How do these Occultic Criminals Use Social Media to Locate Potential Targets in these Crimes? What Platforms do They Use? How Can You Protect Yourself Against Them?

Social media has been the biggest gamechanger when it comes to selecting people to set up in Crimes of Manipulation. The platforms that are used include Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube being the primary ones. Further, additional forms of online technology, which also connect individuals around the world, are also employed to locate potential targets to manipulate in these crimes. For example, Xbox Live chat via headsets within online gaming can be used to locate and select people. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype chat can be used to perform psychological manipulation via “analog marking” certain manipulation words. And the use of online internet forums with thousands of members can be used for the same strategy, etc. The list is endless, but the main point is that any online system that enables communication between individuals around the world is used by these people to select candidates to set up in these crimes.

One of the primary qualities of dark arts criminals is that they have a variety of multiple usernames or handles on each online account. For example, on Twitter, the manipulator will likely have at least seven different accounts, and that is at the minimum. The reason for which is manipulation purposes. When they select a potential target whom they are considering setting up, they will come at them from a variety of their aliases pretending to be different people, when in reality, it is just one. I will, however, state that I am not entirely sure why they do this. As when I challenged the young woman, who set me up in one of these crimes, on the reason why she has multiple accounts and usernames, which I accidentally discovered when I stayed with her, she became very defensive and changed the subject every time. But the one fact I do know is having multiple accounts/aliases is a common indicator of these manipulative people and is something to watch out for.

One possible reason, however, is that by revealing an alternative secret account that “only you know about,” which is what was said to me, creates a deeper level of trust between you and the manipulator. And as we know, trust is critical to have in place before any psychological manipulation can be effective. So if you ever discover anyone has an alternative social media account that they post from (business accounts do not count here, only personal accounts) other than their main account, then take this a big warning signal to pay attention.

The next step used after locating a potential new target through social media is that a selection of tests will then be given to him or her. One of these tests includes the ability to identify any “analog marked” words that are marked within any private messages. If there is no pushback or questioning on why seemingly random words are “being analog marked in quotation marks,” then this indicates the person has no knowledge of digitized NLP analog marking. If the individual has no awareness of this technique, then the first test is completed as it shows that future analog marking within emails for higher grade manipulation is possible.

The next test, bizarrely enough, is asking the question: “Do you know about the two suns?” And what this likely relates to is the occult concept of the hidden sun, which is named Sirius. After being asked this question, and if you answer no as most people would, then you would be sent a YouTube video about sighting two suns in the sky, which is completely nonsensical. Now, I believe if you were to answer, “Yes, I know about the two suns: the sun we see from Earth and the hidden sun Sirius,” then these occultic criminals would likely back off and move onto another target. For the reason that you have demonstrated some level of occult knowledge, which indicates you would be more aware of how to protect yourself from any occult attack. So they move onto easier, regular people instead.

The third and final test is asking if you have seen the YouTube video, I, Pet Goat II. I recommend to avoid watching this if you haven’t seen this already, because it contains a lot of negative subconscious programming. But if you really have to see it for yourself, then ensure to watch one of the many analysis videos instead. This is so the subliminal messaging it contains will be shown to you consciously (mindcrime1994 has good breakdowns); this will ensure it does not negatively affect you. This video includes themes of black magic and alchemy, which, not coincidentally, are two of the occult dark arts used when setting people up in Crimes of Manipulation. Now, I do believe that if you were to reply to the manipulator, “Yes, I have seen this video, and it contains various occult themes,” then explained what they were and why, then they may decide to back off from setting you up. This is because you have demonstrated occult knowledge.

If you failed all 3 of the above tests, meaning that you had been unable to answer correctly in all three, then they would seek to set you up in a Crime of Manipulation.

Thumbs pointing downwards wearing handcuffs

Another aspect they do is use Facebook to befriend people they are seeking to manipulate. This is so they can gain access to their personal profile and craft a sophisticated manipulation strategy around that individual’s personality, likes, dislikes, political views, professional ambitions, hobbies, etc. Once such information is acquired, it becomes much easier to mirror and match his or her personality and interests. And why is this needed? It is so that digitized pacing and leading can then commence. As once the occultic criminal knows how to enter that person’s world and mirror their interests, “analog marking key manipulation words” via the chat system or a personal email exchange is then used.

