for reason why I did this when writing.

      Also, by me telling you to be aware of this covert NLP practice puts your mind on guard against it.

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