Beautiful Women are Used as Bait to Set Men Up in these Occultic Crimes

This precaution is particularly for young men (and also late teens), i.e., in the 16 to 35 age range. Actually, increase the upper end of that range to 50 years old, on the one condition that such men also use social media to connect with new people around the world. Now, if you are a man currently single or newly divorced even, and you end up in contact through social media with an attractive young woman who expresses a lot of interest in you, and it is easy to arrange a date to meet up with her, then you will see why this strategy is used to ensnare potential targets to set up in Crimes of Manipulation.

The most worrying thing is that these expert mind manipulator, occultic criminals can be any one of these beautiful young women. So despite her beauty occluding your judgment, she is, in fact, one of the most dangerous predators you will likely ever encounter in your life. It is said the devil appears in the form of an angel; this has never been more accurate when it comes to these outwardly beautiful yet extremely dangerous women.

The types of men targeted in these crimes range widely. Some could be high-level professional individuals with their lives together and doing very well for themselves. While others could be just out of college and still living at home. Some may be depressed and suffer from psychological issues or other disorders. Some may be divorced in their late 20’s to mid-40’s and also doing well in life, so the range is wide.

However, what is the one common denominator they all share? Every single one of these men had no knowledge of how they could be paced into a relaxed and suggestible trance state via digitized pacing and leading, by which “analog marking key manipulation words” are then used to mess with their minds and begin setting them up in a Crime of Manipulation. This, therefore, is one of the main points to always watch out for when dealing with new women who you meet through social media. By all means, make full use of these platforms to connect with and date new girls but always ensure never to allow beauty to deceive you. Beware of the techniques that can be used to hack into and screw your mind and guard yourself accordingly.

Young women are also targeted in these occultic crimes too, but from the one case I am aware of, it was one woman attacking another woman. I am not certain if there are male occultic criminals targeting women exclusively by getting into a relationship with them first, then manipulating them into committing a violent act — although this cannot be ruled out. But the one thing I am sure of is that these occultic women criminals do set up and attack other women too. With this in mind, protection for women against these people is the same: being aware of digitized hypnotic techniques, so as not to be manipulated by them.

From my studies into the fields of sociopathy and psychopathy, I discovered that the higher value a target someone is, meaning the more they have going for them in life, the more desirable that individual is to set up and destroy. It is like a sport for these people. Due to these occultic criminals having no conscience, they find their meaning in life by playing power games through which they seek to destroy decent people’s lives. And if an honest person can be manipulated into committing a brutally violent act? Then this is like heaven to them. This does not mean they only go for high-value targets, however, as they also strike at those who are weak and vulnerable — take the special needs kid, for instance — and those suffering from depression or other issues. But they will move onto a higher value target if the opportunity presents itself to them. Destruction, domination, and power games are simply a way of life for these people.

The main point, however, is that anyone could be a target to set up if they were unaware of digitized hypnotic techniques.

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