And once the initial analog marking begins, gradually increasing and more severe mind manipulation then commences. Including everything I explained previously with conditioning and creating the extreme MNES of agitated rage, creating an instant deep amnesiac trance state to plant future PHITV, writing and installing violence scripting PIPs, etc. Therefore, be on high alert for any new people who seek to befriend you on Facebook and keep your guards up. In fact, the safest way to deter any manipulative person from using your personal information against you is to make your profile private and only allow trusted friends, acquaintances, and associates access to your full profile.

Also, watch out for flattery. If you find anyone flattering your ego or telling you how great your achievements are, then watch out as they could be seeking to manipulate you in some way.

On other social media such as YouTube, the same applies to be cautious of any information you share in videos or public comments. This is because these occultic criminals use this platform to gather intel on a person being considered to be set up in these crimes. This also goes back to what I said about these manipulators having multiple screen names pretending to be different people, and another reason they do it is to obtain new personal information from people gradually. For example, on one screen name, you may be asked about what you do for a living and the location you work. And using another handle, the same manipulator will then ask other questions regarding any friends or family you have living in the area, and so on; this is until they obtain all needed personal information. Once they have this key information, it is then recorded so any future PIPs scripting violence can then be written and installed into your mind, scripting the most disastrous outcome.

Another strange quality these manipulators exhibit is that they use names of famous people as their email screen name, rather than just their own real first name. For example, if you exchange email addresses with one of them, then expect to see names of past actresses, performers, and singers such as Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Streisand, Maria Callas, etc., as their screen name in your inbox. I find this one bizarre, and it just adds to the vibe that something is not right. So beware if you exchange emails with someone and see the name of a famous person as their email screen name. If you are unsure, then google the name, and if you see a Wikipedia page with a famous person with that name at the top of the search results, then take this is a HUGE warning signal that you are dealing with a dark arts criminal.

The next major red flag is if you ever find your email inbox being hacked into and find certain messages deleted, or unread messages are being opened while you are using your inbox, then exercise extreme suspicion. The reason being is it indicates that one of these occultic criminals is now profiling your messages for any additional information they can use during the attack. This also applies to any Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube private messages. Meaning, if you open your inbox and find some messages already read without you doing so first, then this is a warning signal. How do I know this? Because I found my messages hacked into and messed with in this manner several times during the year before the attack launch. No matter how many password resets I performed would not solve the issue.

It is clear the young woman who set me up had used her tech skills to hack into my mailbox to gain any additional info she needed. In addition to this is the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to mask their IP address and physical location from which they are hacking. This is so if you use any counter tracking strategies to track down who was accessing your mailbox, you wouldn’t know it was them hacking into it. It seems they cover their tracks from every conceivable angle, showing these are quite tech-savvy criminals.

Note also that the woman who did this to me was fluent in four different languages: English, Spanish, German, and Croatian. This indicates she could be setting people up in Crimes of Manipulation against any native speakers of those languages, all over the globe. As all that is required is which manipulation key words to analog mark in that person’s language for any manipulation to be successful. That is after making their mind receptive using the standard digitized pacing & leading technique. This again signifies the cross border, cross-continent nature of these technologically engineered, psychological, and occultic crimes.

The final major warning signal is if after having a Skype instant chat, or Facebook Messenger exchange, or WhatsApp chat, etc., someone starts asking for astrological details regarding your birthdate and planetary positions upon birth, then this is the final stage before being set up in a Crime of Manipulation. It means the selection of a final attack date is now underway, and the mind manipulation conditioning process will commence that same week, which takes around nine months in total. The reason they ask for these details is to calculate when to launch the attack. This is because they do occult work to choose the most optimal time when you will be at your weakest, so do not give anyone any info regarding your birthdate! And especially the time you were born, safeguard that information like you would gold from robbers.

Armed with this knowledge, means these people cannot set you up into a violent outcome in a Crime of Manipulation.

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